Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I did it…glad?..well sorta….

I did it, I did a yoga strengthen 20 minutes and then did my dumbbells for 10 minutes. Then I also walked to the mailbox and jogged back. Enough for right now. I think tonight since it’s not cold out (or not suppose to be, I can handle zero) I’ll go for a walk or since my nephew is coming maybe we’ll go sliding again. I’m figuring if I’m moving it’s more then I was doing and it is getting easier, kind of. I can do some stretching I couldn’t before but my middle still gets in the way a whole bunch for other moves. I’m trying.

Does anyone know is it better to exercise in the am or afternoon? I know pm is not as good for you unless that’s the only time you have.

Also is it best to eat before or after a work out? I know not right before or right after but something like that.

I don’t know these answers so thought I’d ask you guys.

Well I have two calls I have to make so better do that while the kids are napping. Take care you all and have a blessed afternoon.


Carolyn Christie said...

WOW you are really at it, good for you! My treadmill is still talkin to me. Yikes

Ms. Sarah said...

You are doing fantastic. I try and not to sit during the day. if i stand i am still moving. That is great. I am so proud of you. Enjoy sleding.