Friday, May 28, 2010

I think this is so neat!!!

Over 40 Bloggers

Well since I’m not a spring chicken but also not an old duck I thought this was perfect to see how it goes. To find people, ladies, gentlemen…anyone that is where I’m at or getting there or been there, done that. JAVA is hosting this and never in 10 million years would you be able to tell that she is 40 or over. She is beautiful.

This is new and wonderful and something you should go check out, that is if you’re over 40.

I hope you all have a great day. God Bless!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I ran today…

That sounds cool doesn’t it. Well now for the truth. I ran two telephone poles, not far but not terrible either, at least for me. I could only run one a month ago so today I did two. I am feeling so good these days. I have finally adjusted to lots of the changes I’ve made and my size is change almost every day. Those shorts Jim got me felt better yesterday then even last Sunday. Brenda was here and wanted to see me in the new clothes. I so love Brenda’s reaction, she’s just hugs, squeezes, smoothes the clothes over my body and gets so excited. I love it. Oh and when Kim was here and she gave me a hug, she said I wasn’t squishy, yeah!!!

Monday is my next weigh in. Here’s hoping for the 200 mark. I would be so cool, really it would. But I will take whatever happens too since each week is a bit better then the last.

Today is Weight-Loss Wednesday so later on today when Jen gets up the new link for the week take the time to stop by and say hi to everyone that’s working as hard as I am to get to a better them.

Take care my friends, have a great and blessed day.

Now I have to share these with you. Sunsets are my most favorite time of the day. The colors are so beautiful, it’s so soothing to the soul. Mike sat on the garage roof for 20 minutes last night taking pictures for me. I know I don’t share to may photo’s on this blog but I have to.

100_2172   100_2133 100_2153

Monday, May 24, 2010

Smiling…. :o)

Yesterday while doing our usually Sunday shopping we went to Fleet Farm to get feed for the baby chicks. We walked around a bit and then suddenly Jim headed into the ladies clothing section. I figured short cut because there were people everywhere. We stopped, he picked out two pairs of short and a tank top for me. Brand new, not something I’ve gotten at a garage sale, not something I’ve picked up at Goodwill. Brand spanking new and the best part, size 16. WOW!! Jim made me try them on because I was doing the fussing part, “I can’t wear a 16 yet, maybe next month”, you know that kind of talk. Well he hates my clothes right now. He hates hanging stuff, me pulling them up and all so he went shopping. Now I do have to admit one of the pairs of jean shorts are still a bit tight but next month will fit perfect for our family 4th of July party. The dark blue pair fit just fine now. I still can’t believe a size 16. I haven’t work that size in ….oh well at least 20 years. The tank top, it’s a 1x, do you know how long it’s been for that size too? At least that long.

I have one more week before weigh in, two weeks before Sally’s visit, before Mike’s Graduation and open house. I’m hoping to make the under 200 lb mark by then, 6 lbs to go (as of last Monday). I need to kick up my toning exercises, the middle and arms. So this week along with my normal exercises I will do a few extra ball exercises, a few extra crunches and arm weights.

How are you doing on your life style change? I’d really like to know. I love hearing about it all. It is still very hard from me at times but not as bad as it was in the beginning. I have even got Jim helping me out now. He ordered lunch for me yesterday and got me a grilled chicken, hold the mayo without even asking me. Just what I would of ordered. He doesn’t ask me about fries or that stuff anymore and though he did get onion rings told me I could have three if I wanted because he already checked the calories and they were 10 calories a piece. I ate two because he had done that but reminded him they were fried, he just smiled. It feels good he’s not mocking me any more. He knows I’m committed and trying hard. Even my grandma told me this past week she could see a difference. It’s been a long 5 months to hear that but still wonderful.

Well I’m off, it’s just about time for my wee ones to be up. So much to do in the next two weeks before the visit, graduation and open house. This week is shampooing the rugs and planting the garden and also putting the baby chicks outside. That will take care of the spare time. Tonight is our Boy Scout/ Venture Crew Graduation Open House. We have 7 scouts graduating this year so decided to have one night to honor them. It’s so hard to make everyone’s open houses and I feel terrible when I don’t make it so this way, I know I’ll get to wish them all well and give them their gifts I got for them.

Oh by the way, want a good exercise? Go Geo-Caching. It’s fun and lots of physical work. If you want to know all about it, go here to my post on my main blog. It tells you all about it.

Take care my friends and have a wonderful and blessed week.

Friday, May 21, 2010

New Friend Friday….

Don’t forget to head over to the button on my right and click and add your link so you can meet and greet some new and wonderful people.

It’s been a tiring week this week for me. The kids have been coming at a different time and they come with so much chatter and ready to roll that I’m not ready for that. They usually come at 5:00 and go back to bed for a couple of hours and it gives me the 30 minutes after Jim and Mike leave to collect all my thoughts, plan the day and so on but this week they’ve come at the same time I get the guys up and fix breakfast plus need to get the chores done and Jon on the bus, well it’s been a long week. No complaining just staying. :o)

I went for a walk last night before I worked on a craft but the bugs were out there ready to carry me home. I only got to walk a little over a mile but it did get my steps up past 10,000 so that’s what counted. I need to go out for a bike ride this weekend. I haven’t done that for a couple of weeks now and my bike yells at me every day because it’s sitting right next to the porch saying “ride me”, “I’m lonesome”.

I want to make some exciting for supper tonight but haven’t a clue as to what. Really I think Terri has a rabbit for me so just maybe that will have to be it. I'm heading over to the farm today for a visit and a hair trimming. With all that coming up I need my hair trimmed and colored so I don’t look like an old lady at Mike’s graduation and open house.

Today is New Friend Friday. Take the time to click on the button on the right and add your link and be prepared to meet and greet some super cool people.

Take care my friends. Have a great and blessed day today.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Something new….Welcome Wednesday….

Julee over at Take it from me is the hostess of Welcome Wednesday. It’s easy to join in and you’ll get to meet and greet some wonderful ladies and gentlemen. I’m going to give it a shot, this is my first time.

If you want to be a part of Welcome Wednesday, just follow these 5 simple steps:

1. Follow the Welcome Wednesday Host (Take It From Me) as well as the 2 Spotlighted Blogs of the Week. (These will make up the top three slots on the Linky)
2. Link up your blog name and URL with our Linky. (You only need to add your info once for it to be seen on all the blog hops)
3. Grab our Welcome Wednesday button and include it in a post about the event on your blog.
4. Go to as many blogs on the MckLinky as you want and Follow them. Be sure to tell them you are from Welcome Wednesday!
5. Be sure to Follow back any followers you have gained from our Welcome Wednesday event!

Just something new and wonderful and worth the time.

Take care my friends, have a great night and a blessed day tomorrow.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Walking, walking, walking….

I have been keeping track of my walking. 10,000 steps or better a day. I’ve been meaning to take pictures of my pedometer and finally did just to show and tell. Here is the past three days.


Sunday…   100_2036

Monday…   100_2037

I was different yesterday and kept track of miles instead and I’m not doing to bad at all on getting the 10,000 steps in. Thank goodness it’s spring because winter time I was having troubles getting 7000 steps.

I made rhubarb sauce yesterday and as I was adding the sugar I’m thinking I want to eat this too, then I remember a tip I either read somewhere or heard about. You can use 1/2 the amount of sugar if you add a teaspoon or less of salt. So I made a spaghetti pot full of rhubarb sauce and was able to use about 3 cups of sugar, 1 tsp of salt and a package of raspberry jello and that was it. I made 6 quarts of sauce (that’s 48 cups of sauce) so it works to about 90 calories per 1 cup serving and it’s good for you too. Sue is going to send me a recipe for rhubarb cake that I’ll see if I can change a bit for the better for you and if it turns out I’ll share that one. If you have an rhubarb go and make something with it. It’s a good for you food. If you need some and your in my area, come and get it….I have plenty to share.

I have some pictures I need to post on my main blog so better get going. Then it’s time to head outside and play, carry in some wood and see what else the kids and I can get into.

Take care my friends, have a great and blessed day today. 

Monday, May 17, 2010

3 lbs…

Well midway though the month I told you I’d weigh myself just to keep me on track this time. I lost 3 lbs since the 3rd so that means so far so good. I’ve lost a total of 20 lbs now and though I’m not going to measure until the 2nd of June I know that I’m still losing inches. 32 1/2 so far, I can do this. I have 5 more pounds to make that 200 mark and then just think, I can start in the 100’s and just maybe make my goal by the end of this year. I could handle that, really I could. I know it’s not the first set of goals I set out but it’s working just ever so slowly so I’ll take it and leave it forever.

So I just wanted to tell you, I’m still working at this.

Good luck this week on your life style changes. Keep working at them, it’s possible. Even with messing up, screwing up, falling off it’s possible. A new day, a new week, a new anything…a good reason to just keep trying.

Take care my friends and have a blessed day today.

Blog Awards…. Two of them…WOW!!!

Good morning and Happy Monday. Best to look at Monday that way then, yuck it’s Monday…hip-hip hurray (sadly written). It’s Monday, the sun is shining, I am wearing shorts because it’s suppose to get into the 70’s today (right now, it’s 45* and it was 35* when I got up), I have my two wee ones today and we are going to plant hanging planters. Yesterday Jim and I went on the hunt for pretty hanging planters. The yucky dried out or frozen ones were $8-15.00 a piece and the pretty full ones were $25-40.00 a piece. Since I had a budget of $50.00 for 5 hanging baskets I didn’t do any of them. Instead we bought hanging baskets at Wal-mart and flowers from Great River Gardens. I did end up spending $65.00 but Jim pitched in the extra so it’ll all be good in the end. I’ll share some pictures when I get them done.

But the reason for today’s early post, Two Blog Awards. Thank you guys so much. The first one came on May 11th from Angie  My Photo She’s such a sweet heart and has the neatest healthy living blog. You have to stop by and chitter chatter with her. I couldn’t get the picture to come up for this award but it’s called the Versatile Blogger Award.

My second award     came yesterday from My Photo At Mom vs the Boys. She is so funny, so sweet and … well she’s another one you are just going to have to go check out.

I’m going to combine the two rules into one post, I hope that’s okay but if not…sorry gonna do it anyways.

So for one I need to list 7 things about me, something you guys already don’t know. Hummm, that’s not to easy since I pretty much share it all. But here it goes…

1. I have never, ever had a guest at my house that has stayed over (kids don’t count). Sally, my friend from New York is coming for Mike’s graduation and to meet my family and spend time with me, is coming and I am worried I will screw up. I won’t have what a guest needs, I won’t feed her right, I will either make her bored silly or have to much planned we don’t get time to just sit and visit. I’m worried that when Sally is here I’ll make someone else upset because I’m spending all my time with her and they’ll feel left out. I’m just plain worried but in the end I know it’ll all be fine but still…hard not to make sure I get it right.

2. I hate the dentist. I need to go really bad but am so scared to go. It’s been over 15 years since I’ve had my teeth cleaned. I know but when I do go they say I have great teeth with no build up and stuff. I get so scared going to the dentist I throw up, I get a migraine, I have nightmares. Still, I need to go one of these days soon, I know that.

3. I hate my hands. They are getting old looking way to fast. When I sit here and type I can see the age in them.

4. I hate my cell phone. It’s a means to an end but I hate it. Well I love my cell phone but I hate it too. I love being able to be safe and sound while out and about but I hate that it seems to ring when I’m the most busiest but I would hate for it to never ring either because they I’d have no one to talk to but wee ones all day. Love/hate I guess.

5. I get jealous when my two my friends get along better then they do with me. Oh I love that they love each other and have such a great friendship. But I knew them first and that green eyed monster comes out once in awhile when one will say we did this or we did that and no one wanted me around. Three is a crowd, I know this but it’s still hard.

6. I love chicken skin. It’s the best part of the chicken and yes, I know it’s horrible for me but I LOVE IT!!!

7. I’m addicted to your comments, your blogs, your advice, your friendship, your kindness. Everything there is about blog land!!

So there you have it, some deep things, some stupid things, some every day things. The next part of the blog award is I’m to share these awards with 5-15 other people. I’m going to pick the 5 because it’s just to hard to pick out 15. I’m going to pick the 5 from my most recent comments because, well hey I said I’m addicted to comments and your blogs. So here they are….

1. The Misadventures of mom of 3

2. Mari

3. Sushmita Jha

4. Mumbai

5. Suedohnihm

I am posting this on both my blogs because I got one from one and one from the other but since they are both me, well I’m sharing.

I hope you all have the most greatest, blessed day possible. It’s a new week, new challenges, new ideas and new things to love. This is the day the Lord has made, lets us rejoice and be glad in it. I’m going too, how about you?

Saturday, May 15, 2010

To big……..

A big FYI that’s the most amazing feeling since the start of my life style change. I put on my size 20 jean shorts and they won’t stay on. Without unsnapping them, without unzipping them they fall down to my knees. Jim kept coming up behind me and pulling them down. He thought is was funny and normally I think I would of bit his head off but it really was cool. Last year one of my daycare mom’s gave them to me and they fit a bit tight, this year I’m going to give them back to her because she too is losing weight and soon will be able to use them. Now I wish I had kept all my size 18’s but really didn’t think I’d see that size ever again. Oh well, good thing it’s garage sale season.

Just had to share my friends.

I did my exercises the chiropractor taught me on my exercise ball. Hummm, did you know it takes lots of coordination? It’ll be awhile before I can do it without either falling off, sliding off or just plain not keeping my butt on the ball. My neck and arm are still bothering me but improving so I don’t think I’ll need to head back in but it sure is taking longer then I expected to heal.

I made roasted potatoes last night. Healthy ones too boot. Kim taught me how. Preheat your oven to 350-375*, spray a cook sheet with cooking spray (your choice, I use butter flavored generic spray). Cut up potatoes into at least 1x1” pieces, cut up one onion for every two potatoes, I think green peppers would of been good too. Then sprinkle with whatever seasonings you’d like. Since we’re getting away from using so much salt I used roasted garlic with bell peppers, garlic and herb and season pepper. Bake for 45 minutes flipping potatoes once 1/2 way though. YUMM!!! They tasted wonderful and I served them with pepper steak and home made rhubarb sauce.

So now it’s onward and upwards. I need to weigh in on Monday. I’m not sure what to expect but a lost of any kind will be wonderful.

I hope you all are doing well and achieving your goals, even if like me it’s very slow, we’re still getting there.

Take care my friends and have a great night sleep and a blessed Lords day tomorrow.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I learned…

When you are doing a plank type exercise you are not, I will repeat NOT, to look at the floor. You are to look at the wall, the back of someone legs, anything 12” or so up from the floor. If you do any type of plank type exercise you’ve got to be sure you look up otherwise you’ll be in my predicament with a super sore neck and not able to exercise other then walking for a couple of days. I have a pinched nerve in my neck which effects my left arm and thumb. Today I can start working on my exercise but slowly. First some IBP and ice and then I’ll gentle work out and go for a walk.

Please remember to look up. Also when you’re doing your crunches look at the ceiling not your chest. I know we all know this but once in awhile a reminder just to make sure you’re doing proper form. My chiropractor showed me a new exercise on my exercise ball. It’s for the core and stomach. It will take some doing to be able not to fall off the ball, I’m not graceful….at all…more like a cow on a golf ball but I’ll get it.

I have also been neglecting me a little bit. I am always so busy with daycare, parents, scouts, open houses, graduation, company, sister and the usual house and home stuff that I’m a bit tired and worn out and beginning to hate everything. So for the next two days I am off and I’m going to do just me stuff. Sewing, playing on my computer, maybe a bath instead of a shower, more sewing, more playing on my computer. A visit with mama, a walk with daddy. And more the Lord and me time. Time to read the bible and pray a bit extra and harder. When daycare starts again on Friday I’ll be ready for them. This weekend I’m taking the boys fishing. We picked worms yesterday after all that rain and now have a good 30 of them waiting in the bucket to fish with. Maybe we can catch enough the kids can have it for lunch. We can hope anyways.

So my dear friends, that is what’s happening here. It’s time for more icing and almost time for my next dose of IBP. I did exercise this morning, just gently and will walk this afternoon. Monday I’m going to weigh myself and hope for the best.

Take care and God Bless!!!

Monday, May 10, 2010


You know, I have the most sweetest chiropractor there is. He not only makes my body feel better, he’s great for the mind and soul too. I went in today because of my neck and arm plus numb thumb and he fixed them almost like new. Well sorta anyways, I’m still pretty sore tonight but I know it’s getting better, no more numb thumb so I know the nerve is better, just the swelling needs to go down. Anyways back to my doctor. He asked me if I sleep in my chair, nope don’t do that…when I’m tired I just head to bed. He asked what I thought I did to my neck and I knew exactly what it was. I’ve been working on a new exercise that Brenda showed me she learned at exercise class. It’s got a name but of course I didn’t listen to that, I just learned how to do it. You get down on the floor and then lift yourself up on your elbows and toes, keeping your body in a straight line and hold for up to a minute. Well I can hold for about 45 seconds and then need a break before the second time. Anyways, while I’m doing this I must be dropping my head and pulling my neck because that’s what I did to pinch the nerve. The doctor showed me the correct way to do it and it’s like I’ve already described except I have to keep my head up and eyes focused on the wall up about 12-16” off the floor. He says do not let my head fall forward, that’s what hurts. I am to take two days off from doing this exercise and also ice-pack a couple of times a day and then on Wednesday can start up again with all my exercise. So I get a real excuse to not work out tomorrow except I’m suppose to walk so will do that. Then after my adjustment he asked how I was doing, how I was feeling and all and just like I told you guys on Sunday I told him about being a bit discouraged about the weight loss and how I wish I could ton up my tummy more and he proceeded to tell me how great I looked, how hard he knew I had been working, how he could see all kinds of improvements. He said that my goal of 180 is perfect for me and that I just need to keep taking it slow and easy and that it will come off and stay off and I’ll be so much healthier for it all. We talked about some tummy toning and he gave me some ideas with that big ball I have. He also taught me that muscle weighs two times the weight of fat and that is why I’m not losing the weight but losing the fat and toning up.

So all in all guys, I’m happy. It took me a little bit this last couple of weeks to except this is just going to take longer then I wanted it to but I can do it. I can’t wait for the day I can tell you all I made the 180 and I can wear a size 16 and be happy in them. I can’t wait for the day when I walk into Kohl’s or JCPenny’s and don’t have to go to the big girl sizes. It’s going to happen and even though it won’t be early/mid summer maybe by fall time it can. I’m happy guys, I’m in a much better frame of mind. You told me all of this too, but I think having it said face to face made it a big difference. I told my doctor all about your guys and how much support I’m getting and how it’s so much easier doing this with you guys then alone. I told him about the advice, ideas, recipes and more. I told him how important you all have become in my life style change. He told me I’m lucky and I said yep, I am.

So I will take tomorrow off, I’ll go for a walk in the evening and just watch what I eat. And then on Wednesday……..I’ll kick butt, with your help of course. Thank you all for all your help, I really truly mean it.

Hey, I learned something from Doctor Oz. Do any of you keep your potatoes and or onions in the fridge? I’m one of those that use too because it kept them fresher, they didn’t grow or go soft before I used them. Did you know that’s very bad for you? Keeping them in the fridge turns the starch in them to sugar and a bad for you sugar, something to do with a possible cancer type sugar so you know what that meant? Tomorrow I will be cleaning out my crisper drawer and no more potatoes or onions in there. Now I have to find a place to keep them out. What do you guys do? A bin, drawer, closet, floor what? I have very limited space, any ideas?

Have a great week everyone. I’ll be back with some more ideas, questions and thoughts. Take care my friends. God Bless you all!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

A new week, a new try…or continuing…

Well there is just 4 more weeks to go before Mike’s Graduation Open House and though I know I will not make my goal of 180 lbs I am going to shoot for 200. I feel I let Mike down but he says I haven’t  let him down at all. He has stood by me though all of this and has seen the changes, seen the work I’m doing and will continue to do but still I feel bad. I so wanted to be in the best shape I could possible be for his big day. I will admit I’m in better shape then I was, I know that I will keep working on even getting more healthy and more into shape but still I so wanted my goal to be won. It’s a battle that will be ongoing. I will keep trying and working and learning.

This coming week I have to work on my abs and will continue with my posture. I am doing much better holding in my tummy and breathing. I do need to go to the chiropractor tomorrow. I must of pulled a muscle in my upper back and neck because I have some shooting pains down my left arm along with a thumb that is numb. For a very short time I thought my heart was attacking…you know all those warning signs and all but the pain comes and goes, depends on what I’m doing, how I’m laying or exercising so figured I just have to have a muscle or nerve pinched. I keep going and doing but it is a pain.

Well it’s onward and upwards to a new week. A new week to try my best. I have 4 lbs to lose between last week and this week. Got work to do and life to live and a family to take care of.

I hope you all have a great and blessed week. Good luck with all your goals and life style change.

Friday, May 7, 2010

How much have you read or heard….

About the flooding in Tennessee? Not much I bet. For some odd reason it’s not on the TV very much, it’s not in the newspapers and even people up in my area aren’t even talking about it to much.

Well today while meeting and greeting new people from Friday Follow I came upon a couple of blogs that are front Tennessee and do you know what, it’s terrible down there. They have lost lives, homes, businesses and so much more.

Beth McClintock is one such lady and also Fred and Ethel Mae Potter are another couple. They have written about what’s going on in their home town, they’ve shared pictures and stories and you have to go and check it all out. Then you have to pray like you’ve never prayed before, they poor people. Can you imagine losing everything and no one even knowing about it, no one helping out, no one doing anything about it. Heck when there’s devastation other places we know about it, we send help, we send supplies and we hear lots and lots about it.

Take the time everyone, to go and see and read and pray. They needed it, desperately.

God Bless you all. Take care my friends!

Friday Follow and my giveaway…

Friday Follow

Lynn and her friends are hosting another Friday Follow. So if you’d like to meet and greet some new bloggers now is a great time to go link up. I’ve missed the last couple of weeks just because life has been so busy and you know what? I missed it. Oh I did go and meet a few new ladies out there but no one came to see me. It was a bit sad really. Oh I love all my followers I have now, believe me I really look forward to seeing what’s happening in your lives and I so love the comments you guys leave me. You always make me feel so grand. Really you do. But it’s also so nice to meet new people too.

Now also don’t forget my give away on my main blog. If you stop and leave me a comment by Sunday I will put your name in a hat and draw one out on Sunday, Mother’s Day, and get this package of goodies out. Want to know what the give away is all about? Go here and see.


So my friends, that is that for this morning. It’s a dreary chilly day here. A slight chance of snow they are saying. There’s a busy weekend ahead here so I’m hoping it gets it out of it’s system today so the scouts and I don’t have to freeze our butts off tomorrow doing a garbage day fund raiser and also we need to mow and pile some more wood. I’d prefer a bit of warmth for it all. So think sunshine and warm weather.

Take care everyone. God Bless you all!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Me being interviewed…

Dee at The Redheaded Stepchild host a site called Say Anything where Monday thru Friday she interview bloggers. Say Anything has some very wonderful people to go and read about, to visit their sites and learn more. It is a great way to really get to know some one. I have helped Dee a bit here and there with some interviews and really enjoy it. It is lots of work for Dee to be doing this and when you get a chance and have read some of the great interview be sure to stop by and tell her how much you enjoy her work.

So today I am the one being interviewed. Stop by and check me out.

In 3 days it’ll be my one year anniversary at Engine3 - The Life of Riley . I’m going to have a give away. I’ll tell you more about that on the day.

Take care my friends and have a wonderful and blessed day.

Monday, May 3, 2010

‘Tis the day to …….

To happy or sad, excited or scared, worried or not, pleasantly surprised or disappointed it….

So what do you think? Remember I had a tough week plus this past month. I had to start all over on the sugar cravings. I had to start exercising again after taking almost 2 weeks off. Well not “off” but I sure didn’t work out hard either. So what do you think? How will I be?

Here I go, it’s 7:00 in the morning and I’m going to go and weigh myself. Ready?………………………………. Well, it’s not the 5-6 lbs I had hoped for, it’s just 2 lbs. It’s a loss I know but hard to swallow when I now know that I’m not going to be 180 for Mike’s graduation open house and I can not blame a soul but me. No one. I’ve only lost 17 lbs since January 2nd. Now I know in my heart that’s good. I really do but when I shared my results with Jim, know what he said….he said Harvey has lost 30 lbs since January, you only 17 and he knows Harvey isn’t exercising, he knows I am. That hurt guys, I know it should be more, it only averages out to 4 lbs a month, who loses 4 lbs a month and call it a success? Well guess what I DO!!!! Because it’s 17 lbs less then I weighed at the beginning of the year. I have to look at it this way guys. I have too!!! So I won’t weight 180 at Mike’s graduation, I won’t weigh 225 either. So YEAH!!! for me!!!

Now onto the part that really counts. It’s now 8:00 and I’m going to go measure me. Let’s start out at the top…

my neck….it’s down another 1/4”

my upper arms….down 1/2”

lower arms…down 1/4”

bust…down 1”

below the bust….. down 2 1/4'”

waist….. down 2 1/2”

fat stuff …. down 2 1/4”

hips …. no change

thighs …. 1”

calves …. 1”

So screw you Jim, I lost another 11” this past month. That means 32 1/2” since January 2nd. I’ve lost a total of 6” off my waist, 4 off my bust, 5 below my bust, 4 1/2” off my fat stuff, 3 off my neck and 4 1/2 off my thighs. A little bit more here and there but I’m happy. I AM VERY HAPPY!!!!

So this month I do have a goal I want to make, I want to lost 8 lbs, the last 8 pounds in the 200’s. I am going to weigh myself on the 17th and again on the 31st. This way I know what I’m doing, how I’m doing and if I need to push harder. I won’t make the 180 lbs but how about 199, that would count, right? RIGHT!!!

Now the main thing I’m going to work on this month and it’s not the worry of the scale either, I’m going to work on posture. Know why? I slouch, I don’t hold my tummy in, I don’t squeeze my butt. I’m sloppy. Not this month, I’m going to work on building those muscles. Of course I’m going to walk, ride my bike, exercise too but I’ve noticed I have poor posture and that makes my belly stick out more, it’s pulls on my back which makes my back hurt even worse. So that’s what I’m going to work on.

So there you have it guys. My results, my thoughts and a bit disappointed on the weight but not the inches.

Thank you all for all your support and help. Thank you for answering questions when I ask them, for helping me learn the best foods to eat, the best exercise for this and that and mostly because no matter what I’ve lost or even didn’t you’d be there without a sarcastic remark. You’d be there to boost me up and keep me going. THANK YOU ALL. I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!

Take care and God Bless. Have a great day today!!!

P.S. I have a give away going on at my other blog  … if you’d like to stop by and leave a comment that’s all it takes to be entered in the drawing. Just thought I’d share that with you.