Friday, December 31, 2010

2011 challenges and goals…

Well I went back to my very first post to see if I did anything I really had set out to do. My first goal of many was to weigh 180 lbs by mid-summer. Well that didn’t happen then or now. I made 187, but not by mid-summer, by years end. Disappointing, sorta. Another goal was to get rid of some fat. Well that I did, 50” worth. So that’s not bad. Went from a size 22 to a 16. I wanted a stronger back, that has happened. That is wonderful, no more pain pills every days. I wanted help, input, words of wisdom and more and boy did I get that. I joined challenges, blogs hops, met friends, made friends and have learned tons of stuff.

Today while reading a friend of mine JW she had some posts that really spoke to me. Integrity and Weight Loss and Accepting Flaws and Be Genuine / Live with Integrity. Honesty is the policy. I know this but I haven’t been the most honest to myself. Oh I know that 38 lbs isn’t something to put down but I know that if I had put my all into it, I could of made my goal. I didn’t, I took time off here and there, I screwed up here and there. So that means, instead of 2010 being my year, It’s just the beginning. 2011 will be the year that I meet my goal, learn to live healthy and stay that way.

I keep pushing around the idea of Allan's Phase 4, SSDDDC.

Allan's Phase 4 challenge

I have been afraid of it. I have been hanging on to the last three challenges by the skin on my teeth and this challenge will really be the make or break one. My heart wants to do it, my mind thinks I shouldn’t, my body knows it needs to. According to Allan’s Phase 4 I can make my new goal by our 31st anniversary. That’s in April. I want to do this!!!

So my goals for 2011 are going to look like this….

1. Be at my goal weight, 165 by April 25th.

2. Walk 400 miles in 2011.

walk 400 miles 2011

3. Be able to jog a full 5K in October.


4. Put on my wedding dress and my first Christmas dress.

5. After hitting my goal weight to learn to maintain it for a life time.


I can do this, I know I can. I KNOW I CAN!!!


Anonymous said...

You're awesome. You WILL. I love the wedding dress part! Cute!

Ron said...

This will be your Year!!!! Happy New Year!

Angela said...

38 lbs is a healthy number to lose in a year! Congrats on that!! I can't wait until you report you ran that 5k! I hope you get the bug after that! :-D Congrats on all you did this year! In 5/10 years you won't remember all the negative things from this post, just all the amazing things you did this year! You rock!

arielcircleofnine said...

I think if you had GAINED 38 lbs you'd be freaking about what an incredibly huge failure every one of those lbs was! Try and look at it that way, 38 is great! Its not as much as you wanted to lose, but its pretty damned good if you ask me. You know what to do, keep doing it :-D

Karen said...

Happy New Year of life, Julie! Thanks for the integrity/honesty of your post. Gentle reminder: 2010 was your year! You did accomplish some of your goals, girl! Life isn't all about weight loss. Sounds to me like you are learning about YOU and that's valuable, too. You have the guts to, not only make goals, but to write them down for the world to see. Me? Not so much. blessings on your day, sweetie!

Karen said...

Wanted to leave you with these thoughts: you ARE a new you every day because: "[God's] mercies are new every morning..." and "[He] will never leave you nor forsake you." *hugs*k

EmptyNester said...

YES YOU CAN!!! 2011 is THE year to GET IT DONE!

Mari said...

Those are some mighty great goals. I have yet to sit long enough to write mine out, hopefully this week I can.
I'm with you on the weight loss, and keeping it off. We will GET IT DONE!

You have accomplished alot, and learned alot...I am proud of you.

Happy New will do great!

Mom to the Fourth Power said...

Yes you can, Julie. And remember to be gentle with yourself! You have made excellent progress. We need to celebrate our successes! You are one tough gal and I love your determination. Let's do this in 2011!!!

Happy New Year!!


Maude said...

38lbs is nothing to sneeze at! You made real progress in 2010. And I know 2011 will be even better! Happy New Year!

Biz said...

I have no doubt that 2011 will be your year!

Happy New Year!

Michele said...

Yes, Julie you can do this! I can feel your resolve. As Joy said: Just do it!! Together we are all here to support you! Happy New Year!

Carolyn said...

Good for you!! Those are great goals! Thank you for your encourging comments.
I have set some goals myself. A few ago i decided I wanted to love my treadmill again. So far it's working!
Have a great day! Congrats on your weight loss!

Eliza said...

Congratulations, I like your 2011 goals too 