Sunday, November 14, 2010

Double Dog Dare Challenge Phase II….

So today’s weigh in was 191. So that’s 2 lbs down from last week, 9 pounds in the past 3 weeks. I will take that. Now it’s onwards up and upwards to week 4. Can I make it into the 180’s? Well I’ll give it my best shot.

Allan requested we post a profile pictures of ourselves. Well I had Mike take a couple for me and I just can’t choose, can you help me?



100_4460 100_4461 100_4462

Those wrinkles, where in the world did they come from? I don’t see them when I’m looking, or at least not that many. How about those caterpillars, gotta go get them taken care of. Oh well, here’s what Allan wanted.

Now I have something else to show you.


Big difference I think. There is another picture I want to share but I’m saving it for my end of year comparison. I’m going to wear the same thing, sit the same way and look at Mike the same way and see just how much 40 lbs less can look like.

I learned something today. Have you heard of NSV? I have been reading it here and there the past week or so and for the life of me just couldn’t figure it out. Well I asked and you know what it is? It’s non-scale victory. You know, the jeans fitting just a bit lose, the smiles from others that would normal miss you, those types of things. We’ve all had them, where that darn scale hates you but your body doesn’t. Well now when you get or feel  or read about a NSV, you’ll know what it is.

Well it’s time to drink more water, pee some out and then head outside to put the chickens to bed, feed the fire and fix some dinner. Oh look see what happened here last night.

100_4453 100_4447 100_4449

Winter is here. If this keeps up in another couple of weeks I can go cross country skiing. I’m ready.

Take care and have a blessed week. My week is full so I’m not positive what I’ll post or when but I will be here on Friday for my Hot 100 update and hopefully a time or two in-between.

Have a blessed week my friends. Keep up the great work.


Anonymous said...

I vote for the second picture! Your smile is so pretty!! Wow, what a difference from the "before" shot!! I LOVE the snow pictures, that's something we don't see too much of here in Georgia!! Beautiful!

Shawn Becker said...

I vote for #2 also. You are a beautiful woman with a beautiful smile and I do not see any wrinkles! Bless you and keep up the good work!


EmptyNester said...

I love number 4! Shows your inner child is alive and well! But, for a grown up shot, number 1! Pretty smile in that one! The snow is gorgeous!

Sandra said...

My favourite pic is the one of you sticking your tongue out.It's kind of like: take that world! Love it!

Angela said...

I vote for number 2!!

You look so good!!!

I can't believe it is snowing there! I am not a fan of the winter! It is pretty though!

Anne H said...

The cuteness!

South Beach Steve said...

I vote for #2 - you have a great smile! And the difference in the before and during pics? Incredible! You are doing incredible Julie! Keep it up!

Maude said...

Definitely #2! Such pretty pics! I grew up in AK and it makes me miss it. And is that your halloween pumpkin as a bird feeder? Good idea!

Cheeseboy said...

Wow. We haven't had a snow like that here in Utah yet, which is unusual. Darned global warming.

You are looking good. Keep it up!

Noelle said...

You are beautiful and you just radiate peace and happiness! Those snow pictures are stunning and speak of home. Have a great week!

Anonymous said...

I like the last picture, just because we all have to keep that inner child alive!

I found you through the Monday blog hop, and I'm now a new follower! Looking forward to hearing all about your journey.

If you have time, I hope you'll drop by my blog about my journey to better health

Have a great week!

Kim said...

Number 2 for sure and I want to see your pictures side by side - WOW - I know you've lost weight (duh) but because I see you I didn't quite realize what a DIFFERENCE it's made! Wowza!

arielcircleofnine said...

#2 is really pretty! I can see a big difference from your 40 lbs ago pic--you look amazing! Thanks for the kind comment on my blog earlier today :-)

Ron said...

Pic number 2 gets my vote and wow, what a difference in you before and now pics... you are doing awesome!

Biz said...

My vote goes to #2 as well - it looks the most natural - but they are all great!

NSV's are sometimes better than the scale victories - its what keeps us going in the right direction! :D

Deanna said...

Girl you look awesome..Keep up the great work..... Love the Snow pictures too... I miss the winters...