Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Loving it…

Finally, finally it’s in the 70’s, headed for the 80’s and it’s wonderful outside. I live in Minnesota because all my family is here and it’s beautiful. I don’t live here cuz it’s nice and warm and sunny because a lot of the time it’s not. But today, it’s amazing and I have been off and outside 80% of the day so far. I helped my parents with some things this morning to get ready for our family reunion. I’ve done some gardening today. And shortly I’m going to head back over to mama’s for some other stuff that needs to be done and tonight I’m going to convince Mike he needs to go play some tennis or take me hiking. I have done my exercise too today. I did 5 planks at 1:30-2:45. I did 45 crunches, twice. I did some other fish flopping exercises and I went for a very early 3.5 miles jog/walk (day 2, week 3 of my 5K in 100 days). And for Michele, I went for a bike ride but only made it about 3 miles before I had to head back home, my darn knees just won’t let me enjoy your favorite exercise. Being my unexpected day off I have even stayed out of the cupboards and not eaten anything I’m not suppose to. I am starving mind you but I’m being good. It’s not easy cuz no one is here to share with and I could eat the whole thing.

This month has really been a challenge for me. Losing the first 50 lbs was a breeze compared to these last few. I think because I just want to be done and begin something new. I am happy with my size and weight and though I have some lumps to tone up I even love my body. It has been an amazing journey and one I don’t want to take again so I need to stay in the game, keep up with what I know I should and keep learning.

Tomorrow I have another easy day, just three and they are older and we are going to be doing some pretty cool things. The Train Museum, disk golf and then bowling and dinner.  I’m almost as excited as the girls our for our day out and about. It’ll be fun.

So I’m off to finish some painting and then walking back to mama’s. Take care my friends and keep up the great work. I did some catching up today on quite a few blogs, most I did comment on, others I did cuz blogger wouldn’t let me. But I did read and I did say a prayer for each and everyone of you. Blessing to you all!!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Slimmer this Summer Challenge and ….

So last week I am going to call a bust. I didn’t lose a pound and I didn’t do any extra exercises except my 5K in 100 days. Well I shoveled, and laid pavers, and tilled the garden, mowed, walked 15 extra miles, played tennis, went geo-caching and then the usual stuff but no planks, no crunches no anything extra.

Here’s a peek into my weekend that I sent to my friend;

We had a really good weekend. Saturday I spent the morning with my daddy garage saling. Then after Jim got off from work he came home and took me out for pizza. Then we went and visited our best friends. Jim wanted to stay longer so I walked home the 4 miles (I walked this in 35 minutes). I needed to get in a walk and it was the perfect timing and weather for it. Then Mike and I went and played tennis. We ended our day geo-caching with the Venture Crew. We had a blast and even won a small bet. We bet that whoever found the most caches got a Dairy Queen treat from the other group. Our group found 9 out of 11 caches and the other group found 8. It took us 3 hours to find these with lots of hiking, climbing and more. According to the GPS we put on 15 miles of hill climbing and hiking.

Today Jim and I went grocery shopping and then came home to mow. It takes us about 3 hours to mow. I needed to water my plants too.  We laid a patio for the pool. Which means digging out the ground, leveling, adding sand, laying the pavers, adding sand and all that meant lots of carrying of sand and bricks (10, 40 lb bags and 125 pavers at 35 lbs each). Then we filled up the kids little pool and put up a 10x10' canopy to cover them from the sun so they won't burn. When we finished all of that Jim took me fishing in our boat. I caught 3 sunfish and 2 crappies, enough for a nice dinner. To finish my evening I colored my hair so I won't look like an old granny at my mama's family reunion next weekend .

So my plans for this week is to try and get some fish flopping exercises done along with the normal stuff around here. We are always such a busy summer family (well for us yearly but summer just much more so).

I don’t have a clue as to what is happening with the Phase 6 challenge so I’m just going to keep working on losing my last few pounds and see where life goes from there.

So it’s onwards and downwards this week. Not a bad last week, no weight loss but I also didn’t eat on plan. The pizza, a small DQ treat and also 6-9 kids each day with foods that are not on my plan and I didn’t do well planning my week in foods so ate too much of this and that. I did maintain and really with just a few pounds to lose I will take that because it does show that I should be able to learn to maintain in just a few more weeks.

I hope you all had a great and successful week and if you didn’t, this is a new week and a chance to do exactly what you know you should to obtain the healthy and wonderful body that you’re so craving.

Take care and God Bless!!!

Friday, June 24, 2011


Allan is leaving the blogging world. He has helped many, many of us lose some massive amounts of weight and now he feels it’s time to move on. I want you to all know just how much Allan has meant to me.

I found Allan last October. Just when I was starting to struggle and lose faith and just not make any more headway in my life style changes. I was bored, stalled and so stuck that I was ready to throw in the towel. Allan was out there, losing an amazing amount of weight and had the first of his 6 challenges. He excepted me as one of the challengers and off we went. From then to now I have lost about 35 lbs and I know that if I hadn’t met him I am pretty sure I would of given up. Now I know that Allan has a way of saying things, doing things, and a different way of being but it is Allan and you know, even though I didn’t always agree, well I wouldn’t change a thing about that man. I am sure I am his slowest loser but a pretty steady one. I have followed all 6 of his challenges to date, not always word by word or exercise by exercise but they were always in the back of my mind and I would think, Allan isn’t going to like this or boy would Allan be proud of this.

Do you know that at Thanksgiving, he called me? He called me on the phone and taught me how to bake an amazing turkey in the most healthiest way possible. He has given me cooking and baking advice. I have learned a ton from this man.

Now for him it’s time to move on, time to do whatever is next for him. I wish him the very best in what’s left of his weight loss journey. He’s been amazing. Good luck Allan.

Now just for you Allan. Unless you change your e-mail address and your cell phone number you’re still stuck with this slow losing but very appreciative member of all of your 6 challenges.

Stop by any and everyone that has met Allan, that has learned a thing or two, that has had a chuckle or two, that has just enjoyed his journey into the land of the healthy, wealthy and wise.

Take care my friends, take care Allan. God Bless you all!!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Community Walk….


Tonight I walked in a community walk. We have a new loop to our walking trails and our trails are working on meeting other trails and one day Minnesota will have a walking/hiking/biking trail that leads just about everywhere you’d like to go.

I had a great time, one of my daycare families joined me so we walked together. Rachel, Abby and their mama, Becky.


For the first time in at least 6 days it wasn’t raining and chilly. It finally warmed up and the sun came out.

Ready, set, GO!!!



There were about 150 participants and a few of them had their pups walking with them too. Wilbur is wonderful on the leash, Scout….well she’ll learn.

0623111927a   0623111904a 0623111910c 0623111911a   100_6796 100_6799

All done. The walk was about 2.5 miles. It took us about 40 minutes but I’m not exactly sure because I forgot to use my itouch and tracker.


I always have my own personal cheering section. Mike came and cheered us on and took pictures for us. And the ones in the middle of the race I just used my cell phone.


All in all it was a great community event and I am so glad I went.

On the way home Mike and I were talking and we talked about even one year ago I wouldn’t of done this. I had just really gotten into my walking and enjoying it but still had lots of body to fight and there was no way I would been out there with others. It now feels wonderful to be able to do these things.

If your community has anything like this happening, give it a try…you’ll be glad you did!!!

Take care my friends and have a blessed night sleep.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The first day of summer…and…


In mid-northern Minnesota that is. Not the warmest weather we’ve ever had but sure is saving on the electric bill with no air conditioning.

Photo-0123  0619111715a

0619111623a 0619111633a


We finally got to go fishing. Really I got to go fishing, both my guys don’t fish but they took me. I caught one bass so not a great catch but two hours out on the water, it was amazing.

This week has been hard for my diet and exercise. I am tired, stressed and did I say tired? When I go to bed at night my sleep is full of nightmares….last night everyone was getting killed. Night before that, we were all lost. No sleep makes for long days and either to tired to eat and exercise or over stimulated so eating at the top of my calorie count and running myself ragged. I need to find a happy medium. I will!! Life isn’t easy but you know it’s not suppose to be, what’s life without some challenges?

I hope that you all are doing well with you life style changes. I have 5.2 lbs to goal. So close, I’m excited to get to the end of this and start my next phase in life. Onward and upwards (downwards really).

Take care and God Bless!!

Monday, June 20, 2011

A quick update…

I know it’s Monday and I am suppose to update everyone but it’s going to be a quick update because I have 6 kids that are in every area of the house and since daycare starts very early and doesn’t end until quite late I’ll just squeeze in what I can. I have to tell you it’s been a good week in eating and exercise though the exercise isn’t what was on plan.

My goals were:

*Crunches, planks, bicycle crunches and leg lifts. Two times a week for a minimum of 20 minutes. *To run a 5k in 24 minutes October 1st by using Brad 5K in 100 days.

Well I did 6 days of shoveling, 2 days of trenching, 4 days of pulling wire, 6 days of running here and there and lots more. For crunches, planks and the rest…..none. For running my program, yep I did that 3 times just like instructed and then 1 extra day of pushing my running to my max and really did good.

My phase 6 with Allan is going good. I am now 170.2. That’s down 2.2 lbs last week. So still heading in the right direction plus with my TOM just maybe it won’t all come back. HOPEFULLY!!!

So for now that’s my update. This week I am going to work on my real goals except there is still lots of shoveling happening (now drain tile and tailings and pea rock to be moved) but I’ll just do my best.

I am sorry I haven’t been super supportive of everyone, there just isn’t enough time in the day to get everywhere but I am praying for you all and hope that you all are doing well and challenging yourselves to become the most healthiest you possible.

Take care and God Bless!!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Brads 5K in 100 days and a good run….

I have been working on Brads 5K in 100 days but because I’m starting out as a beginner I didn’t feel as pushed as I could but that’s good too since his program starts you at the beginning teaching you proper everything. I’m not complaining at all since I know that in about 3 weeks it’ll be about where I am. But this morning I woke up with energy to boot. I think it’s cuz after mowing in the rain for 2 hours I came in and sat on my butt and watched TV, read blogs, commented and just relaxed the evening away so felt super this morning so I decided to go for a jog. And I did!!! 3.5 miles in 45 minutes. Not the fastest but I did have these guys with and to control a puppy on a leash is a bit more interesting then just Wilbur.


Near the end when I wanted to push it a bit I let Wilbur go and kept the puppy with me. Right now I’m drenched in sweat and heading to the shower (waiting for the dishwasher to go) and the pups are sleeping. I did feed them both and water/milk them so now their bodies are tired and their tummies are full. Mine too. :o)

Today is garage saling morning, my cleaning job and then at 12:30 Mike and I are doing our CPR and First Aid training (well really updating, we do it every two years).  We are doing it with the Scouts for our up coming BWCA trip.

Anyways, I just wanted to stop by and say hello, hope you have a great Saturday. Mine will be busy but a good busy. Now if the sun could shine instead of day 3 of more rain, really they are saying we have another 3 days of raining coming so put on my wet gear and just enjoy it’s not a hundred out there.

Take care my friends and have a blessed day.

Friday, June 17, 2011

A must read…my devotional today…

I drive into work listening to gospel music or a pre-recorded sermon on the
radio. I get out of the car and walk to the building entrance.
As I open the building door I leave just enough room for me to get in and I
leave Jesus standing outside as the door closes behind me. He's standing
with His palms on the door glass and watches me as I get on the elevator.
His eyes are sad and He turns and goes to sit on the stone bench. There
He'll sit patiently and wait for me for the next 9 hours.
First two hours of work - I fuss and complain about things not going right.
Jesus, sitting with his chin in His hand looks upward toward the building
wishing He could help me.
By lunch time - I'm flustered, regretting I work in this place and
sputtering bitterness all over folks.
Jesus comes around to the side of the building where my cubicle is located.
He looks up from the ground trying to get my attention but I can't hear him;
my focus is on my problems.
Jesus goes back to the front of the building, sits down and continues to
wait for me. He thinks to Himself as He looks up to the third floor, "She
went in there defenseless. If only she had taken me in there with her. When
will she learn?"
End of the day - I'm pooped, run down, no energy, irritable & frustrated. I
leave the building & Jesus gets up happily to greet me but I'm in no mood
for Him now. I've just been to hell and back and the last thing I want to do
is be bothered with anyone.
God just actually showed me this is how I'VE been acting. He showed me each
act and worst of all, He let Me feel a small portion of how grieved he was
because of my actions and attitude. I left Jesus standing outside, almost
let the door smack him in His face.
From time to time our jobs overwhelm us and we completely forget to "take
Jesus with us". We may not go around cursing anyone out or punching anyone
in the face (hopefully not) but what are our actions saying about us and
about who or whose we are?
We are the salt of the Earth and the light of the world. A city on a hill
cannot be hidden. Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl.
Instead they put it on its stand, and it gives light to everyone in the
house. Matt. 5:13-15.
We should be bringing peace to our jobs and not be the cause of confusion.
We should be the ones to bring our gifts & talents to the table to help in
WHATEVER area God has chosen for us to work in.
Col.3:23-24-"Whatever you do, work at it with ALL your heart, as working for
the Lord, not for men, since you know that you will receive an inheritance
from the Lord as a reward. It is the Lord Christ you are serving."

Think material……….especially with all that’s been happening this week. It is amazing how the Lord leads when we get lost.

Take care my friends and have a blessed afternoon.

Thursday, June 16, 2011


First, just to update you a tiny bit about yesterdays dilemma.

Mike did resign at work. He will be finished the 2nd of July. Money wise he is okay through July so can take care of rent, insurance and gas. So he will have time to find his next job. It was a stressful afternoon for him telling his grandfather his plans (who instead of taking it wisely was a smart a** about it but that was his choice). Jim took time to absorb and after much talking last night will sit back and just watch and advise when asked but will not be judging. He was happy to know that when the time comes, if the time comes, that him and Mike can be business partners.

As for my daycare, I still don’t know. I really don’t want to go anywhere’s but Jim and I did talk about different ideas and will keep talking and praying about it and see what life brings.


On the challenge front it’s going great. When your stressed what choices do you have? You can eat and not do anything or take that stress and work it off and that is what I chose to do. My calories are lower then they have been for a bit but that’s part of Phase 6 but that’s fine because I took a peek at the scale and it’s liking me right now….except this is week three and that means my TOM is coming so we’ll see by Monday. The exercise, well it hasn’t been the kind on my challenge but it has been hard work. Monday Mike and I went geo-caching and hiking and day 1 of my 100 days to 5K with  Brad. Tuesday and Wednesday was tons of shoveling and tilling and weeding the garden. Last night was just about the last of the shoveling and I did go for a walk but not a power walk, a relaxing clear my mind walk. Tonight I need to do my Brad 100 days to 5K walk. It has been going pretty good. Easy really because the walking and fast walking are only a few minutes at a time and I was already doing my running but I thought about skipping a part and going to week three to be with everyone else but I truly want to know how to run and breath and more so am starting at the start and in 100 days will be able to run the full 5K without running out of breath and without dying.

So there it is. The Life of Riley. Not easy but life isn’t suppose to be. It’s suppose to be full of challenges so that we learn to lean on others, to lean on the Lord instead of thinking we can do it all alone. We can’t, we don’t have to, we don’t need too. I want to thank you all for your advice yesterday. Each one of you had a point and was talked about and thought about and will be thought about for some time to come. THANK YOU!!! 

Take care and have a blessed and awesome afternoon.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

So it’s time for help…any kind…

Words, prayers, thoughts, ideas….anything cuz you see right now our life is in a turmoil in a couple different directions and even though I know the Lord has plans I am sure he’s not wanting me to just sit on my butt and do nothing about it so I’m going to type it out here and just see what happens.

There are two things happening in our lives right now that need advisement on. First Mike hates working for his grandfather and dad. Working in a family business is hard for all. It’s not just the younger one being younger and not having everything it takes to be the best employee. It’s not just the older one expecting that because the son can do it the grandson can too. And it’s not the middle man, the father/son trying to keep peace and teach his son the steps needed to learn a business and trying to keep a father that’s getting older, forgetful and angry that everyone has to start some where’s. It’s hard from them all and since the youngest is my son and seeing him in such turmoil it’s just hard not trying to make it all better. I however do not get involved with the family business. I am not part of that, haven’t been asked to be and don’t care to be right now. 3 generations and all male…no thank you. I don’t understand why the grandfather can’t be happy one of his grandchildren want to be near him, work for him. I can’t understand the father not sticking up for his son when he sees the verbal abuse the grandson gets. I can’t understand the grandson just not keeping his mouth shut and trying to learn. I can only look at this as an outsider really. I’m the wife, mama, daughter-in-law but I can’t fix this and I can’t make them all happy. It’s hard to see the discontentment. Mike has decided to quit and find something else but you and I know there isn’t much out there to be had plus it’s going to hurt his dad’s feelings because I know in the long run Jim wanted Mike to be his partner in the business when Cecil is gone. IT’S HARD for everyone but it hurts the mama to see all this anguish every day.


I think I have come at a cross roads in my business too. I LOVE DAYCARE!!!! I LOVE IT!!! But I can’t handle the drama of not knowing if I can make it anymore. I can’t imagine being without my kids but the families I have are having issues and are not coming or supporting me like they should if they want me to stay here. Now I understand your own family comes first. I know that and when someone’s not working you keep your kid/kids home. I know that everyone needs time off to do those things that make you happy. I UNDERSTAND these things. But when you know that the person that takes care of your kids makes a living by taking care of your kids then where’s the respect? How am I to make a living (cuz I live one paycheck to the next, the same as them)? It’s hard, I don’t want to quit this, I’ve been taking care of the same kids since they were born. They are part of me too. But what am I to do? Is it time to look for something else and say good bye? Or do I hold my breath and hope that things work out. I’ve been doing that for a very long time. Do I want to call the school and bus garage and apply? Are they hiring with all the other unemployed people? Do I fill out the applications but know in my heart that if I could just get a family that would be here all the time without the drama, the worries of quitting that I’d not take the job? I WANT TO KEEP MY KIDS, I WANT TO KEEP MY DAYCARE!!! I just can’t do it moneywise.

So there, it’s out there and I need advice. It’s not as easy as just quitting and moving on. It’s not as easy as staying put and hoping things work out. I just don’t know.

I didn’t plan on this post, but when I’ve needed help you’ve had some great ideas, wonderful prayer support and moral support. I’m just a bit lost today.

If you read this twice cuz I’m posting it on both my blogs I’m sorry. I just needed to share. I’m feeling a bit down and alone and even though I have family and friend support I think I’m hoping that someone else is going through or been there, done that and might have an idea or two. If nothing else please pray that I can except the Lords will and figure out what that is and go with the flow.

Thanks for reading, thanks for all your support. Blessings to you all!!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

How many calories does….

Running a trencher use up and shoveling tons of dirt and rocks? That is what we did all weekend and boy do I hurt and am I beyond tired. We had to trench 150’ in hard packed clay, rock and big rock and 210’ in much softer but root impacted yard. And since the trencher we rented only digs the hole we had to push all that dirt back in and the requires lots of arm and back strength. In the end we’ll have a cheaper electric bill and also no line loss but to do that WOW.


The hard packed driveway.


More driveway.


The softer soil and what was my daisy flower bed.


My nemeses when we returned it today

I’m not quite sure what part of me hurts the most, the stomach muscles, my arms or my back. But I lost 2 lbs while working out in the heat and sunshine ( I had gained one pound mid week so lost that and one more).

So my official weight for this weeks weight in is 172.4.

My eating was weird this weekend. Nothing on plan only because who’s going to cook when your running a trencher. I just did salad from a bag, fruit from containers and yogurt. I didn’t once count calories so I couldn’t even begin to tell you the total but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t over.

I started a new exercise program. It’s called Learn to Run a 5K in 100 days. Brad Gansberg is the teacher and he’s done some amazing things and one of them is to hopefully teach me to be able to run a 5K in 100 days. It is 110 days until I want to fully run a 5K. Now Brad was a sweetie cuz he started this challenge and all the instructions 3 weeks ago and really didn’t want any new students but I explained what I wanted to do, what I’ve been doing and since I have just close to 100 days, well he excepted my. YEAH!!! I had planned on starting my first training day Friday but that didn’t work out with all the work we did since then but tomorrow I am off in the morning so first thing I will do day 1.

So this doesn’t change my goals for Debbi’s Slimmer this Summer challenge except I won’t be doing the C25K program, I’ll work with Brad. It also doesn’t effect my Phase 6 with Allan so all is good there.

So all in all, life is good. Busy but good. Walk/jogging tomorrow, rug cleaning and then since Mike is off we are going to go geo-caching and scouts in the evening. That will take care of Monday.

I am sorry I haven’t had time to stop by any blogs to support anyone this weekend. I will try and make it this week. From the ones I read last week you all were doing fantastic. Keep it up, I know that you can do what you planned on doing.

Take care and God Bless!!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Thursday….Friday yet?

Compared to last week this has been one very long week. I don’t mean my hours cuz they are always long, I just mean…it’s only THURSDAY? WOW, I was hoping…well only sorta cuz I really don’t want the world to pass me by or hurry up…it was Friday.

I had a few questions about my attempts at Zumba so I’ll answer them and add some. First off, I wish it was a class because I think I’d learn a bit quicker but it’s from my Wii. Second, I’m not sure I liked it or not. The songs are really different then what I’m use to listening too but the beat is excellent so I’ll adjust, not to mention I only got in like 6 songs and I’m betting that thing is almost unlimited. Third, I wonder if I’ll get coordinated enough to even do a few of the steps in time with the lady on the screen. She goes from pink to orange to green when you doing well but my girl didn’t spend a lot of time in the green. And Kristy, I did it with my daycare girls so you my dear get it out of the box and give it a whirl.

Now for another thing I found on Kristy's blog. She is doing a Run 5K in 100 days. Last night I went and check it out and it’s pretty darn neat. Now I don’t know a lot about it yet because I think this started back in March so I e-mailed Brad to see if he was still willing to teach more people how to do this. It’s 113 days until I want to run a full 5K so this would be perfect. I’m still using the C25K but something new would be cool.

Last night I went for a 2 mile run and a mile walk. I didn’t do grand but it wasn’t terrible either. I left Wilbur at home for my run and then picked him and Scout up for the walk. Wilbur wasn’t thrilled the last time I went for a run and he was with, he really just prefers the walking/trotting.

Food was good yesterday but I am craving and still want a hamburger and fries but Debbi said when we both hit our goals we’d meet half way (she lives about 125 miles from me) and find a good burger joint and get us one. I’m not sure I can hold out that long but will try.

So my plans for today are the same as yesterday except I’m just going to do some floor exercises and skip carrying water, running or anything like that. My back is really bothering me again and since the chiropractor costs money I’ll just take it easy today.

Are you reaching for your goals? Are you trying your best to get to where you want to be? With Allan's phase 6 and Debbi's Slimmer this Summer challenge I am doing my best. Slowly but surly I will be at my goal with the body I’ve wanted for the past 20 years. Nothing perfect but healthy, happy and ready to face the next 50 years of my life.

Take care everyone and have a blessed day. It was 40* when I got up this morning, I am hoping it warms back up, only two days of summer isn’t enough for me.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Hungry, Hungry Hippo….

Week one, day two….

Allan, don’t read this part. Close your eyes and move on to someone that followed the plan exactly today. I wasn’t terrible but ate more veggies than was allowed and had some frozen yogurt. Total calories for the day is still under 1100. 850 for Allan and 230 extra for me.

I did work out hard even with the heat at 90*. Did you know that this white girl can not dance. Not even close. I did my Zumba for the first time today. WOW is that amazing and way harder then I expected. For 20 minutes I gave it my all and boy was I sweaty when done. Then I did 3 different planks. Each one 10 seconds longer then the first and I made it up to 65 seconds. Not excellent but a start. 10 push ups, 25 crunches and a 1 mile walk was my exercise for today. Then tonight I carried 10 5 gallon buckets of water up the hill to the new trees we planted a couple of weeks ago. I’m not positive what I used up for calories, myfitnesspal doesn’t have carrying water up a hill but I know I did lots. Oh I also decided since the girls went swimming this morning I’d give it a try tonight. It is 90* so you’d think the water was a bit warm. NOT!!!! You figure last week it was in the 60’s and the week before that still freezing at night but still I was hoping. Shivering has to count towards calories burned too.

My water is always in since I don’t drink anything else. I’m not a pop, coffee, tea, juice and just little milk drinker so drinking water is easy.

So it was a good day. Not perfect but still good.

Tomorrow I’m back to a full house (today easy, only 3) so not sure what I’ll get done but will do my best to follow both my challenges.

Take care my friends and have a blessed evening. By the say, I am loving all the comments and e-mails from you all. I’m working my hardest to get to visit everyone. I don’t always comment because of time limits but I am working at it.


Monday, June 6, 2011

Phase 6 and Slimmer this Summer….

So my weight is 173.2. Down a bit, not a huge bit but down. No complaints from me at least it’s moving. However looking at the numbers for phase 6 people, WOW they are doing amazingly great. You guys keep it up, I’m betting everyone of you will be at your goal weight before you know it. I’m working at it, slow but sure but working at it.

Slimmer this summer, well today is day one and I didn’t do anything towards my set goals. I worked from 4am-7pm today and didn’t have the time to do any fish flopping exercises and with it being 90* right now I haven’t taken my walk/jog either. There’s still a couple more hours in my day before I die in a pile so hopefully I get to at least one of these goals.

My eating is per plan and my water intake was up to over 160 oz so far and still time for more. It does take the hunger out of the day when you’re drinking all the time. I have always used myfitnesspal for tracking and no matter what challenge I am on, from the beginning with just me to Allan’s I have used it.

I can not promise I will post every day, there just isn’t time in my day for it. I want to read as many posts as I can and will comment as time allows too. I am so impressed with everyone that I have visited lately. You are all doing something towards getting healthier and happier. It’s hard, no one said it was easy, but it’s possible. Some of you are so strong, others a bit weaker but you all can do it, you all can set your mind to a goal and do it. I know you can, I have faith in you. Heck if I can run a 5K in 34 minutes when less then a year ago I couldn’t make the mail box, you all can skip that hot dog, that Twinkie, that soda and get your body to a healthy place. Some take it slow and steady, some take it as fast as it can come off but as long as it’s leaving and never to return, that my friends is the most important part.

Now it’s onwards and downwards. School is out for the summer here so that means 7-9 kids a day here. It was 90* for most of today but we were outside 10 of the 14 hours of daycare. There was playing in the sprinkler, playing kickball, digging holes in the woods and riding bikes. They ate more then they ever had and loved every single minute of their day. ME TOO!!! Life is good, LIFE IS GRAND!!! Yes stress is still here, yes things are difficult but I have got to not let it get to me like it did last week. It just can’t, I just can’t let it. So this week is going to be a grand one. One filled with happiness, fun, fitness and love.

Take care my friends and have an awesome and relaxing evening. I am heading outside to use the plasma cutter (yes there’s fire retardant sheet between my cutting and the fuel tank, just so you don’t worry) and cut a hole in a truck bed so we can change the fuel pump. Much easier then dropping the fuel tank of a 1988 rusty Minnesota truck.


Saturday, June 4, 2011

34:08 …..10:10 less then 2 weeks ago…PLUS!!!


That is what happened at my 5K today. I am very proud of myself. I fretted, worried and scared myself all week long because I was sure I had set myself up for failure when in the end I proved to myself that I can do it and I can do it better then I thought. I pushed myself and did exactly what I wanted to do. I wanted to be faster then 2 weeks ago and I wanted to jog 80% of the race. I jogged a full two miles and then had to slow down and walk some and then I finished with running. I felt awesome.



My best supporter, my Mike. He took the day off again, for me, and was there from beginning to end. Even came to the half way point to cheer me on and take my picture.



I have had a lot of debates, issues and more this week. It was a hard week with more stress then I could handle or even imagine. I had thoughts of just quitting this whole diet and exercise thing cuz it’s just so hard at times. I worked 70 hours this week and didn’t have much time to do anything that was good for me. Family needed me, daycare needed me, scouts needed me, everyone needed me and I didn’t get I needed me time. Like everyone I can handle a fair amount of junk but when my boat starts to sink it sinks fast and I was sinking. THANK GOD for today, the sunshine, the perfect weather and the ability to get out there and push myself and prove to myself I can do this for me because I needed it.

So there you have it. My race, a peek into this past week. Now I have two challenges to work on this summer, Allan’s phase 6 and I am still working on getting to 165 lbs. Slow and steady is working for me and I guess that is just how it’s going to keep going. I am sitting at 173 lbs. That’s down 1.4 from last week. I’ll take it, since it’s down and down is great.

I also have Debbi’s Slimmer this Summer challenge. I need to set some goals and I did in a previous post but after much thoughts I am going to cut back on those goals. They were a bit aggressive and with the way this summer is turning out to be there is no way I could keep up with them and life too. So I will work on two goals.

1. I need to work on my stomach muscles or lack there of. I am way to fluffy around the middle. So in the 12 weeks of this challenge I am going to work on that. How you ask? By fish flopping exercises. Crunches, planks, bicycle crunches and leg lifts. Two times a week for a minimum of 20 minutes.

2. I want to be able to run a full 5K by October 1st. And I want to do it in 24 minutes. So that will mean keep going on my jogging. I am going to start up the C25K. I did most of it before but I was just starting to jog then so now this time I am going to work on it faster and further. The program C25K is 3 days a week so that is what I’ll do.

So there are my goals for Slimmer this Summer. Not as aggressive as my first thoughts but still something I really need to do.

So between Allan’s and Debbi’s challenges by August I should be at my goal weight and have a figure that isn’t all that fluffy.

My city has a fitness walk planned for June 23rd in the evening. It’s a grand opening of our Mille Lacs Energy Cooperative/Touchstone Energy Loop. It’s a different loop then our Fit City 5K loop and will be exciting to see what else they have planned. So this is my next event.

So onwards and upwards to this week challenges. I am hoping for a bit more peace this week but just as many physical challenges since those keep me on my toes.

Take care my friends and have a blessed weekend.