Friday, November 12, 2010

Wood, wood and more wood…but….

Done, I am finally done putting up 12 cords of wood. Yes, I do 99% of it alone, no it doesn’t matter. I work from home and keep our house warm is my job. Keeping it cool in the summer is Jim’s, the $300.00 electric bill. I use to be the one to go out and cut it, split it and stack it. Now I’m lucky enough that people owe us money so they cut it, split it and deliver it by dump truck so all I have to do is stack it, cover it and then burn it up. It’s still tons of work stacking up 12 cords of wood. It is in four different huge piles.







and here…


Here was today’s pile…going…going…stacked….



Now for all my married life except for 8 years of driving truck I have done this wood, not a problem just my job. Today I had fun doing it, you know why? I listened to my itouch with my work out music and it went by much easier then ever plus I jigged, I jumped, I danced and sang at the top of my lungs. Think of the calories I burned off. Why have I never done that before? I usually just count the pieces of wood I put away. 1,2,3,4…..199,200,201…300,301,302…500…well you get the idea.

There is no way for me to figure out the calories I burned but I know I put on my pedometer and walked 3.57 miles while stacking the wood, I worked at it for 1.5 hours today, 1.75 yesterday….30 minutes the day before that. I know that tonight I am sore, even my stomach muscles are sore and I did hurt my left shoulder stacking the wood way above my head but it’ll heal now that there’s no more wood left. Now it can snow, sleet or whatever the Lord has in store for us and we’ll be warm. I’ll have unlimited hot water, a heated garage and a heated workshop and a house that is a constant 70* no matter if it’s 30 above or 30 below.

Okay, enough for now. I hope that you have a warm safe house, a place to go in all types of weather, a place you can call your own. I am truly blessed to call my house a home.

Take care my friends. Have a blessed weekend.


Anne H said...

My goodness - I think you won first place at the Woodchopper's Ball!
Such hard work!
I'm really impressed!

Allan said...

And drink water with all that exercise. Very impressive, having once restacked 1/2 a cord of wood and getting winded in 3 minutes. You da bomb..

Call me Ishmael said...

Wow! That's a serious calorie burn, I'm sure! We used to have to do that when we were dad would have us stack the wood. Oh, we hated it! Got splinters like crazy. But looking back on it now, it was kind of fun...we'd invent games to make it go faster and sing too! You did an excellent job -- my dad would be very impressed! Thanks for your comment on my blog about my foot. Hope you have a great week.

South Beach Steve said...

That is some incredible exercise Julie. Great job!

I hope you have a very blessed weekend too!