Thursday, December 2, 2010

Good morning….

It’s only 7* here this morning but suppose to get up to 20* with sunshine. I sure can handle that. I swear to God I’m solar powered and when deprived of the sun for a few days I get slower and slower at moving.

This has not been my greatest week in anything. My food choices are not top notch but hospital food isn’t the easies to choose from. I did well at OBC though when we left the cities. I know my calories aren’t over the limit but aren’t as healthy as they should be. Exercise, other then the normal every day and a few squats, bend over’s, push-ups and planks is about all I’ve done. I don’t handle stress real well, at least not like I use too so with all that’s been happening I’ve haven’t been doing the things I know I must. It’s a good think God gives us a new day to start over again. Well I don’t have to start over, I just need to get on track again. Not let things get to me, take care of what I can and let the Lord do the rest.

So I am thinking this morning will be an IF (Intermittent Fasting). Steve does this quite often and it just seems to make a person feel better. And since I need that today I am thinking it would be a great start to the new day. Along with my goals with Allan I’ve got to take care of me.

This morning I’m going to my grandma’s to move furniture and clean her carpets. She has a small house on a farm and … well they just need a good cleaning. I have wood to carry this afternoon, a good cord needs to be brought into the shed so there will be more exercise and then tonight Kim and I are going to escape for Girls Night Out. Time to go from shop to shop exploring and then to the VFW for a dinner and drawings. One year I won 4 games of golf with a cart at Emily Greens and the next year I won a free oil change that I gave to one of my daycare parents (I do my own oil changes). It’ll be a great day not to deal with any heavy issues.

So it’s water, water and more water. 1200 calories and exercise. The way it’s suppose to be. I know this and so do you all. I hope that you are all doing well. Tomorrow is Steve's Hotties Update and in 3 days Allan’s last weigh in for the SDDC. Then we’ll start the SSDDC, phase 4. As long as I can get my crap together and stick to the plan I will feel great, look better and be ready to bring in the New Year with the New Me. That’s what this year was all about, learning to become a new new, a healthy me.

Take care everyone, have a blessed day today.


Allan said...

Phase 3. Fasting is scary !!! Have fun and say hi to Jesus for me..If you get dizzy from the lack of food

Mom to the Fourth Power said...

Sounds like you have a great day planned. Love the gals night out... I so need one of those... I hope you have a wonderful time. Kickin' it into gear girl!! :)


Anne H said...

I do AFD and IF all the time....
I really like the feeling -
The first time or two it's hunger.
But even that has something
to tell us about ourselves!

Anonymous said...

You managed to still get the exercise into your schedule? Now that's dedication!! High five! :) :)

South Beach Steve said...

Julie, I really like the IF. I don't recall if you have IF'd before or not, so just in case, I'll offer a couple of tidbits: If I start my fast after an early evening meal, then break it the next evening, it works well for me. Some people have to start out just skipping breakfast. Last, knowing you are a Godly woman, you might consider combining this with a spiritual fast and some prayer time.

I hope it goes well. Have a blessed day my friend!

Michele said...

Girls night out sounds great and fun!

Fasting...oh.. not for me...

EmptyNester said...

7 degrees? What does that even feel like? Pretty sure I'd never be able to handle that!