Thursday, October 28, 2010

Hot 100 update, Train to Onederland, Allan’s Double Dog Dare Calorie Challenge…..

I’m going to cheat and do everything in one post this week. Really I think I cheat and do this all the time but just never said it.

Allan is the host for Allan's Double Dare Challenge. I am still struggling eating the 1975 calories a day I'm suppose to. It's hard when I'm use to 300-500 less. I wonder what Allan has in store for us next week.

I worked out on Monday, skipped Tuesday and Wednesday and today started the Couch2K5 fitness program. I didn’t to too bad. I don’t use a treadmill and I live on a hilly road so some of the jogging was up hill but I did it from start to finish. It was a little over 2 miles for me on the Week 1 Day 1. I'm hoping tomorrow and Saturday afternoon to get in the 3 times a week needed to get to Week 2. Next was the exercises I missed Tuesday and Wednesday, weights and planks and today is squats. Did and done. I don’t know if that counts for doing it each day but I didn’t miss the exercises, I got them done. As for a menu, well I haven’t gotten there yet. I am thinking because the groceries in the house are the same as the first week’s menu, I’ll just use that with a bit of tweaking. Allan again has been helping me here. It is so nice knowing a head of time what to fix. Even if I change my mind and use those ingredients for something else, at least I have the idea.

Charlie on the Train to Onderland is doing fantastic. Even he screws up and moves past it. Charlie was the first challenge I joined and I am trying but haven’t moved a bunch on the scale since starting his challenge. I am down the 3 lbs I gained last week, back to my 197 like the past month but maybe the scale will keep moving for Monday’s weigh in. HOPEFULLY!!

Steve and his 100 Hotties, (one day I might be one of those hotties)….has always some great ideas. He found a cool site for 10 Fall Work-outs. I have been doing #3 lately, getting ready for winter, I’m not good at #4 but Mike and I play lots of one on one, I don’t do #6 that’s what the mower is for but we did rake up a bunch to burn for my mama. #7 Mike and I did last weekend and the daycare and I do lots and lots of. Mike did #2 and I hiked.

Oh I read something on Allan's blog this week, a person has to drink 4 lbs of water a day to stay healthy, pass all the bad things and feel full longer. Do you know how much 4 lbs of water is? Most blogs and people put it in oz, 65-100 oz a day. Well 4 lbs is just over a 1/2 gallon. I asked at “How much does a gallon of water weight” (I always though 11 lbs, the same as gasoline) the answer…

Weight of 1 US Gallon of water = approx. 8.35 lb

So that means 64 ounces of water, that’s just 8 oz glasses or if you have kids that’s 9 of their colorful cups, you know the ones those sippy lids fit on. That’s only a small glass of water 9 times a day and just think if you could get in an extra 3-4. Just for the fun of it, I put water in a 1/2 gallon pitcher the past few days, each day by 2:00 pm I have drank that pitcher full and have refilled it once more before the end of my day. Yep I pee a lot but just think of all those bad ogolies heading down the pot.

So there is my Friday update guys. I hope I didn’t disappoint anyone. I think I did pretty good, not perfect but then I’m not my hubby :o) . I hope you all had a great week too. Remember to just try your best and you’ll succeed. I KNOW YOU WILL!!! Keep up the great work guys, thanks for all your support, comments and love. I appreciate so very much.


P.S. Got an ideas for you, each time you go potty, do 10 squats or 10 toe touches. After drinking that much water I bet you can get in a good 100 or more of each exercise. Just an idea..


Ron said...

Sounds like you had a great week! Keep at it!

South Beach Steve said...

The idea about doing the exercise in conjunction with the bathroom break is a good one. Anything that can be used as a reminder. I really don't struggle with the water myself, but as you said, if I used the bathroom visits for my exercise reminder, I would be doing a whole lot more exercise. :-)

Debbi Does Dinner Healthy said...

Ok, re-read Allans challenge. You don't HAVE to eat that many, you CAN eat less. He just doesn't want those of us who are 240 lbs to be eating like a 240 lb person, he wants us to be eating like a 150 lb person. I think his point was that if we are 240 lbs. and we eat like a 240 lb. person, we will NEVER lose weight. But you certainly can eat less. Double check but that's what I got out of it. He made some good points.

Twix said...

Good idea on the bathroom squats! You could also do countertop or bathtub push ups. :) I get the water thing. What I don't get is why not a low cal clear liquid. Why wouldn't this work just as well. I like to make a gallon of sun tea and throw in 1/4 a cup of xylitol. It comes out to 14 calories in 8oz glass. It's clear and low. Can't figure out what the difference is in me drinking that or straight water. I'm more apt to drink the tea, all of it! Hey have a great weekend! :D

Anonymous said...

Whoa!! You sound over the moon in this post! I can almost hear the smile in your voice! Yay for happiness and fitness! :D :D :D

Lori said...

That was some update LOL!

Keep going from a fellow hot 100er!