Sunday, January 3, 2010

Please answer….

How long will it take for me to get to like exercising? I know each person is different so if I could get a few comments then I can have some kind of time line to look forward to….cuz I am still hurting from my Saturday work out. I have muscle I didn’t even know I had, I hurt in places I don’t ever remember hurting before. I will admit tonight I am able to at least get up and down from my chair with out groaning out loud but you should of heard me after walking all over Cabela’s and then trying to get back in my suburban. The pain was just about as bad as could be. I was told that my body will get to love to exercise, it’ll crave it………I can’t wait for that to happen but I’m betting it’s not going to happen in the next few weeks, right?

I didn’t do terrible today with the eating part of my getting fit. Oh I did eat too much pork but oh that was so tasty. I knew today was going to be a flop on calorie counting but I didn’t gorge myself either. I had some scrambled eggs, a few tator pieces, a pork pattie, 3 links and 6 pieces of bacon and 1/2 caramel roll and some OJ. I know, plenty of calories and lots of fat but I normally would of eaten twice that before I started to care. I haven’t eaten anything else today except a glass of milk when we got home. I think I’ll eat a pear later on otherwise I’m fine until tomorrow. I want to try a smoothie tomorrow. I don’t have plain yogurt but do have black cherry so will add that to some banana’s and mix it up and see. I need to look for some other recipes too. Remember my new years resolution, a new recipe a week.

I was searching last night for new recipes and came across this site,  there were quite a few to check out. I like my meat and that site has lots of recipes for non-meat meals. Anyone got something some what normal that’s good for me? I’m from the north and I know eat lots different then other regions but am game for anything really as long as it does not have any kind of bean/pea that is hard on the outside and squishy on the inside. I love the rest of the veggies. Squash, beans, carrots, corn, snap peas, spinach, tomatoes, lettuce …. cabbage, yuck!!!, onions are okay, peppers as long as not hot, asparagus, beets….any others I can’t remember?

So that’s that for today. Not to interesting but tomorrows a new day, a new adventure. Imagine a snowwoman trying to belly dance, that will be me tomorrow. Oh I hope no one ever looks in my windows, I’d scare them forever.

Take care my friends, keep the support coming….you don’t know how happy I am when I go to get my mail and there’s comments and encouragement in my mail box. It makes the pain and hungry much more manageable when I know that this too shall pass.

God bless you all.


Ms. Sarah said...

Hi Misses =)

It took me two weeks of solid exersice to really enjoy it and need it. When I was sick with H1N1 I still wanted to but couldnt move. then was disappointed.

You will get there. Keep up the great work

TheEclecticElement said...

Yay! Congrats on doing better today!

I had a thought that I wanted to share with you: DO NOT get anything that says 'Diet' or 'Fat free.' Most of the items that advertise those have aspartame in them, which causes Cancer.

If your not sure, read labels. If you can, try to stay away from High Fructose Corn Syrup as well. If you still have that in your diet, it will be much harder to lose those pounds, but I have to warn you: Nearly EVERYTHING has HFCS.

Suburbs of Atlanta said...
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Suburbs of Atlanta said...

Is there any kind of exercise you may be interested in? That's what I try to do. My fav is walking but I really want to do pilates and yoga but um yeah but when you have dvd's it's not the same as a real one, I try though (actually may have to be a goal). Yep, you'll start to get in tuned with what your body wants and you'll enjoy it more. I love your blog, you're very animated and you make me giggle on your description of things. Well least you didn't go to a gym and have an instructor make u do some squats and then do more leg work all in 15 minutes with no rest other than to walk 2 the next machine...I had to use her as a cane and when we got back into her office, I asked her for her waste basket because I was dry heaving, never done that before and OMG..I hurt a WEEK on my thighs, everyone was giving me hell. Anyway lol I feel your pain but it will go away, promise.

Kim said...

Geez - slow down already! Rome wasn't built in a day - you have to first and foremost TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF! Maybe start a tiny bit slower... instead of 40 minutes try 20 and work up from there. Talk to you in the morning!!