Thursday, December 31, 2009

It’s time folks….

Fat is something I no longer want to be but……..don’t like that but though……..I find it darn near impossible with daycare from 5:00 in the morning until 6:00 at night to exercise or have energy to exercise in the evening. I have to fix 3 meals a day and 2 snacks also and though I try to make most of all of this really good for them there are days treats are so nice and me having no will power I can’t fix and not eat. We live in Minnesota where right now the snow is over 2’ deep and it’s –9* with a wind-chill of –15*. It’s not like even safely I could go out for a walk. I don’t own a treadmill, I don’t own any real exercise equipment other then two 3 lb dumbbells. There’s no way I can afford our Emporium of Heath places but I am determined this time to make this work. I have to… there are a couple reasons, health of course is a big one and the other, my son graduates this coming spring and we are having an open house and I would love to look nice instead of just a fat mama. As you can see I’m not impressed with myself at all. I’ve been to the doctor and he says lose some weight but doesn’t offer anything except the words which really is a good thing because I’m healthy enough to get to work. I do have to be careful with my lower back because of working in a nursing home for 12 years and the multiple injuries have made some permanent damage but if my trunk was stronger my back would be stronger and exercising would be easier. A round robin thing.

So this is my plan………and with your help I bet I can do it.

I want to weigh 180 in 6 months, that means …….oh boy here it goes……..I need to lose……..oh I can’t tell you…….not yet. Maybe in a little bit. I don’t want to buy lots of new clothes or anything, I just want to wear things that don’t look painted on. I want to move and not breath hard or at least only have to breath hard when I’m busy.

Help please. I need input…I need ideas…I need ideas that don’t cost anything or very little. I promise to keep you posted on how this goes. I was going to write…if it goes…but that’s not the right frame of mind I want, I want I will post WHEN I lose each 5 lbs. I will be weighing myself, measuring myself this coming weekend when the house is quiet and I’m alone. I will keep a paper journal of my eating habits and exercising.

I have one blogger that has given me some cool ideas and is even sending me a exercise DVD, check out her blog at Sarah . She has her hands full with her family but she’s able to do it. Kari is doing the same thing, slimming down so nicely.

Can I do this, oh please can I? I sure do hope so….really truly hope so. I have to check out the bible and find some verses to go with all this doubt and worry and make it all into something really positive. I want to do this. I have my doubt since I’ve done this way to many times to count. It’s not a huge goal I’m setting, it’s something I should be able to do.

I am posting this post on my regular blog but think I’ll start up a new one so I can keep this part separate from the rest. I think, what do you think? I’m at a loss about that….really a loss about lots of stuff.

Have you every been scared to try something just thinking it won’t work out but you really want it too? That’s me, I want to so badly but can I. I have not an ounce of will power, not an ounce of restraint when it comes to food. My most favorite thing to do is eat. I don’t mean gorge myself, I just mean eat. Nothing fancy, nothing expensive just meals with family, friends, kids…not to much alone though.

Okay, I’ll post this…I’m scared but I will. Will you help me do this? I have a feeling you will. Do tell me your thoughts about a separate post or the same one. I love sharing with you so you tell me and that’s what I’ll do.

January 4th will be my starting day, June 6th will be the day I would love to weigh 180.

Pray for me, send me verses that work with this and with your help, the Lords help I can do this, right?


Kim said...

I've DVR'd a bali-dancing exercise show that's on Discovery Health starting on Monday the 4th at 7 AM. You rock on! I'm with ya - not a resolution - but a determined effort on my part. I think with your support I can get more fit!!!!! Thanks for the inspiration!

Carolyn Christie said...

Good for you Julie. It's so great having a workout buddies, and follow other bloggers who are like minded.

You Go Girl!!

Ms. Sarah said...

Good for you. Please go to my main blog Caiafa Craziness and find the post titled taking chances. I think it will suit you well.

I will be walking right besides you cheering you on!

You can do this and before you know it you will be one hot momma =)

Dagmar said...

Yes, you can do this, one day at a time.

I just read The Kind Diet, by Alicia Silverstone, and that book will make you not want to eat junk anymore! Maybe get it from the library or buy it.

Wishing you all the best for 2010!

Dagmar's momsense

Anonymous said...

You CAN do this, Julie! The Mamavation people are cheering you on! We are so proud of you!

Oh, and my sister lived in MN for a while, and I can absolutely understand what you're saying there. I live in KY and don't want to go out until April! ;-)

Step by step, girl. You can do it!

The (Un)Experienced Mom said...


It's all about reframing your thoughts. So let's start now....

You have probably never reached out to others for support in such a public way like this before. You have probably never gotten to the point you are at now - feeling almost desperate to shed the pounds that are weighing you down. Right?

Congrats have just taken the first step towards doing something different! And the first step is the hardest!

Here's something to think about: instead of thinking about this big goal you have, which is all the weight you want to lose by June, make tiny and realistic goals. So set a time in the not so distant future and make a totally attainable goal for it. For instance, by mid-January, you are going to be able to fit one workout in a week no matter what happens or how busy/tired you get. When you reach that, the motivation and energy you'll get from reaching it will automatically motivate you to do more and set another goal for yourself.

It can feel overwhelming and daunting, but just keep your mind on what motivates you instead of how big of a task it seems. It will help keep it in perspective!

Check out, too - it's a community of moms just like you that are trying to make healthy lifestyle changes. (I'm a Mamavation Cheerleader by the way and am here to help motivate along the way!). The group is on Twitter too (just put #mamavation somewhere in your message and the ladies will support you!).

You can do it...and you will!


trulytrayce said...

Julie well hello!! I see you, I see the woman you are...brave, honest, overwhelmed...I'm so proud to read this very hard first step in your journey! I would love to support you in anyway I can! Start with small changes and they will had up to be big ones! I can definitely relate with your weather challenges (I'm in WI)!! But do what you can to make the time for yourself. Early or late doesn't matter as long as you do it! Once you start with all of our help there will be no turning back until you reach your goals! Email me anytime! XO

Anonymous said...

Just remember one step at a time... you will get there. I've given myself the small goal of 5 lbs. then once I reach it, I have a goal of another 5 lbs. You're doing this right & you will succeed! We are here to support you!

Anonymous said...

I so understand where you come from when you put your family first and YOU last BUT I know with the support that you are and will keep on receiving, it will become a bit easier. Pace yourself. Love yourself. My will-power sucks when I feed my kids too. I am thinking of putting like a collage of pics together that I would like to resemble in my life as well as my physical appearance so that I can view it everyday. I think that can be a good inspiration. I wish you all the best in your journey and hope to help you overcome your doubts as we all go through the journey together.

bookieboo said...

I have a couple of comments for you. First off, I would post more then every 5 lbs. you lose. Reason being is the posting is more to keep you focused and motivated, and not a reward. Think of posting like weight loss journaling. It only works if you dedicate your heart to it and fill us in on the ups AND downs.

I would keep all your posting on THIS blog and not separate the two. I've seen that done before, and what ends up happening is you will end up puttering out. You will lose focus because your main audience is not involved and you will be able to "hide" it if you are not happy with what is happening. But we really need to know about when you are doing good and not so good, so keep it here. Journaling here will provide accountability.

And my last comment to you is start TODAY, not on the 4th or 6th or whenever you want to start. Putting it off means that you aren't ready. YOu need to just do it when you are ready...dont' put it off.

We will be here for you. Come to the Mamavation Sistahood at anytime of day by using #mamavation in your tweets and you will find support. We are here for you and several women there will be able to give you tips on what has worked for them, etc.

BTW, what is your twitter ID? I'm sure we have come across each other but I always remember people by their twitter IDs and not their names.