Friday, April 29, 2011

Meeting a blogger….and this weeks weight….

I get to meet Michele!! I’m excited. We’ve set a date of July 16th and I’m going to drive to the cities and Michele and I are going to go biking. She lives just a little ways from Minnehaha Falls, a rose garden and some other cool things so we are going to spend the day doing some good for us stuff, some great visiting and enjoying a meal together. Doesn’t that sounds grand? Oh I sure do think so. I am so excited. She promises me the bike ride won’t kill me, it’s only about 6 miles one way, we get to walk and visit, then a couple miles to the rose garden and then 6 miles back home. I know, I hate riding bike but Michele does it all the time so as long as she’s patient I can do it. I will do it and I know I will enjoy myself.

It has been a successful week in the life style change. I am going to post my weight today because I don’t know how much time I will have this weekend for blogging and what not. Both Mike and I are off tomorrow so I think we’ll go and geo-cache a little bit and then my nephew will be here in the afternoon and then it’s family game night at my parents. Then of course Sunday is family day and shopping and I want to get some seeds planted.

So here it is….(I have got to paint those toenails or at least get rid of the racing strip).


Down another 1.4 lbs. Nothing huge but I’m inching closer to my goal.

Weight Chart

I love this little chart. It’s been a long time coming but oh so close to my 165.

I got another Nike + iPod Sensor. I have one for my workout shoes at the gym but since I don’t wear those shoes out here on the road and hate unlacing my shoes to trade it back and forth I spent my birthday money and got me one. I’m going to ask Mike to cynic it for me because…well he’s good on the computer and all and I just sorta do my best. It’ll be so nice to be able to keep track of my miles better.  Speaking of miles….for the month of April I walked 66 miles. That’s a little over 280 miles so far this year. I also have skied on that elliptical 25 miles in the past two week. I need to get back to my strength training though, this week all I’ve done is my cardio, a few crunches and push-ups.

A new week next week to try and do all that I can to the best of my abilities. What more can a person ask for?

Take care my friends and have a blessed, relaxing, rejuvenating weekend. 


gracies tough journey said...

So close to 165, that is so wonderful. I hope you have a really nice time in July. It sounds so nice. Have a great weekend. God Bless

Karen Butler Ogle said...

Good for you on the loss, Julie. I know how excited you are to be getting so close to your goal. You will be there before you know and then we will have to do something to celebrate.

I'm excited about you getting to meet a blogging friend. I would be excited in your place too. I hope you enjoy the visit and the bike ride. I was out on my bike today but the first time in a while. It was hard on my legs but it was good for me and I enjoyed it very much. I think I should probably make it a habit and do it every day.

Have a lovely weekend, Julie.:)

Princess Dieter said...

It's been ages since I met an online pal (um,2001?) and I look forward to meeting some more eventually.

Good to see you going down. And yes, ditch the racing stripe. ; )

Let's all have an amazing weekend!

EmptyNester said...

It's so exciting to get to meet a bloggy friend!!! I know y'all will have a blast!

Other than frigid temps, y'all have some fun stuff going on up there!

I have 56 miles for April.

lv2 said...

Good going on the loss and being so close to goal. Sounds like a nice and exercise mixed. Looking forward to hearing about it.

Ron said...

You are doing so good,,,,, I guess i better get off this computer and hit the treadmill !!!

Waisting Time said...

Look at that line heading steadily down! I hope to meet Michele someday, since my husband has family up there and on our last trip we brought our bikes and rode those amazing paths. Too bad you don't like riding. Funny how everyone is different. I'm not sure I really like it, but I dislike it less than other forms of exercise. And on a beautiful day on a pretty trail... Not to mention it is easier on my feet.

Michele said...

Gosh that is great that you keep on losing! I can;t wait to meet up with you. My first time meeting a blogger!!! Thanks for sharing this upcoming and fun occasion with your readers.

Carolyn said...

Where is the "LOVE" Button?? Good for you!!