Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Like Hot Dogs?

They are not my most favorite food but my wee ones love them so every couple of weeks we have them and I am always eating a couple of their dogs. Well last weekend while shopping I found these.

December 038

40 calories, 1 gram of fat, 3 carbs, and with no yucky stuff in them. I had a couple for lunch today. Now they are not as good as a polish sausage, brats, skin on wiener but then again they are better for you and I think grilled they’d even be better. They are about $5.00 for 7 dogs but if I can get 3 meals from them and no one else eats them I can afford to do that. I bet they’d taste good split opened too with onions, pepper and some garlic.

Just thought I’d share these with you.

Hey want too see some cool pictures of an evening out? Check out this…Music in the Park. Singing, bon fires, friends and fireworks.

Good night my friends. Sleep well and have a blessed Thursday.


Arlee Bird said...

I've never tried the fat free because it just seems like the fat free stuff never tastes as good. I know it's healthier, but I guess I like to just live on the edge and enjoy life more. It is a good brand, but why 7 hot dogs? I think I read somewhere that it's a religious thing. But it means you have 1 bun left over.

I guess you could by 8 pkgs of the franks and 7 packages of the 8-count buns and it would come out right. But what if they have the 10 count buns. These companies are messing with my head.

Tossing It Out

Anne H said...

Many LoCarbers eat these - I should try them next time i need a hot dog fix!

Anonymous said...

Ohhhhhhhh how I love a Hebrew National buried under a mound of steaming saurkraut. That is the only hot dog they used to serve at old Yankee Stadium

Anonymous said...

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Allan said...

I used to love the salty Chicken franks in the microwave.. Not sure why now.. We jews make some good weiners..