Saturday, January 30, 2010

Word of the day….

You know what neep is? It's not a nap and it's not sleeping it's that in-between where you get to neep for 3 or so hours instead of napping for an hour and sleeping for 6. That's our word of the day. I’m taking one of those this afternoon. I am so tired. I don’t know if it’s a family trait or what but everyone in my family experiences it. About every 6-8 months we go though a week or two of no sleeping. We’ll sleep maybe a couple of hours at night but that’s all and after a week of that a person is so dead tired they can’t even think straight. Well I’m at that point. I am tired. To wake up this morning I went for a jog. Nothing far, just about 1/3 of a mile, rest and then 1/3 back but I woke up, especially since it’s –21* out there. I had already done the fire, feed the chickens and the babies, put my daycare kids back to bed, started the blazer for Jim and Mike to head off to work but that wasn’t enough to wake me up so the jog did it’s job.

I can’t imagine me jogging a month ago. I would of preferred to curl up and die first but I did it and I’m glad. I also did my weights for 10 minutes. I have upped the reps to 15 now too. It’s only 3 more days to my weigh-in and I know it’s time to move a bit more then in the beginning. Liking it? Not quite but I don’t hate it as much in fact like one of you said, I sorta look forward to it. I still don’t get in more then 30 minutes at a time but I’m sure even that will get better especially when I get to start walking and riding my bike.

Well I had to share the word of the day with you. Neep, everyone should get one of those once in awhile.

Have a great weekend my friends. Take care and God Bless!!!

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G-Zell said...

i never heard of that word... neep now I am just going to throw it in for the heck of it LOL... to get a reaction....

Happy Sunday!