Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Thank you….

I want to thank you all for your answer to my question. I appreciate you asking your better half what they thought, I appreciate you telling me what your friend was like, I appreciate your ideas and thoughts.

Right now there is no answer happening but I have to tell you it’s calmer here. After reading your answers, taking a quiet walk with the Lord and lots of soul searching I found out it’s not just Jim. It is me too. I am a bit more aggressive then I use to be. I’m a bit more confident. I don’t back down like I use too. There’s a few good bits and a couple bad bits that I need to work on. I’ll keep you up to date on this but for now it’s just quiet.

I did ask Jim to go for a walk with me last night and ….. and ….. HE DID!!! I was shocked and thrilled. We didn’t walk my usual amount but I think if it had been earlier in the evening he just might of but it was 7:00 when we left and it’s dark now about 7:45 and that doesn’t give us that much time to get my full 4-5 miles in but we did walk 2 miles and chatted the whole time. Nothing about things running through my head, just Jim’s thoughts about this and that and I listened and gave him my full attention. So at least in a way he’s supporting.

I also have to tell you, in 30+ years of marriage my man has never said the words “I’m sorry” but he does things instead. Not gifts or cards, that’s just not Jim but he does things for me. Like this time, he got our heat going. It’s to early in the year to start burning wood but it’s also hard to get up when it’s 60* in the house. So deep down I know what this means and though it didn’t come out in words it came out in actions.

I don’t know if I’ll ever hear “I’m proud of you” or “your doing so great” or even “keep up the great work” but as long as there peace in the house I can handle that.

So it’s onward and upwards to a new day. It’s only 5 days until the 5K walk competition and tonight Brenda and I will walk. Tomorrow she can’t so I’ll ask Jim again, Thursday I’m off so we can take a long, hard walk in the early afternoon, Friday another evening walk and then THE DAY. I have been getting in about 15 miles a week along with some, not lots but some, fish flopping exercise and thank goodness I did my menu like I wanted too because it has been amazingly helpful. Gotta keep doing that, it’s so nice to not have to think each day what’s for meals for the day.

I’m off, kids are due any minute and I’d like to get the dishwasher going first. Take care my friends and have a blessed, fulfilling day today.

Remember: This is the day the Lord has gave, let us rejoice and be glad in it.  ………. I’m going to!


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Anonymous said...

Jim really loves you. I can sense that. I'm so glad you know what to do! I'm going to pray God helps things brighten up a lot lot more, sooner!

Robin said...

That is totally awesome. People show love in different way. His way of showing love is by doing. Chances are that his way of perceiving love is also by doing. Meaning that he feels most loved when you do for him. There is actually a book about this, but I can't think of the name of it right now. It is something like THE FIVE LOVE LANGUAGES. That is pretty close if not right on. It is very interesting.

Debbi Does Dinner Healthy said...

So glad things are looking up!! Looking forward to hearing about the race! Stay positive!