Thursday, October 7, 2010

Hot 100 update…


Well this is my #2 update for Steve’s Hot 100 Challenge. Thursday, September 23rd was the start of this 100 day challenge. We now have 85 days left. 15 days already gone. WOW!!

My goals and results for this week are…

1. Lose the last 17 lbs.  

Well since I don’t weigh in until Monday all I can say is last weigh in I hadn’t lost anything but I didn’t gain either.

2. Exercise regularly. Right now I'm walking 4 miles a day 4 times a week so that's fine but I need to start the fish flopping exercises.


I walked 5 days this week with a total of 18 miles and I did 2 days of fish flopping exercises and also added some planks and squats. And for anyone that remembers last weekend and my question this week. Jim walked with me twice this week. I was so impressed.

3. Meal planning.

Not yet this week, I do plan on it by Saturday. I didn’t follow the menu to the letter this week but I have to admit on the days I did use it, it was wonderful.

So I didn’t fail totally with my challenges I set for myself but I didn’t hit them all on the head either. Another week, another 7 days to try my best to do what I know I need to do.

I am so glad I joined this challenge. I have visited about 40 Hotties and to read all the challenges, all the stories…well it shows just how much we all have to learn, have to teach each other, have to support each other. I have asked questions and have gotten an answer to every single one. Sometimes it’s in a comment and I’ll get an answer in a day or two, sometimes is in a post and the response is amazing. The best about all of this is the ….

If I’m feeling down I will read a comment that makes me feel wonderful. If it’s an ugly day someone will mention how beautiful something is, if it’s just one of those crabby days someone will say something funny and if there’s a day where I just don’t think I could do this just another moment or more, someone will post the most uplifting post something that seems to be made just for me.

Good luck to all of Steve Hotties. I wish you all the best and I will try and stop by some more of you this coming week. I promise to leave a comment, follow when possible and learn something from you.

Take care and


EmptyNester said...

Ok, I have to ask: what are fish flopping exercises?

Tammy said...

I agree, I am loving the support and encouragement from the fellow Hotties. Have a great week 3!

Julie said...

Fish Flopping Exercises....You know, any of those exercise that you have to do on the floor, hop up do some bouncing around and then drop to the floor again. Sorta like a fish caught and dropped in the bottom of the boat.
How's that? I know I'm a bit weird...heck beyond a bit. :o)
Take care you all. God Bless!!

Debbi Does Dinner Healthy said...

Maybe sad, but I totally knew what you meant by fish flopping exercises. I must be weird too!

Karen said...

I agree - the community is the greatest:) Honestly, I was thinking about not keeping up with the challenge since I seem to rebel against my goals when I do this. But I have loved finding some new faces this way:)

Rettakat said...

Yikes! When I read that 15 days are gone already on the Challenge... that kinda skeered me! I feel like I am barely getting started. I guess it's a good thing it's a LONG one, LOL!

I'm glad you are enjoying the Challenge. I'm glad I joined, too!


South Beach Steve said...

You have hit the nail on the head as far as the challenge. It is the relationships, the support, and the encouragement that will take us all to the next level.

Good job this week, but I'll be looking to say, "GREAT job" next week!

Anonymous said...

I checked fish flopping exercises on youtube after you mentioned it. It's crazy! Doesn't it hurt? I was stacred the person in the video would hurt her head!

Yay for you you! This blog is so upbeat!