Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Laundry….and of course more….

That’s such a naughty word sometimes but folding my own clothes has become a treat. You know why, they look like they are made for a little person. I still find it hard to believe that I use to hold up the pants and just hurry and fold them in half cuz I couldn’t believe those where mine. Now to hold them up and fold them up, they take up a lot less space and it’s fun seeing them. My bars that I got at Christmas, they are now hooking on the last hook. The shirt I wore down to the cities in November, it’s huge. I have to wear a belt to hold up my jeans and I found underwear Jim bought me years ago in the back of my drawer that I can wear today. He has always bought me clothes two sizes to small because no matter my size he loved to see it all. Well it wasn’t my thinking so I’d just keep it hidden away and now, those size 6 panties….they fit and I’m excited.

I snuck a peek at the scale today, it’s moving again. Maybe finally time for the scale to like me again. We’ll see on Saturday for sure.

On Monday Mike was crabby. If you looked at him the wrong way he’d get worse so we just left him alone and he spent the day target practicing. Shooting all his guns and enjoying himself. I think he gets frustrated because he just doesn’t know what he wants. He’s 19, living at home, working for his dad and making a little bit of money but not really enough to go and do. As you know jobs are few and far between so it’s not like he can just go out and find a second one though he is trying so on his days off he’s sorta stuck at home with mom and daycare and though most days that is just fine I’m sure it’s boring with a capital B at times. So anyways, when daycare was over I asked Mike if he wanted to go for a bike ride on the Cuyuna trails. I knew this would perk him up, not really just being with mom but there’s girls on those trails. So we loaded up the bikes and went. We went 10.56 miles. I HATE riding bike. I don’t think I’m ever going to love it. I would rather climb a mountain, walk to town, anything but ride a bike. I know it’s good for me, I know it’s great for us, so we’ll be doing it again and maybe, just maybe one day I won’t hate it as much. We took some cool pictures while out and I’ll share some of them here with you.

Oh one more NSV, when I was sitting to pose for Mike’s picture…well I can grab my leg and hold it up to my chest and nothing gets in the way. I can cross my leg and not have it out like a mans leg crossed. Life is good, life is great, losing weight is grand.

So pictures and then I bid you farewell for the day. It’s hump day, library day for the wee ones. Have a blessed day. Take care my friends.

100_6140 100_6164 100_6171 100_6174 100_6176 100_6184


Karen Butler Ogle said...

Julie, This post touched me a lot. I know how you are feeling watching Mike struggle to find himself. My son, Nick is 21 and is in a similar position. He is autistic and mentally challenge but he is high functioning enough to know that he is different and sometime he gets so frustrated about not being able to do the things he wants to do. He would love to drive but it isn't possible. He would love to have a job but it would have to be a special job with supervision. We just can't help him with that right now as we are limited on transportation. It is hard to watch him as he begins to realize his limitations but doesn't understand why he can't do certain things. I'm glad you and Mike had a nice day together, even though you hate to ride bikes. Nick and I worked on the yard together yesterday and also had a nice day. Hugs.

gracies tough journey said...

Love the pictures. We never seem to have enough time to be with our blessed children. They mean the world to us. God Bless dear friend.

Anonymous said...

Great NSV!

Regarding the clothes - I have thought the same thing over time. It was nice to look at my pants and wonder, "is this one of my kids' pants?"

EmptyNester said...

I'm so excited for you! I laughed about being able to pull your leg up--I'm waiting for that day to come! I was just thinking about it the other day! You look great in red- my favorite color- honestly, you just look great!

Ron said...

Great pics of you both!!!