Monday, October 25, 2010

New challenge to add…

Remember I told you about Allan helping me with my life style change? Well Allan is hosting a two week challenge. Want to know about this challenge? Head on over to Allan's blog and see what he has to say. You know something, he’s not all sugar and spice and everything nice but he tells the truth like it is. I have fallen in love with Allan and his words. When I ask for help he’s there to tell me just like it is.


So with this challenge with Allan, Charlie's Train to Onederland and Steve's Hot 100 I have got to get my crap together and get this weight off.

Mike is home today and I told him how sad I am and he told me to get the pair of shorts I’ve been holding on to and put them on and then said….”Holy crap mom”….see why…

100_4352 100_4353 


So my scale refuses to move but in 10 months I have lost enough to make my pair of shorts I wore last fall look like this. Oh I can see more fat to lose but I am doing it. I’m just stuck right now so with Allan’s, Steve’s, Charlie’s and all my followers that have been giving me the needed support, advice, love and so much more I can do this.

Thank you Mike for showing me this. I just got so stuck on what that scale was saying and even though I’ve only lost 28 lbs it’s been mostly fat that has left me.

So guys, need a challenge, you have until midnight tonight to join Allan's 2 week challenge. Need support and love, check out the awesome followers I have, stop by their blogs and you’ll be amazed in just how fast they’ll come to your aid with so much love it’ll have your head spinning with happiness.

Take care my friends. And yes, I’m going to get that scale moving. It will!! God Bless you all.


EmptyNester said...

I don't know if you've tried this but, when I hit a plateau (NOT the self-induced one I am on right now)I found that increasing my exercise helps--just a bit, like an extra half mile or 15 minutes and some strength training. You're doing GREAT!!!

A girl needs 2 Talk said...

Oh my, Holy Heavens! That's gorgeous work! You've done so very great! Clapping!!!!! :) :) :)

Shawn Becker said...

Julie, that is amazing..two thumbs up for a great job and all the hard work you have put in to it!


Baby Stepping said...

Wow! I am so thrilled for you. Those pants are positively a tent on you now!!!


Prairiemaid said...

I think you are doing wonderful!

I took your advice and visited Allan's blog. Signed up for the challenge, although a day late.

I needed a good kick in the pants!


Kim said...

Wowza!!! What a babe!!! Wild applause!!!

Kristen said...

Hey there Julie. Thanks for the comment on my photos and in return I went wide eyed when I saw yours. Holy shmoly!! Thats fantastic!! I was wondering if you would mind imparting to me the code you used for your blog buttons. I am interested in making my own and lost the code I had previously used. I'd much appreciate it. WAY TO GO AGAIN!!
XO Kristen

Kaylen said...

WOW!!! This is just AWESOME!!!!!!!!
What a big difference you have made-you are right on track and slow and steady is the way to go! Keep it up!