Thursday, December 9, 2010

I did it…!!!…

I joined a gym today. Want to see it? Check out The Hallett Community Center I am now a member for as long as I want to be. I didn’t sign a years contract, just a month by month membership. That way come spring I can go back to my working out here outside and not stuck inside.

So today was my first day. Today was a free day so no trainer, so Brenda showed me around, Brenda is my best buddy, my exercise partner, my camping buddy, my …. well lots of stuff. I worked out for 2 hours. I walk/ran on the treadmill for 40 minutes. I worked out with legs, arms, back, stomach machines. I used a medicine ball…didn’t even know what one of those were but I worked the singles and then Brenda and I worked some doubles. Then I did some crunches on a bench that points towards the sky. I could only do 10, on the floor I can do more but this sure worked my stomach. There are weights and balls and other things to use too but since I have weights here and the ball I will use them on the in-between days I don’t go. I am hoping to go three times a week. Tuesdays evening, either Wednesday or Thursday day (which ever one I’m off) and then Saturday morning (when I’m off). I’m sure my schedule will change as my daycare schedule changes but 3 days is my goal. I’m also going to work on the C35K program. Today I did Week 2 Day 2, because I had already been doing the last 4 days for a couple of months in the house and on the ice.

Will this help in my weight loss, I sure do hope so. Between Allan’s Challenge, Steve’s Hot 100, Charlie’s train to Onederland and now the gym there should be no reason the last 9 lbs don’t run for the hills this year and then I’ll work on a plan for next year.

Tomorrow I’ll post my Hot 100 update. Oh Lord please have the scale move from 190. I hate it went up that pound and back into the 190’s. It’s that time of the month but I don’t feel the extra this time, oh I hope.

Take care, sleep well and tomorrow is TGIF!!! God Bless you my friends.

P.S. I'll tell you tomorrow how bad I hurt. Right now just my stomach and left arm. Tomorrow will I be able to move? We'll see!!


Maude said...

Wow, look at you go! 2 hours is a long time - I think it's awesome that you're getting that weight training in!

Ron said...

Glad to hear this.. enjoy that gym!!!!

My Big Secret Blog :) said...

I really like Brenda and you! :)