Thursday, November 11, 2010


Yesterday I went to our local health club. I wanted to check in and see if there was any possible way I could afford to join. To see our health club click here. You see with winter coming I have become a tad bit worried about not getting out and about to work out. Oh I know I can do the same as I did last winter and work out at home. I know it’s possible because I did but I don’t know if I can challenge myself as much with DVD’s and the Wii. So I went and talked to the ladies there and they have a plan that I think I can make happen. Possibly. They have a month by month plan so I don’t have to sign up for a full year especially when I know once it’s nice I’ll be outside again. There is a monthly charge of about $45.00 and a sign up fee of $12.00 that is usually $50.00 but they have a deal right now. Mike can also join me each time I go for $2.50 a visit until he’s 19 and then it’s $5.00 a visit.

What I need help with is, do you think I can challenge myself enough at home or is it better to join a health club for about 5 months. How do you guys do it? I work from 5am-6:30pm most days so the only time I’ll be able to go is 7:00-9:00 in the evenings. Can a person sleep after working out? I do have a few days off here and there that I can go during the day so will be sure I do that.

I don’t need to decide until after Thanksgiving so if you could give me tips, ideas, thoughts I would really appreciate it. Thank you!

Have a great day everyone. God Bless!!!


Eclipsed said...

Me personally, I can't work out at home. I get distracted and I get bored and it's just too easy for me not to work out. Once I joined a gym I go at least 3-4 times a week. I love getting out of the house and they have a great day care for my daughter to play in.

Deb said...

I've never joined a health club because I was always afraid I would just be wasting my money. I'm not sure what to tell you. I think it depends a lot on your own personality and your determination....which we already know you have LOTS of!!!

Angie said...

How convenient is the club? Just a few mins away? or further? I found in the winter months I didn't want to drive 20mins to mine? But now where I live it is a short walk away.
I personally can't work out in the evening...because I wont be able to sleep...but my hubby can. So maybe workout at home in the evening to see if it will work, before signing.
I also see you are a daycare mom...maybe you can add a "gym" class to your daily routine.
Good luck on your decision!
- Angie

Cathy said...

I recommend the gym if you can swing it. I can sleep at anytime! Even if I work out at 9 pm I can be asleep by 11, esp after a nice hot shower. Maybe give it a try for a month? I also like how you can measure your heart rate on the treadmills ...

Kalei's Best Friend said...

I agree w/Eclipse... I use to power walk w/a friend, then we both got busy either w/jobs or just life... Its easier to go to a gym because it becomes a designated place where u know u have to do your thing...They say people who buy gym equipment and have it at home end up never using it.. the reason is MOTIVATION.. there is none - no people contact.,..I've been working out at the gym for the past 5 years and haven't gotten bored like I would if i had an elliptical at home. I rarely see my neighbor workout in his garage gym, so, right there that tells u something.

Mari said...

In moving up to Indiana I am looking into a fitness center much like yours. I would only do it if I was within 15 or 20 min away tops.
Your place even has an indoor pool which is what I would use.
I feel it's so worth it, if you will use it. I love being able to get to a gym/pool. We were going to the Y here in FL and it cost us almost $80 a I think $40 is cheap!!

EmptyNester said...

I have picked you for the Stylish Blogger Award because I enjoy visiting and reading your blog--which has given me inspiration and a new friend! Just visit me and see how to Pay It Forward!

Allan said...

Join.. Be amongst healthy people, copy the healthy, emulate the healthy, become healthier... Join

Anne H said...

I never could work out so late then flop into bed....
But I'm not exactly a run-before-coffee girl either!

Twix said...

That's a good deal! :)

I think you can do it. We all can do it. Whether at home or at a gym. It's do we want to do it? Or are we more content to make excuses for our lack of commitment? Yep....swallow my own medicine. ;-)

I'm not in your shoes when it comes to family life. But if I had the finances and a gym close by, I'd go. I'd go because I wouldn't have to invent ways to exercise at home. The variety is built in at the gym. I'm lazy, maybe? I'd go because it's a time in the day just for me. I'd go because it sure beats walking in the cold, in 30mph wind. I'd go because I'm sure I can find some lil dude to watch squat and bend over, of course watch discreetly :) I'd go because I've never been to the gym and it not be fun.

It's a good deal. Do you think you can commit to it at night? Or is there a way to eek out time very early in the morning?

Sarah said...

I lost a lot of my baby weight at home with Wii and dumbells, but there came a point I had to move on. We work out from 7-8 and I sleep great. We found a hole in the wall gym. It is no frills but we love it. $400 for 2 of us for the year.

Karen said...

I like what Allan said-be among healthy people. Trouble is when I go to the gym, there are no women in my age group-58 yo! And I know I won't ever have my 25 yo body again!
But I DO feel so much better when I exercize! And I want to be a healthy, not just slender. Did I just say that!? lol
I'm not a good one to consult about going to the gym, unless it's to attend an aerobics class. Excercizing WITH others energizes me.
Thanks for emailing me your website. blessings on your day! ps. gonna get me a weight loss ticker like yours

Polar's Mom said...

I can work out at home or in the gym...and I definitely sleep better after working out, and I work out pretty late, too. The only nice thing about home is if my skin is revolting against me, I can take off my makeup and not worry about scaring the dogs with my zits-at the gym I feel obliged to keep the zits covered. BUT having a gym membership does add that little extra guilt that I am paying for something so I better use it. The nice thing is if you start it and yet feel motivated at home, you can quit after a month. But I gotta say-gyms are nice because they provide VARIETY-something that is almost impossible at home.

Polar's Mom

A girl needs 2 Talk said...

Oooh. I'd say, "Join".

My reasons-
1. I know you'll be happier about the effort you're taking to work out each day.
2. You'll make sure you work out because you'll have paid hard-earned money.
3. You'll have some strict me-time for you there.
4. You'll get to go out for a bit.

I think you'll like it.

South Beach Steve said...

I have never belonged to a gym. It is not that I don't think it is a good idea, I just don't have the time to spare to go to a gym, so I just do the workouts at home.

Life as a Caterpillar said...

I used to tell myself i could not afford to join a gym, but then i looked at how much i spent on little trips to the shop a few times a week, where i picked up crisps, maybe a bar of chocolate each for me and the kid, some nuts, some juice....then i realised if i knocked those habits dead i would have enough for a monthly gym membership!

I love my gym- it has a pool, sauna steam room, huge gym with all the equipment you need, 100 fitness classes a week, free weights room , toning tables, and a;lways dedicated fitness professionals there to spur you on. I can only go after work and having put my daughter to bed, but i go there, work hard and then fall into bed into a deep sleep- it works well for me!

If you can afford it- definately go for it!