Saturday, December 25, 2010

9,10,11 and 12th…and last week of 2010…

On the last 4 days of Christmas my new friend gave to me…

  100_4911 100_4915

 100_4974 100_4975

Rachel was my partner and though I would of loved to have gotten to know her a bit better I know that she has some huge issues with her husband so maybe when things get taken care of there I’ll be able to learn a bit about her and her family.

This 12 Days of Christmas swap was hosted by Janna and Kenz.


Now for the last week of this year 2010. 7 lbs is a lot to lose though I really don’t think it’s possible I will be giving it my absolute best. I’m planning on getting at least 4 days of exercise in and 1200 calorie days. I do have one night I am going out for supper with my daycare mama’s. I need to find out if Famous Dave’s has an on-line menu so I can plan ahead. I’m drinking all the water possible, anywhere’s from 1 to 1.5 gallons.  So as along as it’s a loss I’ll take it. Next weekend I’ll sit down and figure out what I want from 2011. See what I can do to keep improving me. Creating the new me. The old me is gone, the middle me is here learning to take care of herself. Taking the time to do what I know is good for me. The new me will take everything she’s learned and implement it for a life time.


So I hope that you all had an amazing Christmas. A blessed Christmas. We had a great one. Togetherness, family, love, a bit of travel, gifts that we needed and really wanted. The love of Christ and the real reason for the season.


Take care my friends. I hope this last week in 2010 is a great one for you. I hope this year ends with a bang and that all your wishes, dreams and more have come true. God Bless you all!


Anne H said...

That's a great amount of water! Yay!

Michele said...

Oh. I like the pbease"middle me." that is almost where I too. I would think famous dave's would have an online menu. Happy new year!

Anonymous said...

That last part struck me hard. 2010 is actually getting over. Phew!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Julie. I just stopped over to let you know that I sent you an email in response to your kind comment on my blog.


Mom to the Fourth Power said...

Great job on drinking your water. You know slow and steady weight loss is good. We can't always "force" our body to do what we want but we can patiently move it along and make healthy choices. It's not about the weight in the long run, it's about being healthy and feeling better and living longer! You have done and are doing fantastic! Your attitude and determination and efforts and really an inspiration to me and I'm sure many others as well!

Thanks for your comments on my post... I added one more pic to my post for comparison. I appreciate the time you take to write such thoughtful things.

Let's rock this new year!! I'm still coming up with my goals too.

Happy New Year and God Bless!


Joy said...

I am learning about this taking care of myself thing. I kind of like it!!

So looking forward to 2011!! It's going to be a successful year!!

Keep focused@

EmptyNester said...

Just remember: slow and steady stays the course! So glad you had a wonderful Christmas!

Ann (-48 lbs in -60 lb challenge) said...

You had a wonderful year (so far)!! Congratulations and well done!

I look forward to seeing what goals you set for yourself in 2011.

Keep up the good work. You found the key to your success, and now just have to apply consistent efforts to achieve your goals. Sounds so easy, doesn't it? If only!!

I'm proud of you. Well done. Well done indeed!