Saturday, April 23, 2011


Two of them coming up. One walking on the 21st of May and one running on the 4th of June. Got a lot of work to do. Yesterday did it walking at a 3.8-4.0 in 48 minutes (I can run it in 36 minutes). I want to get the time down to 40 minutes or so. I am finding it so hard to walk instead of jog or run. Walking muscles are different then jogging ones which are different the running ones and when you change up the routine you can go further and faster but my first 5K is a walk so that is what I’m working on for the next 4 weeks. Also I need to do it out here, not on a tread mill so in-between work outs at the gym I will be pushing myself out here. When it gets closer to the date I will walk the course and see what I can do.

So who else is signed up for 5K’s, 10K’s, biking or marathons? Just curious.

Hope you’re having an excellent, relaxing, family fun, rejuvenating Easter. Take care and God Bless!!!


Mom to the Fourth Power said...

Happy Easter, my friend!
Good job on your times... Wow, I hope to build up to that. I haven't signed up for any 5K's yet but hope to do one soon. You keep me inspired, girl!!


Princess Dieter said...

No sign-ups for me. But I cheer you on!!!

Happy Resurrection Day!

Laurel said...

Good for you! I am doing a 10K next Sunday and hopefully a half marathon in October. When I started on my 'journey' almost 2 years ago (in July) I could barely run 2 blocks and weighed 30 pounds more! Keep it up you are doing great!

Karen Butler Ogle said...

Good for you for doing so well on your training, Julie. I haven't done much of anything lately, just puttering around the yard. I would love to walk a 5 k though sometime in the future. You are very inspiring to me. :)

Raych said...

Good for you on the 5k's! I'd really like to try one sometime soon, this is an awesome inspiration to actually sign up for one =]