Friday, December 17, 2010

Hot 100 update #12

For Steve's 

I am so tired this morning. Twice this week I got up at 4:15 am to go and work out at the gym. Once I got to go at 7:30 am and once at 7:00 pm. So I’m getting my work outs in. I have gotten to the 3rd week, 2nd day of the C25K program. That means I am running for 3 minutes at a time. Not to bad considering when I started walking this summer I couldn’t go from power pole to power pole. I have also added one or two balls to the walls 1 minute run. Each is at 7mph or better for a full 60 seconds. I use the exercise machines with 30-50 lbs and the 4 lb medicine ball for single and double work outs. And crunches on the vertical bench with the medicine ball. Only 11 crunches so far but I started out at 2. I think I have almost solved the stomach problems during my workouts. I eat about 3 oz of protein and a cup of milk before I head out. While there drink at least 30 oz of water and when I come home I finish up some kind of breakfast, more water and after about an hour everything is just fine. Except the muscles I don’t remember having.

I stepped on the wii this morning. It said –1.5 lbs. Now that’s from my Sunday weigh in, not Friday’s. Friday’s weigh in was 189, Sunday was 190. 188.5, that is now what the scale says. I’ll take it because it’s not up. Still 8 1/2 lbs to go by the 2nd of January but I’m trying.

Only 2 more Hot 100 updates. The only goal I have not kept is the menu’s. I write something down when I get groceries, I do plan my meals but not on paper.

So all in all, I’m losing. I’m working out and will be ending my first year in better shape then I started it out at. Better then I’ve been for at least 25 years. More to go, more to work on, much more to learn. I’m ready, able and willing.

Hope that you all are having a great pre-Christmas week. Only 8 more days to go. Take care my friends and have a very blessed day.

P.S. I’ll be back in a bit with day 4 and 5 of my 12 days of Christmas.


Debbi Does Dinner Healthy said...

Your attention to exercise is commendable. Wow, you're getting up super early! It shows that it is important to you! Keep it up!

Rettakat said...

Going in the right direction, another loss. Congrats! I like what you said... that you are ending the year in better shape than when you started out, even better than the last 25 years. That is wonderful progress!
It's hard to believe we only have 2 more Hottie updates. :-)

Ron said...

You are doing great..... the main thing is... we keep working at it... it may not go as fast as we would like, but we can eventually get there.

Cheeseboy said...

Sounds like you are doing really well. Soon you will be able to go a lot longer with the run. It seemed like it happened magically one day for me.

Funny that we have come to a place in society in which the most reliable way to measure weight is a video game system.

Karen said...

Awesome job with the running:)

Anonymous said...

I like that you sound calm and understanding of yourself in this post. At least you did to me. :)

Twix said...

Excellent on the C25K! Making EXCELLENT progress! :D

Biz said...

Okay, and I thought I was getting up early at 6:00 a.m.! Way to get the workouts in - my exercise saved me last week because I went out twice last week - I love 2.6 my first week back to WW :D

Have a great Monday!

MB said...

Great job on the C25K. I've been struggling with it but still not giving up. I was so excited when my Wii stopped saying "that's OBESE!" and now just says "that's overweight." ;) Slow and steady is the way to go! Merry Merry!