Saturday, January 2, 2010

I hurt guys….

I hurt so bad it isn’t funny. My back, oh my back. Now this won’t stop by from doing what I know I have to do but right now the only thing I can do is sob because I hurt.

I got everything I needed done today, even got a nap in but when I got up I hurt so bad. I decided to take that walk, no jogging just walking. Walked to my parents house, equals about 1/2 mile when there and back. Not far but hoping it will help some. Also took some pain meds and will use the ice pack shortly.

I watched a video today from Jennifer. She’s a woman in the same boat as I am, in fact there are lots of women out there like me and at mamavation there is some amazing support to be had. I am still new at all of this so not even sure how to talk to people yet but I will learn just like I will lose this weight and I will exercise even if my body says it hates it.

Today I watched what I ate and really didn’t do to bad. Cereal for breakfast with milk, a pear for snack, sandwich and cottage cheese for lunch, a little over cup of hot dish for supper and one piece of chocolate (only one). Oh I had pineapple juice too. I’m figuring about 1500 calories or so. The hot dish is hard to add up since it’s homemade from my garden veggies. Kim is helping me do this too and today we figured out we can make homemade tortillas with almost no calories or just a few and fill them with amazing stuff. She’s a vegetarian so her taste are lots different from mine but I’m opened to try a few different things except the refried beans or black beans or peas…..any of those hard on the outside squishy on the inside veggies.

Tomorrow we are gone so I won’t be blogging anything and yes I will be screwing up the meal part of my day since Mike is taking Jim and I out for breakfast at Cabela’s. I’ll just eat a good breakfast and eat lite the rest of the day. Also on the 13th is my mama’s birthday so I know that day I won’t be good but I figure if I’m good all the rest of the time I can screw up and make up for it later.

I have two questions if anyone can answer them….

1. Can I save calories from day to day, like the screw up days, can I eat light the day before and the day after to make up for the huge calorie count the day of? I’m thinking it should be okay but never really thought about it before.

2. Is it better to exercise every day for 10-15 minutes or every other day for 30 minutes or what? I was thinking M-W-F for 30-40 minutes each of those days but that’s a huge chunk of time but can a person get their heart rate up and all if they do just the 10-15 minutes every day?

So that’s that my dearies. Praise the Lord today is done…well not the relaxing part but the hard part. It’s only –10* right now so not nearly as bad as last night at –30* and no wind which will help the fire last longer too. Having to stuff it every 2-3 hours is not fun especially in the middle of the night but neither is getting up to 50* so I’d rather just go and do and be warm. Mike stuffs the stove once a night before he goes to bed and so does Jim when he goes so it helps me out too.

Take care my friends, thank you so much for your words of wisdom. Please keep them coming. I really need them. God Bless you all.


Ms. Sarah said...

Get some aleve that will help your soreness. I posted the smoothies and some other recipes on my blog today.

I workout based on my active challenge. I did little chunks everyday and built up my tolerence. I am now going every other day for 45 minutes. You will get there too eventually. Where your body just wants more.

Keep up the great work!

Suburbs of Atlanta said...

Would love to have you as a fit partner..keep each other up and moving in and out of mamavation!

TheEclecticElement said...

Even though your body is probably screaming at you right now, the pain is a good thing. It means that you worked out muscles that haven't been worked out in a LONG time-If you keep at the exercise and what your doing, eventually your body will get used to it and you won't hurt as much :)

Sounds like your doing pretty good! As for your questions, #1 I think is okay-I mean do the best you can on the 'bad days,' but a person can't go 110%(I've tried and failed. Lol).

I've heard that you should do some sort of aerobic workout one day, then something like walking or jogging the next. So maybe alternate between the two and see how it goes?

Kim said...

I tried making the gorditas today and blech. Maybe I did something wrong. Shoulda seen Grant's face when I offered him one. hehe. I guess it's a good place to rest my refried beans though. And - it's FILLING - for an hour or so anyways. Maybe some spices would liven it up?