Friday, January 1, 2010


Well the heck with waiting until the kids go back to school. At least for part of my get going. Today I ate almost like I was suppose to, I did cheat and have two pieces of chocolate but that’s much less then the 5 or so I would normally have. I had two taco’s for lunch (we missed breakfast by sleeping in) and skipped the tato o lays (we went to Taco Johns). I also had water. For supper I had left over hot dish but only about a cup of it instead of a plate full and some pineapple juice. Oh I know I need more fruits and veggies and all but today was more just eating less. The main things today was shopping, I took my Christmas money and bought fruits and veggies, butter buds, soy peanut butter, and some chip things but baked not fried. It’s a start.

I did weigh myself, and though I am not as heavy as I thought I was I am still terrible over weight. If I was 7’10” tall I would be just about right but since I’m only 5’6” I have a long ways to go.

I want to thank everyone for their support for me to get moving. The words of advice and support and inspiration have been wonderful. Please keep them coming because I know that I am really going to need them. I have had many requests for a twitter name so tonight I opened a twitter account. I am umengine3. If anyone wants to know why the engine 3, I posted here …. fire trucks  on my regular blog why and how it came about. It’s part way down the blog by the fire truck picture.

So now it’s onward and upwards to tomorrow. It is my first Saturday off in about 2 months so I will be alone from 7:30-1:00 or so. That means I am going to measure myself, reweigh myself and the find my weights. Then I will do my first day of exercise.

How should I start out? Just stretch and do floor exercises, you know the usual sit-ups, leg lifts and so on or what? I do have an exercise ball I could blow up and use, it’ll be a bit hard if I used it’s flat. I could go for a walk but tomorrow it’s not suppose to get above zero and the most exercise I will get it getting dressed to meet the cold and then undressing.

Thoughts and ideas, please share with me.

I am going to see what I can find on twitter, bookieboo wants me to check out Mamavation Sistahood. I’ll share what it is when I figure it out. I hope it’s something I can share with everyone.

God Bless you all and truly thank you so much!!

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Suburbs of Atlanta said...

I am following you! I think if you did get twitter, you will get lotz of support there from bookieboo as well from all the #mamavation supporters (me too). Look me up in twitter @SuburbHouseWife. You're doing an excellent job!