Tuesday, December 14, 2010

And the winner is…..

So midnight was the last time to enter my give away. I was very happy with the response. Thank you everyone. So now for the winner. I used that Random drawing doo-hickey and it wouldn’t let me cut and paste the answer in to this post but …. well just trust me.

The winner is…

STEVE from Log My Loss … He’s the most awesome blog host of

He said:

Although I have no idea what I would use it on yet, I would certainly welcome a surprise Christmas gift! :-)

So yeah for Steve. Now maybe you can find something for your awesome journey in getting healthy. Though I think you’ve done an awesome job.

Thanks everyone for entering. I know it’s hard not to win but try again next time (the people at CSN said they’d let me do another give away later on).

Take care my friends and have the most blessed day possible.


South Beach Steve said...

Woot! So what do I need to do to claim this?

beej said...

Sweet! Couldn't think of a better winner, Julie!

Michele said...

Steve has had a hand in many of our weight loss successes. SO, great pick!