Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Have you noticed….

The more your diet and exercise or like me just have a life style change, the better you take care of you body? I don’t mean the diet and exercise part…I mean the pampering. Like showering and taking the time to put baby oil on, or when your brushing your teeth you are making sure you get them all and not just rushing? Or putting lotion on instead of just having dry and crunchy skin? Or brushing you hair part way though the day? I have and it feels nice. Usually I just do the main stuff first thing in the morning and that’s it. Period, nothing more but now it feels nice to take those extra minutes here and there and pamper myself. Nothing special but I did even bought a  fingernail file last weekend. I don’t have much for fingernails, just stubby thing at the end of little sausage fingers but I’m a bit more aware they need attention too.

Just thought I’d ask you.

I also decided I am not going to weigh or measure myself until the one month mark. I am afraid if I don’t see any improvements I will quit and after a months time I know there will be some of me gone so am just going to wait. I don’t think it’ll be to hard either because I know I’m not strong enough to find nothing leaving after working hard. On the second of February I will take stock and just see what’s happened. I’m not expecting any kind of miracles but a few pounds, maybe an inch here or there or heck I’d settle for an inch with everything added together.

Jim hasn’t noticed anything yet but really there’s nothing to see yet. Mike has noticed me eating better and then him having to too. He’s also very nice in saying, I don’t think you should have that it’s fattening but not being naughty just saying. We’ve skipped the DQ, gas station and grocery store before or after scouts because he knows I can’t say no yet. So he’s either planning ahead or going without. I love the support from him. He says he can’t wait for the snow to melt and then we’ll go biking. He’s excited that I will do that this summer.

Well it’s that time folks, I’ve already made two different sets of breakfasts and one to go but they are still sleeping so I can clean up from the first bunch and get ready for them. Take care and have a super day today. God Bless you!!!

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Kim said...

Awesome! I've noticed that you seem perky-er. Not that you were ever a "downer", but you do seem happier. Awesome.