Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Seen this yet?

It’s an awesome opportunity to do something good. Something excellent and to help someone out. Mike and I signed up today and we have no intentions on going to Disney, but …’s the greatest part. For us this will be a two fold project for kids. Mike and I have chosen to work with Project Linus, a organization that has blanketeers that make blankets for children 0-18 that have had some traumatic experience in their lives and then when we receive our vouchers for tickets to either Disneyland Resort or Disneyworld Resort we will donate them to a non-profit children’s organization so they can send a child that can’t go, there. If you want to check into this go here and see what you can do. There are amazing opportunities and so many to choose from. We have a reason for choosing Project Linus, we’ve done this twice before.

A little background…..

Mike needed and Eagle Project for boy scouts, Mike isn’t one to do something someone else has done, he’s not going to copy anyone else’s or be the same as anyone else. So we did a dogpile search for volunteer opportunity and Project Linus jump right off the search page and he knew from the minute he read it that was what he wanted to do. So we contacted the Headquarters that had us talk to Northern Minnesota Project Linus and low and behold Jonette loved Mike as much as he did her and it was a hit. Mike hosted his first “Make a Blanket Day” with friends/scouts/community and it was a huge success. All together they made 80 blankets.

Project Linus Crew

Jonette took some back with her to her community and Mike donated some to our local hospital. There’s more but first gotta tell you this part…..While at our hospital there was a little boy in ICU that was very sick and Mike was able to donate a blanket right to him. You should of seen his mama and the little boy and Mike, oh the eye’s. It was great.


That part always make my eyes leak……

Okay the next part….

Mike’s great grandpa, grandpa Grahlman was a Shriner, for many, many years. So Mike asked the National Headquarters if he could make a donation to the Children’s Shrine's Hospital in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Of course it was a go so we took down 40 blankets for Mike to give to the children there. He had to go on a weekend so of course not to many kids there but Mike did get to meet a couple kids and talk to them and he was greeted by the big Shriner man (don’t remember what they called him, starts with a “P”). They were so appreciative of him and his work. Sure did make this mama puff up proud.

All in all it was a great project and he earned his Eagle Scout rank.

Then one year later we did it again, we hosted another “Make a Blanket day”, this time the weather was horrible with a snowstorm and temps way below freezing but we still had a good turn out and made 45 blankets that Mike kept here to keep our hospital full of Project Linus blankets.

It has been a very rewarding project to work with and Jonette has become a big part of Mike’s growing up life. We will get to work with her at least one more time and are hoping to host one more “Make a Blanket day” but if that doesn’t work out Mike and I will still be working on a few to make sure there are plenty of blankets for all of God’s Children in need.

So that means go to check it out and just see what you can find to do for your fellowman, woman, child, or one of God creatures. I promise you will feel so good, so rewarded and fulfilled.

I know this isn’t diet related but it is a challenge for the lifestyle change, so what better place to post it but here and on my main blog. Go….look….see…volunteer………it’s a blessing!!!

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