Monday, April 25, 2011

What I learned… a 3 part series:

Remember for Lent I was going to meditate each day for at least 30 minutes? Well it’s personal, lots of learning, listening and more but there are two things I want to share with you. To very important things. Also no matter what you think about life, meditation is good for the soul. It doesn’t have to be spiritual, it can just be self centering or soul searching or just plain old regular quiet time.

#1. Living in the Moment:

Love the moment, and the energy of that moment will spread beyond all boundaries – Corita Kent

We women who do too much have a terrible time loving the moment. We are always making lists and eyeing the tasks that are just around the corner when we need to be busy working on the task at hand. Hence, rarely does anything get out full, undivided attention. Because of this subtle distractibility and lack of presence, we miss a lot.

When we really can be in the moment, the very process of being in the moment radiates into the crevices of our life and begins to dust out the cobwebby corners.

PRESENCE is such a gift….to myself and other.

This last Monday I spend the day with my family and I put my heart and soul into that day. No distractions, no thinking about what’s next, nothing but family, together, fellowship and fun.

This is so true, LIVE IN THE MOMENT!!!

Take care my friends, tomorrow will be my second insight. God bless you all.


Caution said...

There is great truth to this advice - if we can be self-disciplined enough to do it :/

Karen Butler Ogle said...

I forget to do this often. Being Mindful of the present because I'm so concerned with what I need to do next. This post is a good reminder.

gracies tough journey said...

Great post.God bless you for this great reminder.

EmptyNester said...

I am so much better at this now than I used to be. When our pediatrician reminded me (years ago) that one day I wouldn't hear those little feet running into our room at night, I slowed things way down. Amazing what a simple comment can do. I'm glad you posted this.

The Ninja said...

Good For You, I've never been able to unplug for a whole day and just be in the moment. I am going to try it. Good idea.

Shawn said...

Thanks for this gentle reminder. I am one that is always rushing, i know I need to slow down and live in the moment.
Thank you, dear friend, for the reminder,