Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Monthly update…

Well I didn’t do fantastic but I didn’t stand still either. Just things are going slower. But I will take it, maybe now that I’m starting back up on the strength exercising and a little less cardio the measurements will change more. Anyways….

I lost 5 lbs and 4.25” of fat. Not as great as the past few months. A total since I began January 2nd is 30 lbs gone and 47.50” of fat.

Everything is going in the right direction but it’s slow but for me this has been a life style change, not a diet so it’s something I will be able to life with for the rest of my life.

I have 15 more lbs to go and though I’d really like it by Jan 2, 2011 I am not going to flip out if it doesn’t happen. I may flip out if it does though. I am in the size I wanted to be except I want to be able to wear all 16’s not just the stretchy ones so will keep working on that.

With everyone’s help I know that I can do this. I want to thank everyone for their comments yesterday on my question. So I need to learn to breath through my nose. I don’t know about that, oh I know I will learn but that’s if I don’t die from lack of oxygen trying. How can my nose breath in as much as my mouth and make me be able to breath? I don’t know but you guys say it’s possible and you haven’t lead me wrong yet.

So I have new exercise plans. It’s winter here (or will be very soon) and that will mean no more 4-5 miles walks after work. I’m not to sure about the C25K thing because with winter coming unless I walk and jog in place I don’t know about that but I do plan on walking even in the snow just not anywhere near the mileage I was. So….

I am going to work out a plan where each type of exercise is done 3 days a week like ….Jillian or Bob Tuesdays, Thursday and Saturday. Crunches, squats and planks Monday, Wednesday and Friday and my stretches on the days I walk/jog. I also have my Wii but it’s hard for me to see that as a work out, I know it is but it’s more playing so I’ll keep up with that before I exercise, sorta like a warm up. I am going to make me out a schedule. If I see it each day I think it’ll be easier to do. I’m a visual person and anything to make remembering easier is good. Thank goodness for nap time because if I had to get up earlier then 5 in the morning or work out after 7 at night I don’t think any of this would happen. Just time for that routine to start back up.

Enough words, I know they get boring. I just have to write it down because it makes me feel more accountable, more put together, more ready to keep this happening.

Our holiday season is now upon us. Are you planning ahead so these family get togethers don’t send you into food coma’s, you don’t make is so the scale says tilt? I haven’t seen my mother-in-law for months, she hasn’t a clue I’m losing any weight. They always take us out for either Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner to the casino. I am hoping to be a hottie for that dinner. I want her to look at me and even though that woman wouldn’t say anything positive or nice I want to see the wheels turning in her head. I won’t set myself up though, I know better but it would still be cool if she noticed.

Take care my friends and you’ll get another total update on December 2nd, just one more before the yearly one. Here’s hoping and praying I can continue to use what I’ve learned and become the healthy hottie person I want to be.

God Bless you all!!


EmptyNester said...

You're doing great! Don't let the frustration get you down. Negative forces will try and try but you stay strong and don't let them win! Stay positive and, just in case you need some extra, I'm sending tons of positives up your way!!!

Mom to the Fourth Power said...

I agree with EmptyNester... don't let those negative thoughts creep in and sabotage your efforts. You are doing wonderfully, the key is to NEVER GIVE UP!! I have a problem with breathing too, when I've been walking/jogging. I think my body has to get used to it and will adapt.

Thanks for the encouragement for my son and his eagle. Totally cool what your son did! And your BMI is awesome girl! Way to work it down. I hope your MIL notices - how could she not? But it's that YOU know, right? And you feel so much better about yourself. Afterall, you have to live with yourself, not her. I am learning to be gentle and kind to myself like I would to a dear friend. So often I am hardest on myself.

Here's to becoming healthy hotties!!!
Take care,

Anne H said...

You already are that hottie!
Just keep on keeping on!

Florida Girl Meets the Midwest said...

Good job and keep on going. Sending some positive energy your way.

A girl needs 2 Talk said...

The Mum-in-Law's eyes will go round in 360 degree circles. Be sure!

Pam Ponder said...

great job you can do this sending all my thoughts and prayers your way!!!

Biz said...

I think you are doing great! Keep up the good work.

Somehow I almost always maintain during the holidays, which is a victory in my book.

Hopefully this year I can show a loss though! :D

Biz said...

Hey - I forgot to tell you - Charlie from Back to the Fridge is my brother! :D

Rettakat said...

A good solid month's loss. Congrats!

And I thought I remember reading somewhere that by breathing in through your nose, you slightly warm the chilly air before it hits your lung... so one more reason to practice it. :-)


Allan said...

C'mon over for your Award

Michele said...

I may have said this to you before in a comment, but, I am also a slow loser. But slow and steady is better than none. I think your exercise plan sounds great, too. I dread having to come indoors soon! Michele

Anonymous said...

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