Monday, January 25, 2010

One more week…..

Before my first weigh in and measuring. Will I show some progress? Oh Lordy I sure hope so. Mike said last night even if I don’t see results yet he has seen some. He says I have more energy and I can bend better. He’s right but it felt nice to know someone noticed, even if he may be saying it to make me feel better too. He’s also there to give me the thumbs up.

This week’s challenge is to just plain move more and eat less. Drink lots of water and try hard.

It’s not even really the numbers, it’s just the fitting in my skin that’s most important I think. I want to look and feel better, I want to do things without puffing my way though it all. I want to do all the scouting things possible and not worry about their new rules about weight. Our scouts are very active and go and do lots of different things and if it’s a high adventure type of thing I am at the top of the weight chart and they can say no I can’t go if they want too.

So with all that said, I’ve got work to do. So that means I’m off to my workout. I have no kids this morning so am going to try a new work out from Ms. Sarah. She was kind enough to send me a couple exercise DVD’s. She’s working so hard too, to lose some weight and with her family she has her hands full and she’s still doing it. So that means so can I.

Take care friends, have a great week. God Bless you all.


Jennifer said...

That is so sweet that Sarah let you use her DVD's, now that's showing support! Isn't awesome when your DH sees a difference in you? I love it!

Carolyn Christie said...

Awesome that your hubby sees the difference!
Remember.. your building muscle too! :)

Julie said...

This is weird, me posting a comment in my own comment section. Oh well, anyways, Mike is my son...he's been my helper with my new me. Jim is my hubby, he hasn't noticed or said a thing. I haven't told him either because I wanted to be sure I could do this and do something good before I said something.
Just wanted you to know. Thanks for all the comments, it doesn't matter who's who just thought I'd give Mike the credit.
Love you all. God Bless!!!

Kaylen said...

I'm with you - I want to fit in my own skin too.
And I would definitely love to fit in to the clothes that are in a box in the garage waiting for me to drop some pounds.

I like the challenge---just move more!!! I've been doing really good on that this last month, hoping to keep it up for the next month too.