Monday, December 20, 2010

Getting ready for…


Well Allan and I had a chitter chatter today. Even though that man can be hard as nails he sure can be tender too. So as you can see Phase 4 is coming just around the corner. That means Phase 3 is just about over, in fact according to Allan’s clock it’s just 12 1/2 days left. As hard as I try the pounds are not jumping off, they are stuck on there like crazy glue. It’s taking dynamite to remove them, one at a time. But they are moving and even though there’s 12 days left of Allan’s challenge and 13 for mine and 8.5 lbs to go I’m going to keep giving it my best shot. I would so love to reach my goal of losing 45 lbs in 2010 but if I don’t, I don’t. It’ll just mean that extra bunch for 2011.

Yesterday while we were working out butts off trying to thaw our septic (Minnesota weather in a trailer house) Jim had some super kind things to say to me. First while I was putting on my winter boots, I was bent over tying them and not wheezing, not gasping for breath and he noticed. Second, someone…that’s me…had to climb under the house. None of us care for that job, I just picked the shortest straw (yes, we did that because like I said everyone hates it) and climbed under there. Now last Christmas you couldn’t of shoved my fat behind in that little door that’s cut out, you couldn’t of shoved my fat tummy between the floor and the ground, this year…in a snowsuit none the less…I could climb through, turn around and carry supplies to the floor in the bathroom. Jim was not only nice because I drew that short straw but because I could do it. Then after we finally got water going, could go potty in the house…not in the snow bank…we took a shower…together…in a not the hugest shower and “did it” without dying.  It has been …well we’ll say 10 years since that has happened in there. So even though those last 8 lbs of the year refuse to budge, even though I’m trying my hardest there are those victories that have made this year a success so far.

So like I always say, it’s onward and upwards to the last 12 days. Tonight after work I’m going to go work out for an hour plus a bit and then it’s our boy scout Christmas party where I work out and we are all going swimming. A pot luck but I know very well what will be there so I’m bringing me a salad I made this afternoon. Shrimp, peppers, onions, garlic, some seasonings and a touch of olive oil on a salad mix. YUM!!!

Take care everyone. Have a great week. It’s Christmas time. Time to enjoy it all and each other and to remember the reason for the season, our Lords birthday. God Bless you all!!!


Anne H said...

Onward and downwards!
And Merry Merry Christmas
to you and yours!

Jane said...

What's with the snow this year in good old Minnesota? I wish it would stop--enough already! Now the forecasteers are saying another 8 inches today--bah humbug!
Well, keep the water flowing at your house and--more importantly--the shower working. I'm happy for your weight loss progress this year. Stay warm and safe in our snowy state.

EmptyNester said...

A toast to you! (with a glass of water, of course!)

South Beach Steve said...

It is pretty awesome to read this. It really sounds like e made your day, although he may not realize he did. What great non-scale victories!

May God bless you today Julie!

Kimberly said...

Allan is a mensch. He really is. His heart is in the right place.

Don't let the calendar or the Challenge dictate how you feel about your progress. This Challenge isn't the beginning or the end of your progress. It is okay.

Shawn Becker said...

I read your comment on Empty Nest and saw you ran a 5K..your time was wonderful..You Go Girl! I hope you are proud of that many people are sitting around wishing they could run, or walk, that distance. You get a gold star, two thumbs up, blooger of the day, a high five and a big YIPPEE from me.

Joy said...

I just found your blog and look forward to following your progress. Keep it up you're doing great!!

Ron said...

Sounds like you had a GREAT day!!!!