Saturday, January 23, 2010


Well I haven’t been to great this week. With tubing on Monday, my sorta exercise on Wednesday, my hard work out on Thursday and a great workout this morning. I haven’t been doing to good. I have eaten less and moved more so that part is good but in just over a week I need to weigh myself and measure and if I haven’t lost much there’s no one to blame but me. Any words of advice to keep me motivated? I know it takes forever to get into the routine of exercising and I know I feel so much better after I do it but why is it my other part of my brain is lazy? It’s just so hard. Maybe one day it’ll be second nature.

If you don’t have it in the house, it’s just so much easier not to eat it. This house has nothing to snack on other then fruit and fresh veggies. I was having some major issues early this week. I missed chips and in real life I don’t eat them to often but it must be enough to have withdrawals and I missed my cookies. I ended up making some nasty tasting cookies (kid friendly, not me friendly) that I still managed to eat a few of. I was hoping I could be stronger then this, that I could tell you……Oh I’m so good, I’ve lost this amount of weight, I’ve lost inches here and there but I bet when the 2nd of Feb. comes I’m going to say, this sucks more then ever, all this work and nothing to show for it. Oh goodness I hope that’s not so. I have been working at it, hard at times, half hearted at others but I haven’t quit. For me not quitting has been the biggest issue. I have made it three weeks and have made a conscious effort to be good to put forth some good changes. Will it be enough to see a bit of change? I hope so.

Now …..

Remember I told you about Project Linus asking for blankets to send to Haiti? I have to share the letter I got from Mike’s project coordinator.

Wow--what an amazing group--I have had several people offer to make blankets for the Haiti children and some are helping with postage.  The great news is that Headquarters just emailed and said we have the 10,000 blankets covered in less than 24 hours!!!!  Our chapter will be sending 100 blankets to Kansas so there is still an opportunity to help out.  We will need a few more blankets (we will need to replace our own supply) and some help with the postage for the boxes.  Thanks for those that have already responded you are such a great group!!!

Don't forget to put March 13th on your calendar for our "Make a Blanket Day" at Trinity Lutheran in Bemidji.  Come and have a great day of sewing, fellowship and food!!

Jonette Anderson

Don’t you think that’s cool? 10,000 blankets in less then 24 hours WOW!!! Mike and I will be sending ours off on Monday. We made the 4 for the Give a Day/Get a Day and then 7 for Haiti. It’s not much but it is our contribution to add to the 10,000.

Well it’s shower time and then time to get Scott up and see if the roads are safe enough to head to Brained. We have ice every where but maybe it’ll be warm enough soon to melt off some of it. We have our food pick up today and I’m not just picking up for us it’s also my mom and two of my daycare families. Plus we are going to Home Depot to pick up all kinds of new things for my parents bathroom that they are redoing.

Have a great day today. I hope that you are doing well in your life style change. I’m trying. Take care and God Bless!!!

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sheila said...

Wow, that's amazing on the blankets~ Just WONDERFUL!