Saturday, January 16, 2010

5 minutes….

That’s because I spent time posting here. 

This week I’ve been a good girl. Not perfect by any means but not terrible either. I did exercise really good M-W. Thursday I spent the day with mama so I didn’t and yesterday I didn’t really exercise but I also got up at 6:30 and didn’t sit down until 9:30 because of cleaning, organizing and all. Not exactly exercising but also not just sitting. I played on my computer off and on but since I could leave it on I’d check my mail here and there and comment here and there. Okay, I know it didn’t count. So today I’ll go cross country skiing with Mike, I know that will count for something. We’ll go to Mille Lacs Kathio State Park and do a beginner and intermediate trail. That’ll make up for nothing yesterday.

I have been eating just about no candy and I haven’t missed it. I ate a piece I found in my cupboard yesterday and I had a piece earlier in the week I got for Christmas from NY otherwise nothing. I had a small cup of cocoa one afternoon but didn’t finish it and you know what…….I’M NOT DYING!!! For someone that loves chocolate as much as I do I thought I’d come unhinged without my chocolate but as long as I allow myself a piece here and there it’s not bad. See I’m learning.

I stuck pretty good to drinking all the water and peeing all the time. I even had to get up a couple of times in the night to go and that sucks!!! I hate waking up to go potty and then try to go back to sleep. I finally would just get up, not open my eyes, go pee and climb back in. It’s works, it’s sorta telling me brain don’t even think about waking up, I don’t want to think or talk right now.

I’m curious to if I’ve lost any weight but not enough yet to stand on the scale. I’m still afraid if I did that and it said nothing or little I would quit so it’s easier to stay away from it and wait another couple of week. Then just maybe it can say something.

Well my time is up, I have got to get out and do the chores. It’s another nice day here and my ducks have been able to take a bath almost every day this week. I took one of the kids sleds and filled it with water and they slosh around in it. I’m sure the chickens think the ducks are nuts but it makes them happy. I can’t wait to let the little chick and chuck (the chicken/duck) out in the spring to let them see the world.

Bye for now my friends, take care and have the most blessed, relaxing, enjoyable weekend possible. I’m planning on it.


Brittney said...

I think a piece here and there wont hurt not one bit! Im working on my lifestyle change as well.. Yesterday my son bought a king sized Snickers... the other half is still sitting on the counter.. thats progress for me. I am also addicted to chocolate! lol!
I think youre doing a great job Keep it up! Oh and Ive decided im gonna weigh myself monthly, only b/c I dont wanna be disapointed and quit too!! Have fun skiing!

Ms. Sarah said...

Julie you are doing fantastic. I mailed out your package today. You are getting the 30 day shred and biggest loser boot camp. Both really good workouts and take no time at all.

I have been crazy this week but doing catch up today.

Keep up the great work Girl!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm with ya on the chocolate, I am admitting, I am addicted to choco especially filled with caramel or raspberry or cherry! OMG yum! I think it's okay too to once in a while take some here or there just not in one sitting which I think if we all were in one room together we would have a chocofest. You're doing good, just pace yourself, one day at a time. Don't worry bout the weight, I actually go by how my clothes fit rather than the scale but that's just me. Keep it going girl!