Saturday, April 30, 2011

20 day Bike challenge….

I’ve been be-bobbing around the blog tonight and came across a blog that was part of a challenge last month,

30 days of biking

Now this was last month but that’s me most of the times, late. But I was thinking, since I really hate biking but I know that it’s good for me, I know that it’s a healthy thing to do and I want to be able to bike with Michele when we get together in July.  And I want to be stronger and more able. Plus remember back in March I talked about the 8th Annual Cuyuna Bike Ride. It’s a 30 mile bike tour in my area. I’m not sure about this yet.

Well I’m thinking along with my walking and exercising I’d like to get in 20 days of biking.

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I’m not setting a mileage, just 20 days of bike riding. Would you like to join me? I’m going to give it my best. I’ll just start out slow but hopefully by the end of the month I can go and do a fair amount.

I am going to get to liking riding my bike or at least try. It sure can’t hurt me. Well my knee yes, but it can only get stronger too.

Take care my friends and have a blessed weekend.


Mike said...

I need to get a bike. I am always afraid of looking like an orange on a toothpick bicycle but a little less so now. It would be fun to get into it as a hobby as I get fit enough to find a bike that will support me well. Sounds fun.

Princess Dieter said...

Wish I could bike in my own neighborhood, but it's just NOT bike-friendly....I hope when we eventually move (hopefully within a year) it will be a walk and bike friendly can put that on the wish list. :D

Happy sunday!

EmptyNester said...

Just one of the many things I love so much about you Julie is the way you tackle things you don't like to do or that you are unsure of--full speed ahead! What a most admirable trait! I would LOVE to join you on this 20 days of biking...but I probably won't be able to commit until after Birdie's graduation on Saturday. So, I'll be a week late!

Joy said...

What a great challenge!! You will do awesome!!

Keep up the great work and stay focused!

Karen Butler Ogle said...

I'll try to join you, Julie. I have a perfectly good bike on the front porch. I will start tomorrow though and then try to get in the 20 days.It is rainy and overcast out today so I will give it until tomorrow to clear up. Sounds like a fun challenge and maybe you will end up loving your bike.

Julie said...

I didn't post this part but I am going to offer a drawing for anyone that particapates in this challenge. It's not a mileage challenge just a get out and do challenge so just get on your bike and take a ride.
Thanks to Pam and Karen for joining me. Anyone else?
Have a great evening everyone. God Bless!!

Michele said...

I will definitely join you on this mileage challenge. It won't count for this month, but Friday, I did 20 miles!! Today I did another 10, but challenged myself with some really big hills (for MN!!) which slowed me way down. Hills are hard. But, I am trying to get ready for my bike Tour. Plus today it was only 35 degrees when I rode. I am still frozen! I am off to a HOT bath after a long day of cleaning out the farmhouse and biking!

Take care Julie and count me in, friend! michele