Saturday, January 9, 2010

I guess….

I do like working out to Gilad. I just pause him to catch up and was able to do his full workout, with a rest here and there with the pause button. I know not quite right but working on that. I also worked with my weights and am now another sticky, sweaty mess. I need to shower but first think I’ll head outside (I’ll put my coat and hat on since it’s –20* still) and do the fire and chickens and then I get to sew today. I’ve been waiting all week to be able to take my sewing machine out and leave it out for a couple of days.

For my first full week of trying to eat right, exercising and all I didn’t do terrible. Not perfect by any means though but I did try. I worked out Sat, Mon, Tues, Wed, Fri and Sat. I ate good on the days I worked out, the days I didn’t, well let’s say it took all the other workouts to make up for a part of the screwing around.

I so want to weigh myself but I know need to wait another full week and then hopefully have lost at least a pound or two. I know I’m more flexible after just a week of working out so each week it should get better. I just need to keep working on it.

How did you do this week? I hope wonderfully but if like me you screwed up, you know the Lord gave us another day to try again so keep trying.

I wish it would warm up out there. I would love to go for a walk but being so cold even bundle up like an Eskimo I get cold. You know what? You know what I want to be able to do as soon as it does warm up? I want to ride my bike. Mike asked me all last summer to go and I hate riding bike, almost as much as exercising, but this year I want to get on it and go. I have a bad right knee from playing volleyball but I think it would be much stronger with less weight pushing down on it so here I go trying my best to do this too.

I have to treat this summer like the last one I’ll have Mike. I mean I’ll have him for a life time too but next summer he’ll be getting ready for college and all that brings but this summer he’ll still be here, mine to enjoy and have fun with. So far there’s no real special girl in his life so I want to be sure that if he wants to go and do, I can and will. Also, if I lose all the weight I want too, I won’t have to be so embarrassed when I fill out the boy scout paperwork for camps, outing and all. Such a treat so just need to do this.

Okay, gotta get out and do those animals and fire. I wish you all a blessed weekend. Find time to enjoy, relax and rejuvenate. God Bless you guys. Thank you for all your help in answering my questions, giving me support and ideas to make all of this work.

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Suburbs of Atlanta said...

Well you can't say you haven't been trying. Just keep it slow and one day at a time. That is what I am still learning. So used to fast quick fixes but starting to get the hang of slow change. I love walking too and it's ashame the darn weather is crazy cold. You're doing awesome!