Saturday, April 23, 2011

49 and holding….

I’ve never been one for fibbing on my age It is what it is and I have earned every gray hair and wrinkle. Life has treated me very well in my 49 years. Of course the ups and downs of life, death and life and some hardships but nothing I haven’t been able to handle with the love of Jim and Mike and my family. And mostly being able to lean on the Lord.

April last year I was 215 lbs. I was struggling to work on my life style change but I was just starting out and learning. Well I am now…


55 lbs less, 4 sizes smaller and 60” of flubber gone. Still learning, still working on losing a few more pounds but getting there.

Phase 5 has 44 more days. I would love the scale to say 165 by then. Really I’d love it to say that by May 25th when I go for my physical.

Phase 6 starts after that and after chatting with Allan and some thinking I am going to keep doing what I’ve been doing in Phases 4 & 5 and just support and encourage and more for all that will be part of the last phase before maintenance. I am going to miss Allan’s e-mails in the morning, the weigh ins and all but I understand Phase 6 is for anyone that has a bit more to lose then I do.

So with that next week is a new week but first Easter. My in-laws have invited us to the casino for dinner and last Easter I was just starting my journey and still ate pretty much everything but less of. Thanksgiving came and I had learned what to stay away from and then Christmas dinner there I stayed at my 400 calories for the meal. I am not in the least bit worried any more because I know what I can have and can’t. I am learning and am implementing now.

I wish you all a very Happy Easter. Take care and God Bless!!!


Shawn said...

Congratulations..4 sizes is awesome!!!
You are such an inspiration.
Have a Blessed Easter,

MissMommie said...

Awesome, awesome, awesome!!!

Have a wonderful Easter and enjoy your lunch with the in-laws! I am not doing a traditional meal this year. Just too much and I wouldn't be able to have much. So we are doing Italian this year. Lasagna with lean ground meat, low fat cheese and thin sliced zucchini for noodles. I made this for my mom when we were in TX and we all loved it.


lv2 said...

Happy Easter!

Funny how we are all learning what is more important than food as we have gone through these phases with Allan. Not eating some things for the holidays(Russel-Stover marshmellow eggs and Godiva chocolate bunnies) is no longer the struggle I would have thought it would be if I was asked last year.

Congrads on your size and weight loss

AlmostGastricBypass said...

No emails ? C'mon, why not.. You will still get the love

Karen Butler Ogle said...

Happy Birthday, Julie and I ant to congratulate you on your tremendous loss. I was sad to leave Allan's challenge too. It is a little scary to get to goal and realize you need to switch gears to maintenance. Maybe we can get together and keep each other motivated to maintain. Hugs and have a wonderful day. :)