Friday, November 12, 2010

Hot 100 update..

That means I need to weigh myself. I’m sorta scared to do that. For two weeks the scale has moved, and in a good direction too but will it for week three? So the score is …..191. Down 2 lbs. That means if all goes well and I stick to what I know I’m suppose to do I could be in the 180’s. The high side but hey I haven’t seen the 180’s since the 80’s.


Exercising, well not the days or kind that I had planned but I did exercise, I did walk/jog, I did do the exercises each time I went pee. I didn’t work out with Jillian or Bob. I did do the squats, planks and crunches and I did play on the wii. So that was good. Plus I have been stacking wood every afternoon for about 45 minutes. I counted today how many pieces of wood, how many bend over's and how many reaches. I picked up and moved 325 pieces of wood. That’s got to count for something.

For my menu, again it’s not on paper but it’s planned out with the groceries I have here. I have made 3 dinners ahead, soup for at least 6 servings and there’s fresh squash to bake up, apples to make into muffins and bars. There’s salad goodies galore so we are set for next week.

So this is for Steve's Hot 100 We started this when there was 100 days left of this year. There is now 49 days left this year. Time is flying by way to fast.

Now it’s onwards and upwards to another wonderful, beautiful glorious week. I wish you all well. Take care and have a blessed, relaxing, rejuvenating weekend.


Allan said...

188 on Sunday !!!!!
I feel it !
Stacking wood counts !

Mom to the Fourth Power said...

Your doing great!! :)

Vee and the Kid said...

Yahoo! You lost! See? I knew you could do it.

And believe me, farm-type chores definitely count. If I can count chasing goats and chickens and moving hay, you can count moving firewood!

Vee at

South Beach Steve said...

Julie, I am so excited for you right now - 180s are just around the corner! This is great news!

And you know what? Stacking wood is an outstanding exercise! There used to be a doctor in this area whose only exercise was splitting wood. He didn't need the wood - he may have even given it away, but he spit wood each and every day.

Pippa said...

I have never stacked wood, but from what I've seen it looks like INTENSE EXERCISE!

Go Julie, go Julie, go Julie! You're going to hit those 180s SO very soon!