Monday, October 25, 2010


That’s how I feel today. I have gained 3 lbs. Why? I haven’t a clue. I did change my diet last week to a bit more protein and fiber, maybe that’s it. My body has to get use to this. Maybe because I’m getting old and my period is coming back again and I’ve gained the 3 lbs I usually do. I just don’t know. Maybe it’s cuz I’m super emotional the past week and that is having an effect. The only think is about that, I’m not eating emotionally, you know eating everything in the house. It’s more just depressed. Ready to cry at the drop of a hat, ready to bite someone’s head off, ready to just sleep until I can’t sleep anymore and then sleep some more. I don’t know and that makes it worse. I was so hoping to see a change because I took some advice and really used it. I’ve even eaten some of Alan’s advice with the menu he’s given me.

Oh I’m not giving up, in fact I think I’m going to add some stuff this week. Remember my exercise routine. Well, I was going to start that next week. I’m one that likes to start things at the beginning of a month but this time I’m going to break that and do this…

Monday crunches, Tuesday weights, Wednesday planks, Thursday squats, Friday crunches and my 4 days a week 3-4 mile walk/sprints. And as soon as I can’t be outside for my walks I’ll get on the Wii and just see what that has to offer.

I am also thinking about intermitted fasting this week. An every other day thing. Monday eat, Tuesday not, Wednesday eat, Thursday not, Friday eat, Saturday not and Sunday eat. I have read some great things from Steve about fasting and since the last time I did it for 3 days I have been thinking about it. But I don’t want to do it like that, maybe the intermitted fasting will work. It’s all worth a try. I’d like to find a way to use fasting on a month basis just to help clean things out, feel more like myself and just keep things working better.

I’m a bit wishy washy today and I’m sorry for that. Maybe by my update for the Hot 100 I’ll be better or even WMWW. I sure can hope so. I don’t make a nice depressed person.

Now I promised a couple of you the recipe for my Zucchini/squash desert. It was suppose to be like a Zucchini bread but it came out a bit flatter and a bit sweeter so my daycare mom said to call it a dessert instead. It’s still good for you so if you want give it a try. Here’s how to make it…

First gather your helpers and have them help shred the zucchini and squash… like this….

           100_4314 100_4316100_4315


Then since my mixer is dead I just added all these ingredients to look like this…


2 1/2 cup wheat/white flour

3/4 cup oat bran

1/4 cup wheat germ

1 tsp salt

1 tsp soda

3 tsp cinnamon

3 beaten eggs

1 1/2 cups brown sugar

3/4 cups sauce ( here’s what my sauce looks like, it’s cranberry/apple/blueberry sauce. I don’t like just plain apple sauce so I add whatever berries I have when making my apples sauce)


1/4 cup olive oil

1/2 cup apple juice – no sugar added

3 cups zucchini/squash mix

Put this into 2 loaf pans and bake at 350* for an hour.



I just took a recipe from our Troop cook book and tweaked it a bit to make this. I may try and add a bit more baking soda or powder to get it to raise a bit more. More bread like but I have to say it was excellent and good for you too.

100_4321 100_4322

So there you have it. My update for today. Some good, some bad, some indifference. This week will get better, I know it will.

I hope you all have a great week, an excellent challenging one with lots of results. Take care my friends. God Bless you all.

Hey, an idea…if anyone would like a Troop 52 cookbook Mike is selling them. They are $10.00 a piece and they cost about $1.80 to ship. I’m not pushing them, it was just an idea.


Allan said...

Time to get on board over here...

Mom to the Fourth Power said...

Oh Julie... I'm so sorry you feel yucky!! That's no fun after all the effort you put into your eating, exercising, and overall health. Don't get discouraged... you will pull through this and figure it all out along the way, I'm sure. Here is a cyber hug from me **Hugs**.

Your little helpers for you zucchini dessert are so cute and that bread looks so delish!!


Kalei's Best Friend said...

U said your period came back? Was it absent for awhile? If so, u know what that means... perimenopause... U could have water weight gain...Fiber would make u full but not make u gain weight...
What about the day u said u 'caved'? that can make a difference even if it was just one meal..

Vicki said...

Came back??? Didn't know that could happen!

Hope you feel better soon!

I gave you an award HERE

A girl needs 2 Talk said...

Your plans pepped me up. Sincerely. I know you're trying hard. You'll only do good this way. Hugs and kisses.

Kaylen said...

I feel your 3-lb pain. I was really excited to celebrate (via text msgs to some key friends) that I hit my 40-pound loss weight, but then I went up 3 lbs. Then I went down 2, then I went up 1, then I went down 4, then I went up 1, etc. I am just hovering around the same 5 pound weight for the FIVE weeks now!!! It's very discouraging, but you just have to keep pushing through, right?