Friday, January 8, 2010

Naughty me……...

It’s hard to post when you know you’ve been bad. Yesterday I was naughty, not a little bit….more like I threw my new life style change right out the window. I knew I was being naught too but you know what, I didn’t feel bad until I went to bed and thought about it. Naught, naught me. It’s a good thing the Lord gave me today to try and make up for it.

I didn’t do anything right yesterday. I ate tons, even ice-cream, I didn’t exercise at all…I didn’t even walk down and get the mail. Oh naught me. I have sorta of excuses like….during naptime when I exercise I had to get my taxes done so Jim can do the household ones this weekend. I invited my parents over for supper and we had chicken and butter garlic shrimp, red potatoes in butter and for dessert ice-cream with both chocolate and caramel toppings. But it is their birthdays this month so we celebrated them yesterday. Does any of this count for excuses………..not really!!!!

So a new day today and what have I done…..took mama out for breakfast, ate 4 slices of bacon and a cup of hot cocoa, then went to visit her best friend that’s dying from cancer, got groceries and came home. No exercising yet, no extra water to help flush the fat away. Guess I have a long workout ahead of me as soon as I finish writing this. I do plan on being good the rest of today and later….just 24 hours of naughtiness I guess. I wouldn’t say it’s to bad if I had been doing this for weeks and deserved a treat, a break but heck I’ve only been doing this since Saturday. I better not be like this too often or I won’t be fitting in the new skin I want for Mike’s graduation open house.

On a good note, Mike ordered me two fitness programs last night. Both for the PS2, one is just a normal workout that looked really good, the other is more of an interactive one. Sorta like that Wii one with the fitness lady on it. Just not as sophisticated or expensive. Both we got used for $30.00 together and they’ll be here next week. I am hoping it’ll help me stay on track more because the one keeps track for you. All worth a try.

I have a good thing to report too. During this mornings romp in the hay I was able to move better and feel better. It didn’t hurt to bend and move like it has so I’m a bit more flexible then I was. Just think, everything could be more enjoyable, if I just keep working hard. I haven’t shared my new life style with Jim yet. He has a way of making me feel like I’ll not succeed so figured I’ll wait until he notices and then tell him what’s happening.

Okay, I promised to do better, really I do. I’m off to see what program I DVR’d for today and will do it twice to make up for yesterday.

Take care guys and I hope that you are doing better then I am but if you falter too, that’s okay…..The Lord gave us another day to try it again. God Bless you all!!!


Kim said...

There's gonna be ups and downs - your success depends on how you react to them. Just climb back into your tennies and exercise! You'll be fine. . . just fine!

Rustic Dandelion said...

I totally agree Kim! Just take one day at a steps...if you don't do good one day, the next one can be tackled and you can try to do better. I'm here for ya Julie...just call me when you need too and I'll root you on...whichever way you need me to...yeah for Ice Cream or yeah for a new day tomorrow to start all over!

Anonymous said...

Ah, it' happens but glad you moved on and not dwelled on the negative and did what you needed to do to get back on track. O, the food you ate, sounds so yumm! You're like me, I won't say a darn thing to DH until he notices. Keep it up and let us know how the work out games go.