Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Day two…

Well how did your day one go on Allan's Challenge? For me it seemed hard to drink the water yesterday. Now I don’t drink anything else (but a glass of milk with supper) during the day but water, always have been that way. I don’t like pop, tea, coffee, drinks, most juices but yesterday 2 gallons of water just didn’t want to go in. I made it though at 10:00 last night so you know what that meant, a trip to the bathroom about 3:00. My calories came in at 1128.

Today’s a new day and I tried something new. A pomegranate. At first I thought, heck I’m not doing all that work for this fruit.

December 010 December 011 

              December 012

But then after I figured out it’s not that hard and it tastes wonderful plus…for a full pomegranate it’s only 131 calories for 1 1/4 cups. Mix that with a bag of Instant Cream of week and you have a filling, good for you breakfast. Totaling 231 calories, 3 proteins, 1 fiber, 0 sugars and 19 carbs.

December 015

I got a treat for me yesterday. My local Schwann’s man comes once a month and I usually just buy juice for the kids and a special ice-cream for Mike but my Schwann’s man is such a suck up and told me how great I’m looking, the weight is falling off…you know all those sale pitches that no matter what sounds terrific. Anyways he told me about these…

TRIM CREATIONS® Chocolate Fudge Sticks 

Serving Size 1 bar – 50 calories, 0 fat, fiber 5g, sugar 4g proteins 3g and 14 carbs.

So now if I have baked cookies all day, a cake or two and the kids are having a treat that is just a plain no-no I can have something too. There’s 24 bars in that box so I will be set for the next couple of months or more. A treat just for me. I can handle that. I hid them in the downstairs freezer too, a bit to keep them out of site out of mind and also to keep the guys from eating up my food. I was pissed at them this morning. I have been buying turkey/chicken thin sliced meats for me for lunch and they have eaten every single package. I leave them hot dishes, desserts and everything they need when they are hungry. It’s always in a blue container just for them and they ate my food. On top of my ear ache and headache this morning I was mad at them. Told them so, not that it will make any difference. Oh well I’ll have to be creative the rest of this week since I don’t shop until Sundays.

Now for one last thing. Remember the 12 Days of Christmas Swap? Well this is a sneak peek for Rachel. I warned her I’m not a creative gift wrapper but what’s inside will make up for that.

December 009 
Rachel has joined in on Allan's Challenge so when you have a moment, stop by and tell her your secrets, share your ideas, give her some bloggie love and give her and her husband some prayers.

I’m off. I’m not sure to do what yet. It’s library day for the kids but I’m not really feeling that so maybe some paper crafts and painting. Oh I have some good news. Tomorrow I am joining the gym. With lots of creative financing we are going to be able to swing it for the next 4 months. After that we’ll just see but for the winter months I can go and do. None of the group sessions are available to me but all the equipment and pool will be. That is after a 14 hour day I can get up enough energy to go, I have to but it will take some discipline going.

Take care my friends and have a blessed day!!


Rachel said...

Good Morning my friend. What a yummy breakfast you had. I have eaten those before, but just ask a snack, I have never added them to anything. I may have to give that a go. They sure are messy to peel.

I can totally relate to you about the family eating your goods. Mine do the same thing. What really burns me, is when they eat all the yogurt and then eat ice cream right after wards. They know the yogurt IS my ice cream. It seems I get more and more creative every week.

Oh my goodies look so good! I put mine in the mail yesterday. I am hoping you will get it by tmw. Friday at the latest. Inside the package is some packing peanuts. Maybe you can use them for a holiday craft for the kiddos.

Okay let me get back to work, I plan on updating my blog in a little while. Day one on the challenge was pretty good. I got lots of exercise going to the bathroom! LOL

Mom to the Fourth Power said...

Those pomegranate seeds look good. And your gifts look great... what's this about not wrapping creatively? Yours look better than mine did!! :) How nice to find something you can eat that's yummy and not too many calories. I hope your men stop eating your food!! I would be mad too.

Have a great day, Julie!! :)

God bless,

Call me Ishmael said...

You make that pomegranate look sooo good. I got one a few weeks ago and had the same reaction you did! Now I'm inspired to try it again -- maybe I didn't give it a real chance. Your pics look great, by the way -- the salesman isn't just blowing smoke you know do look like the weight is falling off! I'm going to try a chiropractor and a reflexologist for the foot. Can't hurt! Have a great rest of the week, and thanks for visiting my blog.

Anonymous said...

Yay!!! Julie got her treat! Now that made me happy! :) :) The packaging looks awesome to me, what are you talking about?!! Hide the food. Hide all the food. Stealing your food ought to be punished! Sorry about your earache. Is it because of the weather?

JW said...

I just came back from the store and saw pomegranate. I was soo tempted, but didn't know what to do with it. Silly, silly! You have inspired me to give it a try. :) Have a great Friday!! Janelle

Maude said...

I love pomegranates! They're one of my favorites. Someone told me that if you pull them apart while the pieces are submerged in cool water it comes apart more easily and is much less messy. Haven't tried it yet - I just pick the aeliles out.