Wednesday, October 6, 2010

WMWW and trying….

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It’s that time a week again, Watch My Weight Wednesday with Angie. Angie hosts a blog hop each Wednesday so you can link up, join in and meet new people doing exactly what you’re doing. Trying to live a healthier life style. Trying to become the better you. Angie also has some really great recipes for the weight impaired, like me. Stop by when you have a chance and check her out.

This week I am working as hard as I can for our up-coming walk competition. So far so good. My fish flopping exercises haven’t been the greatest but I figure soon it won’t be so nice for the walking part so will get more into them as fall turns to winter. My menu has been a life saver, why can’t I just do that on a weekly basis? It’s just so nice. I will work up another one for next week tomorrow on my day off. In fact I should do it today because I’m going grocery shopping tomorrow. Hummm….another thing on the to do list today.

Brenda says I need to change my profile picture. I don’t look like that any more. So I think this week I’ll do that. I took a couple of pictures yesterday while the kids and I were out walking.

1005101103a  now compared to  Ju Standard e-mail view

Goodness do I need to do something about those caterpillars above my eyes. I think I’ll have that taken care of and then get a new profile picture. I’m getting to be so girly. Heck before I really could of cared less. But I am taking a bit more pride in the way I look. I’m trying to anyways.

Friday is check in on Steve’s Hot 100’s.

You know something really cool about this challenge? There are over 100 men and ladies challenging themselves to have a great life style by 2011. It’s not a challenge that someone else gave you, it’s something you did yourself. One that only you can work at. If you want to, go to Steve's blog and read all about it. You no longer can enter the challenge but you can drop by any of the 100+ blogs and cheer them on, see what’s happen and possible learn a thing or two. Me, I’m not just learning a thing or two, it’s more like tons and tons. Plus they have helped me with a few questions along the way. Well really, all of you have.

So I’m off. Today is library day and a visit with Kim. Then in the afternoon I’ll just have Anton after school so I’m thinking we’ll go for a walk in the woods just to relax from school and enjoy this wonderful weather we are having. Tonight will be another walk with Brenda. We are doing the 5K walk right now just to get a better time and up our speed a bit. Right now it’s about 3.5-3.8 mph and about 48-55 minutes (that includes our cool down). So we’ll be ready for Saturday. I am so excited about it. Something new and challenging. COOL!!!!

Take care my friends and have a blessed and wonderful day!!


EmptyNester said...

I so need inspiration and I have found it with your blog!

Anonymous said...

You sound so positive and fun! I love the girlie-ness in you!

Rettakat said...

Thank you for such a nice comment on my blog! I liked what you said about consistency... that just DOING it each day qualifies as consistency.

I left a response on my blog to your comment, about how to do a Theme pic. If you do one, I'd love to see it. You could do a post and share it with us all. :-)


South Beach Steve said...

Thanks for the challenge mention! I still encourage folks to participate, even though they can't win a prize. As you have picked up on, the real prize is the personal victories we have during this 100 days.