Saturday, April 30, 2011

20 day Bike challenge….

I’ve been be-bobbing around the blog tonight and came across a blog that was part of a challenge last month,

30 days of biking

Now this was last month but that’s me most of the times, late. But I was thinking, since I really hate biking but I know that it’s good for me, I know that it’s a healthy thing to do and I want to be able to bike with Michele when we get together in July.  And I want to be stronger and more able. Plus remember back in March I talked about the 8th Annual Cuyuna Bike Ride. It’s a 30 mile bike tour in my area. I’m not sure about this yet.

Well I’m thinking along with my walking and exercising I’d like to get in 20 days of biking.

wflyer Small Web view

I’m not setting a mileage, just 20 days of bike riding. Would you like to join me? I’m going to give it my best. I’ll just start out slow but hopefully by the end of the month I can go and do a fair amount.

I am going to get to liking riding my bike or at least try. It sure can’t hurt me. Well my knee yes, but it can only get stronger too.

Take care my friends and have a blessed weekend.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Meeting a blogger….and this weeks weight….

I get to meet Michele!! I’m excited. We’ve set a date of July 16th and I’m going to drive to the cities and Michele and I are going to go biking. She lives just a little ways from Minnehaha Falls, a rose garden and some other cool things so we are going to spend the day doing some good for us stuff, some great visiting and enjoying a meal together. Doesn’t that sounds grand? Oh I sure do think so. I am so excited. She promises me the bike ride won’t kill me, it’s only about 6 miles one way, we get to walk and visit, then a couple miles to the rose garden and then 6 miles back home. I know, I hate riding bike but Michele does it all the time so as long as she’s patient I can do it. I will do it and I know I will enjoy myself.

It has been a successful week in the life style change. I am going to post my weight today because I don’t know how much time I will have this weekend for blogging and what not. Both Mike and I are off tomorrow so I think we’ll go and geo-cache a little bit and then my nephew will be here in the afternoon and then it’s family game night at my parents. Then of course Sunday is family day and shopping and I want to get some seeds planted.

So here it is….(I have got to paint those toenails or at least get rid of the racing strip).


Down another 1.4 lbs. Nothing huge but I’m inching closer to my goal.

Weight Chart

I love this little chart. It’s been a long time coming but oh so close to my 165.

I got another Nike + iPod Sensor. I have one for my workout shoes at the gym but since I don’t wear those shoes out here on the road and hate unlacing my shoes to trade it back and forth I spent my birthday money and got me one. I’m going to ask Mike to cynic it for me because…well he’s good on the computer and all and I just sorta do my best. It’ll be so nice to be able to keep track of my miles better.  Speaking of miles….for the month of April I walked 66 miles. That’s a little over 280 miles so far this year. I also have skied on that elliptical 25 miles in the past two week. I need to get back to my strength training though, this week all I’ve done is my cardio, a few crunches and push-ups.

A new week next week to try and do all that I can to the best of my abilities. What more can a person ask for?

Take care my friends and have a blessed, relaxing, rejuvenating weekend. 

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Laundry….and of course more….

That’s such a naughty word sometimes but folding my own clothes has become a treat. You know why, they look like they are made for a little person. I still find it hard to believe that I use to hold up the pants and just hurry and fold them in half cuz I couldn’t believe those where mine. Now to hold them up and fold them up, they take up a lot less space and it’s fun seeing them. My bars that I got at Christmas, they are now hooking on the last hook. The shirt I wore down to the cities in November, it’s huge. I have to wear a belt to hold up my jeans and I found underwear Jim bought me years ago in the back of my drawer that I can wear today. He has always bought me clothes two sizes to small because no matter my size he loved to see it all. Well it wasn’t my thinking so I’d just keep it hidden away and now, those size 6 panties….they fit and I’m excited.

I snuck a peek at the scale today, it’s moving again. Maybe finally time for the scale to like me again. We’ll see on Saturday for sure.

On Monday Mike was crabby. If you looked at him the wrong way he’d get worse so we just left him alone and he spent the day target practicing. Shooting all his guns and enjoying himself. I think he gets frustrated because he just doesn’t know what he wants. He’s 19, living at home, working for his dad and making a little bit of money but not really enough to go and do. As you know jobs are few and far between so it’s not like he can just go out and find a second one though he is trying so on his days off he’s sorta stuck at home with mom and daycare and though most days that is just fine I’m sure it’s boring with a capital B at times. So anyways, when daycare was over I asked Mike if he wanted to go for a bike ride on the Cuyuna trails. I knew this would perk him up, not really just being with mom but there’s girls on those trails. So we loaded up the bikes and went. We went 10.56 miles. I HATE riding bike. I don’t think I’m ever going to love it. I would rather climb a mountain, walk to town, anything but ride a bike. I know it’s good for me, I know it’s great for us, so we’ll be doing it again and maybe, just maybe one day I won’t hate it as much. We took some cool pictures while out and I’ll share some of them here with you.

Oh one more NSV, when I was sitting to pose for Mike’s picture…well I can grab my leg and hold it up to my chest and nothing gets in the way. I can cross my leg and not have it out like a mans leg crossed. Life is good, life is great, losing weight is grand.

So pictures and then I bid you farewell for the day. It’s hump day, library day for the wee ones. Have a blessed day. Take care my friends.

100_6140 100_6164 100_6171 100_6174 100_6176 100_6184

Last but not least…


The two important things I did learn were that you are as powerful and strong as you allow yourself to be, and that the most difficult part of any Endeavour is taking the first step, making the first decision. – Robyn Davidson

These words were written by a woman who learned to handle camels and traveled alone with them across the Australian Outback. Somehow the intensity of the circumstances under which she gathered these learning's make them even more profound. What if each of us believed that we are “as powerful and strong” as we allow ourselves to be? What if we quit trying to be accepted by everyone and gave up trying not to alienate anyone and just let ourselves be as strong and powerful as we are? Nothing extraordinary, mind you, just as wonderfully powerful as we naturally are.

And, what if we let ourselves take the first step towards what we really want? Nothing big…no fanfares…just do it!!

REMEMBER today really is the first day of the rest of my life.


If you want a good book for meditations, check this one out at your local library.

Meditations, For Women who do too much. By Anne Wilson Schaef. It has helped me with my daily meditations and I asked the library if I could check it out again, this is the third time and since it’s not a well used book I get it for another two weeks. YEAH!!! Lots of things to read, think about and then listen.

Even though Lent is over, our Lord has risen from the grave to give us the opportunity to be in heaven when we die, I am going to continue my meditation. I am no where near up to a full 30 minutes of just listening but I’m learning. And I think this has been one of the best Lents for Christ yet.

Take care my friends and have a blessed day.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Part two: SOLITUDE…

I have been fretting about the empty nest. I have been afraid that what Jim and I had before Mike won’t return and that I’ll be left standing alone to do the things that make me happy. I’m wrong. So very wrong. The love is still there, the passion is still there and yes we’ve both grown into completely different people we are still the same in many ways too. The biggest fact, we love each other for now, for always, no matter what.


You will find that deep place of silence right in your room, your garden or even your bathtub. – Elizabeth Kubler-Ross

Solitude is such a blessing! Everyone needs time alone. Often we are fearful of time alone, because there is no one for us to encounter but ourselves. How comforting it is to go to ourselves! How much like returning home to an old friend or lover after having been away too long visiting places that felt foreign and unfamiliar.

Our solitude is one of the pleasures that only we can arrange. It is up to us to see that we regenerate through our time with ourselves. We have the right, and we have the power. If we do not model respect for our own need for solitude, our children will never learn that they deserve their time alone.

LET ME REMEMBER that there is nothing more soothing than sound of running water, even if it is only in my bathtub.

Take care my friends, find a quiet corner and just relax and collect yourself and enjoy. God bless you all!!

Monday, April 25, 2011

What I learned… a 3 part series:

Remember for Lent I was going to meditate each day for at least 30 minutes? Well it’s personal, lots of learning, listening and more but there are two things I want to share with you. To very important things. Also no matter what you think about life, meditation is good for the soul. It doesn’t have to be spiritual, it can just be self centering or soul searching or just plain old regular quiet time.

#1. Living in the Moment:

Love the moment, and the energy of that moment will spread beyond all boundaries – Corita Kent

We women who do too much have a terrible time loving the moment. We are always making lists and eyeing the tasks that are just around the corner when we need to be busy working on the task at hand. Hence, rarely does anything get out full, undivided attention. Because of this subtle distractibility and lack of presence, we miss a lot.

When we really can be in the moment, the very process of being in the moment radiates into the crevices of our life and begins to dust out the cobwebby corners.

PRESENCE is such a gift….to myself and other.

This last Monday I spend the day with my family and I put my heart and soul into that day. No distractions, no thinking about what’s next, nothing but family, together, fellowship and fun.

This is so true, LIVE IN THE MOMENT!!!

Take care my friends, tomorrow will be my second insight. God bless you all.

Saturday, April 23, 2011


Two of them coming up. One walking on the 21st of May and one running on the 4th of June. Got a lot of work to do. Yesterday did it walking at a 3.8-4.0 in 48 minutes (I can run it in 36 minutes). I want to get the time down to 40 minutes or so. I am finding it so hard to walk instead of jog or run. Walking muscles are different then jogging ones which are different the running ones and when you change up the routine you can go further and faster but my first 5K is a walk so that is what I’m working on for the next 4 weeks. Also I need to do it out here, not on a tread mill so in-between work outs at the gym I will be pushing myself out here. When it gets closer to the date I will walk the course and see what I can do.

So who else is signed up for 5K’s, 10K’s, biking or marathons? Just curious.

Hope you’re having an excellent, relaxing, family fun, rejuvenating Easter. Take care and God Bless!!!

49 and holding….

I’ve never been one for fibbing on my age It is what it is and I have earned every gray hair and wrinkle. Life has treated me very well in my 49 years. Of course the ups and downs of life, death and life and some hardships but nothing I haven’t been able to handle with the love of Jim and Mike and my family. And mostly being able to lean on the Lord.

April last year I was 215 lbs. I was struggling to work on my life style change but I was just starting out and learning. Well I am now…


55 lbs less, 4 sizes smaller and 60” of flubber gone. Still learning, still working on losing a few more pounds but getting there.

Phase 5 has 44 more days. I would love the scale to say 165 by then. Really I’d love it to say that by May 25th when I go for my physical.

Phase 6 starts after that and after chatting with Allan and some thinking I am going to keep doing what I’ve been doing in Phases 4 & 5 and just support and encourage and more for all that will be part of the last phase before maintenance. I am going to miss Allan’s e-mails in the morning, the weigh ins and all but I understand Phase 6 is for anyone that has a bit more to lose then I do.

So with that next week is a new week but first Easter. My in-laws have invited us to the casino for dinner and last Easter I was just starting my journey and still ate pretty much everything but less of. Thanksgiving came and I had learned what to stay away from and then Christmas dinner there I stayed at my 400 calories for the meal. I am not in the least bit worried any more because I know what I can have and can’t. I am learning and am implementing now.

I wish you all a very Happy Easter. Take care and God Bless!!!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


How do you remember to eat every two-three hours? Or do you just eat breakfast, lunch and supper with a snack now and then? Or do you eat one meal a day and snack in-between or ??? I am curious because I have read it’s best to eat every two hours, a couple hundred calories each time up to 6 times a day. I’ve been taking Allan’s menu’s and been trying to do that, just cutting up the meals a bit so that everything is still there and done in the day but broken up a bit but I am finding it very hard to eat every two-three hours. Boy does that sound strange for someone that didn’t miss an hour of eating ever. Today I did fine until about 2 o'clock and then the day got extra busy, the night got busier and now it’s 8:45 and I didn’t have supper but I don’t eat after 6 pm so when I go to bed at 10:00 there’s nothing in there to keep me awake. Which means I’m a bit hungry which isn’t going to kill me but still it’s hard.

Do you set the timer, or just remember, or eat like us farmers use to, breakfast, lunch and supper….no snacks? What? just curious as to what all you guys do.

Yesterday I took my parents, aunt, Mike and nephew to the Conservatory in Minneapolis. It was beautiful. We walked, talked and had a great time. Well really the boys went to the zoo while we looked at the flowers and more. Then we went to the Old Country Buffet and I did awesome. I didn’t over eat, I didn’t have to roll out the door and I didn’t have anything that over did it. It wasn’t even hard, not even a little bit. I just knew when to stop, when to listen to my stomach and not stuff it so bad. It was a long day, gone 12 hours with 4.5 of them in travel time but oh so worth it all. I’m going to leave you with just a couple of pictures (if you want to see more check out this post on my other blog).

Take care my friends and have a blessed evening.

100_6053 100_5965 100_5980 100_5996

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Burr….and this weeks weight…

It snowed, can you believe it’s April 16ths and it snowed. Well it is Minnesota and it happens as soon as the Robin’s get back so it’s here and it’s cold enough it’ll stay for a day or two. YUCK!!!

100_5938 100_5937

There is a beautiful full moon tonight. It makes it 25* so it’s not terrible but not springy nice either.


Here’s the moon earlier this week. I love the flag and the moon.


My ankle did fine for my 5K walk last night and I was able to sprint some. Today it handled 4 miles on the elliptical but tonight is a bit swollen and sore. Not bad so all is good. I got a good work out in today.

For this week I am back down to 176, so off came the water weight from TOM and now next week I’m hoping to see 175 or less. 

I got to work out today, visit with my best friends, take a neep (longer then nap but not as long as sleep) and worked outside for a couple of hours and now settling down to watch a movie. A good day. Tomorrow is shopping day then not sure. I’m positive it won’t be a sit down do nothing day, that doesn’t happen here very often.

I hope you all are having a great and blessed weekend.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Ankle/food vs wood pile…

Ankle/foot loses……OUCH!!!


I can walk, run….well we’ll see. It’s snowing out there, felt need to carry in the last of the wood. HUMMM!!! Maybe should of left it for later.

Hope you’re afternoon is uneventful or at least interesting and safe.

Take care. God Bless!!!


I have been meditating this month and I have found that while meditating I keep coming back to the word satisfaction. And really that is what I am. I am satisfied. I am at a point in my life that I’m happy. When I set my weight loss and size goals I said… 180 lbs and a size 14. I said when I get there I’d learn to maintain and enjoy this. Well you know what, I am. I am anywhere from 178 and 183, I can wear a size 14 that doesn’t stretch and be comfortable. And the best part is, I AM LOVING IT!!!! I think that is why, the past three week I have enjoyed my exercise so much and why the scale hasn’t moved. Without really thinking about it I have put myself in maintenance mode. It’s what I wanted for years and years and years and I did that. I got to where I wanted to be ……

But I am part of a weight loss challenge, I am so into Allan and his budding buddies that I don’t want to quit. This challenge of Allan’s goes for another 50 days. 50 days to trim just a bit more off this body of mine.  10 lbs more. Something that’s manageable and obtainable in the next 50 days.

I have my year physical on the 25th of May. A full years ago I weighed in at 230, last August 204, this May in the 170’s. I want to see where my blood work comes out and I want to see if any of this has made a difference on the insides. I want to see if Dr. Cousins even notices without reading his notes.

So it’s the new menus, the exercises from the list and hopefully 3 times a week at the gym. Back to concentrating on but not obsessing on the last 10 lbs. I have got to tell you, this last 10 lbs has gotten more thought, more talking about, more planning then the first 50.

I have reached the NEW ME!!! I am SATISFIED with the new me. I am loving all that I can do. Now I’ll tweak it a bit and end up even better, healthier and full of smiles.


Take care my friends and have a blessed and awesome weekend.

Monday, April 11, 2011

New week….YEAH!!!!

So the scale didn’t move last week but I’m not going to dwell on that. I’ve lost the inches so the weight will follow. Now I do need that scale to move and it can’t be the exercise since you and I know I do that so it has to be the food. Allan supplies a menu, I’m suppose to follow it word for word. I usually add a bit for my work outs but this week I’m going to try and just rearrange the menu so I don’t add but have the needed fuel to work out.

It was a hectic weekend here. My husband’s grandfather passed away. The new puppy is just doing perfectly. We got new baby chicks since it is that time of year. We’ve started some intense electrical work plus the usual stuff. We did take some time to relax too and talk about my last week. I felt they needed to be in the loop on how I was feeling and what conclusions I had come too and both are on my side. They want to hear, they want to be part of it, they just don’t want to see me so focused I lose sight on the three of us too. So now it’s just not my life style journey, it’s theirs too. YEAH!!!

If you need inspirations, stop by and see Allan, Miss Mommie, Debbi, Mike, Jackie, Margene, Princess Dieter, Michele. I stop by these guys each day, at least once and some times many more and when I feel like I can’t do it, when I feel I’m not meeting the mustard, when I feel like it’s just not the day, these guys are doing it. Through thick and thin they are doing it and doing is so well.

I hope that you all have a great Monday. Good luck with your life style journeys.

Take care my friends, God Bless!!!

Friday, April 8, 2011

My rant…

Well I’m over it and have learned quite a bit from it. Really I honestly thought I was in the right and everyone was against me. Well not against me really, just not in my corner. Well I’m big enough to say I was wrong in more ways then one and after my day off yesterday and a chance to really think about it, talk to my best friend about it and reflect, well I’m a putz. Not a tiny putz either but one that is learning so I’m not a total loss.

Yep, for 14 months I have worked my butt of literally and and it has gone to my head. Not in the bad way such as I’m better then anyone…really the opposite, I’m not as good as anyone. Look at so and so, they have lost blah, blah, blah…..look at so and so, in less then 6 months they lost their 50 lbs, you it took 14 months. Who give a flying monkey how long it took me to lose it, I LOST IT and I need to be proud of that fact and just not worry about that last 10 lbs. Just get over it and do what I’ve been doing and it’ll happen. Kind of a duh really!!!

So now that the PMS part of my period is over and that darn thing is here my mind is back where it’s suppose to be, the body well it’ll follow in another week and then life will be back to normal, for 15 days at at least. I’m getting old (almost 49 you know) so my time rolls around every 18 days now and it messy me up a bit more then it use to but a thing about getting old, maybe it’s working on ending soon. At least in the next few years. Jim says 72 more cycles and then just maybe it’ll be done. This is according to my grandma’s cycles and I seem to mimic my grandma in many ways.

So I am going to try and talk to others not just about my exercise, diet, eating and all. I’m going to try and be normal. There is more to life then just this, though it is still my top priority right now it’s not for everyone else. So I’m going to work hard on that. Yesterday I only talked about my exercise and all, maybe 5 times instead of 50 times. There is daycare, scouts, family, gardening, chickens, lots of other things and I do bet everyone was beyond tired of hearing about it.

Okay so your stuck though, cuz this is my life style change blog. For you there’s that little X in the corner if I’m boring you to death or you’ve heard it before or just one of those days as” why is she sharing that?” I don’t mind because well, this blog is for me, for me to look at and learn. To read back and see what was happening at this time, what was I thinking, what was I feeling and boy was I stupid at times. It’s okay though, I’m human, I’m fairly normal and I’m just me.

I have to share one thing, since I was feeling that way yesterday before I finally got things sorted out, I killed the elliptical. 40 minutes, 4.4 miles from level 2 to 7. 435 calories did and done with. Just my third time on that machine for any length of time.

Okay, it’s Friday, YEAH!!!! It’s sunshiny, 46* and time to head outside for a walk. Daddy and I went yesterday early evening. I’m going to leave you with a couple pictures of what we saw. Take care my friends and God Bless!!

100_5770 100_5789 100_5790 100_5793

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


That is what I was told tonight by not just one but 4 different people. It started out with one comment, talked about with someone else and she agreed so I talked to Jim and Mike and they agreed with the other two. I am told I am obsessed about losing my last 10 lbs. I am working to hard at the gym, I am not eating enough, I am running myself ragged trying to lose these last 10. Why can’t I just stop and maintain what I’ve done so far? I’m beautiful like I am, I have a shape, I can do things I couldn’t do before. Why can’t I just take a day or two and just relax? Why can we just go out and get an ice-cream cone? Why can’t we ….blah, blah, blah. After about 2 hours of hearing this from these people all I wanted to do was cry. Yes, they think I’ve done great. Yes, they are happy with the body I now have. Yes, I have had a great support system and they have been awesome. BUT….But I want to weigh 170 lbs and learn to live there the rest of my life. It’s not even the skinny range, it’s just a bit above the normal range.

I heard enough tonight that my night went to hell in a hand basket. Sorry about that but it did. Oh I didn’t go and eat the world but I’ve cried more tonight then in ages. Now I will admit the stress level right now is a bit on the high side (and not diet related) so even if this really isn’t that big a deal, tonight it’s huge. I have no intentions of quitting this and learning to maintain yet, I am going to lose my last 10 lbs come hell or high water. My feelings are hurt tonight and it’s really sorta stupid because the reason all of this started in the first place was because I forgot something, something that was pretty big and had to have my mama come and rescue me and she said it was because all I could think about was going to the gym. All I could think about is losing those last 10 lbs. All I could think about was me. Then down hill from there. But that’s not true, I forgot because I FORGOT!

I was also told by my best friend that there has to be more to Julie then sleep, eating, exercise and health. I tried to explain for me right now, that’s it. I have been something to everyone for years, lots and lots of years and last year I decided it was time for me. She told me years ago to do something for me, well a few years later I’m doing that and now it’s not what anyone wants. Is it because I am taking time for me now and not as much time for everyone else? Is it because instead of fixing exactly what someone wants for dinner I change it to make it something we all can have, me included. Is it because I spend 3 hours at the gym a few times a week and not home doing the dishes or folding clothes or stacking more wood or cleaning the chicken coop (by the way, I do these things too…all the time but first some me time). Is it because I grew some balls because I want to live a healthy, long and wonderful life with them and without them?

PMS….going to be one of those periods I think. Touchy, hurt, sorta felt left down. A darn drama queen. But what would you feel like if someone said that too you?

I am off tomorrow. I am going to the gym, I am staying there for as long as I want too and then I’m coming home and then going thrift store shopping and a late lunch out. I am taking the day and doing what I want and no I’m not doing laundry, dishes, carrying any wood or cleaning out the coop. I’m not vacuuming, I’m not washing a floor. I’m not worrying about daycare paper work, I’m not doing taxes. I’m not doing any scout work. And when I get home, I might take a long walk with Wilbur and enjoy the day because I am all about me right now. Friday, I’ll be a wife, mama, daycare mama, best friend, friend, daughter, grand daughter, sister, aunt and anything else I need to be.

My first ever rant. My first ever complaining about everything and everyone. Still love me?

Take care my friend. God Bless!!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A few things to share…

1. My mama is sick. Lots of doctoring in the near future. Future is unclear but a day at a time. Prayers please. I’ll tell you what I know when I know more but for now an Aneurysm in her belly and little circulation to her feet. Swollen so bad the skins going to burst and so painful to move around. Feet are bruising. Dr. Appointment yesterday, Ultrasound today, test results ??

2. I have a new daycare little one starting the end of the month. Full time and normal hours, 8-5 M-F. Life here has been a struggle for so long and really just one isn’t going to make me a millionaire but it will make paying the bills more manageable. It will make being able to stay home and work from home a continued possibility. 

3. Jim is okay with Mike getting a puppy. No arguments, no crabbies, nothing!! Friday is the day, Mike will have his little Scout. She has turned out to be the runt of the litter but also the lovingest. Perfect for Mike, perfect for her.

4. My back and legs are better. The nerve isn’t pinched any more, I can feel my arm again and my leg is just fine. YEAH!!!

5. The new menu’s are perfect for me. Chicken, turkey, fish and lots of veggies. EXCELLENT!!!

6. Getting to the gym, not perfect. Working out at home and walking 2-4 miles each evening. I’ll make it to the gym Thursday and Saturday this week. Next week Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. After that lots of hit and misses. Now comes the challenge of getting there but I’m not giving it up.

I think that’s it guys. I’m a little scattered so easier for me to tell you in short bursts what’s what then writing a book. The kids and I got to walk to the creek today. It’s opening up so we threw rocks. They had a blast and I soaked up the sunshine. It’s still hat, coat and mitten days here but at least I didn’t have to put on my snowsuit.

0405111050a  0405111047a


I hope you all are doing well. I hope your life style journeys are moving in the right direction. I hope that you are blessed to the fullest with so much love and life your cup is running over. Take care my friends. God bless you all!!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Weight and measurements…

Well on the weight, you can skip the drum roll, I am up 2 lbs (really 1.8 but we go by full lbs so 2). 178 again, UGH!!! But I am not in despair because I finally got to my measurements and for the month of March I lost a grand total of 5 1/2 more inches of flubber. I now have a waist that is in the 30’s, I have lost a grand total of 58 1/2” off this body of mine. Though it doesn’t help my chances to go to New York I am not going to say anything negative about what I’m doing. I can’t, because you know what? I am looking and feeling pretty darn good.

There is so much I have learned in the 14 months of being on my life style change journey. I know what to eat and what not to. I know what a healthy portion is and I know how to read labels. I have learned that yes the scale can be your friend no matter if it likes me this week or not but I’m not totally depend on it for my life. My moods are not going to be effected by the up a wee bit because shortly it’ll be down a wee bit more. I have learned I can walk/jog and run and still breath. I’ve learned that even though I still am not friendly with the bike I don’t hate it any more and my newest, I can do the elliptical and not fall off or die. Today I did another 30 minutes and went 2.54 miles so up just a little bit from Thursday. I also learned I can push myself and I listen. On Thursday I couldn’t do much on the tread mill but today felt I need to keep up with my walking/jogging/running along with working on other machines so I did. I’ve learned that 8 oz of milk with whey in it and a banana gives me the energy and the stuff I need to do my workouts. I’ve learned shoes are very important and that even though I just got a pair of new ones, these are not “it”. They’ll do but they are not ones I want to do a marathon in. I’ll keep looking and trying on. I’ve learned to ask questions, follow advice and also make up my own mind. I’ve learned to listen to my body and rest when it says it just can’t do it anymore. There is still tons and tons more to learn in this new life style of mine but I’m game, I plan on learning and losing and one day learning some more so that I can maintain all that I’ve done so far.

I finally make my physical appointment. May 25th. The last time the doctor saw me was for a camp physical last May, at over 200 lbs. This time it’ll be in the 170’s and more healthy then he’s ever seen me. I’m curious to see what my blood work up will come back like. My cholesterol was 210 so a bit high so this time I’m hoping in the 190’s or less. I’ve never had the sugar stuff done or really anything else but I’m going to ask for a full work up and see where my numbers are. I need all the lady stuff done too and 3 years ago I was a candidate for a hysterectomy because of a few nasty problems and we might have to discuss this. I’d like to keep all my body parts forever (well till I’m dead then I hope I’m healthy enough they can use me to help someone else) but this one, I don’t know…maybe I can live a healthy life without it.

Okay this post is way to long to keep anyone attention so I’ll close for now. I do thank you for sticking with me through thick and getting thin. Take care my friends and have a blessed and awesome weekend.