Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Just when I had it all planned out where I didn’t have to worry about anything at all things get changed and now I’ll have to try some will powers and that’s in really short supply right now.

Last night about midnight my MIL called my hubby and announced we are all going to the Casino for Thanksgiving dinner. A huge, eat all you want because someone else is paying for it, someone else fixed it, buffet.

It’s a good thing I have Allan’s serving size plate embedded in my brain. 1/2 veggies, 1/3 meat, 1/2 starches. It’s a good thing I love fresh veggies so I can fill a full plate with salad, broccoli, cubes, carrots and what not the first time around and then have a plate like Allan said. It’s really a good thing I like fresh fruit over dessert because I think if I can have melon instead of pie I will be okay. Plus water, lots and lots of water!!

CRAP!!! I had it all planned out. Jim was fixing the dinner with everything I picked up and he knows how hard I’ve been working so he wasn’t going to serve me, we were going to have buffet style and I could just get a bit of this and that and they could eat everything else. CRAP!!! Will power, I need will power!!! Please send me some will power!!!

My MIL hasn’t seen me for at least a good year. Will she notice I’ve worked hard and look good? Will she notice anything good or just the fact I’m older, fatter then when I got married, hair color different with a touch of gray, the wrinkles. Remember my MIL isn’t my favorite fan so really why do I care. I just do.

Oh well, Thanksgiving is a day of blessings so I will skip the worry and remember all that I have to be thankful for. I have been listing on my fridge a thankful list for the past 23 days. Now I didn’t put on there family, friends, house, car….that kind of things because…well we all are pretty blessed with that kind of stuff. I have put on there lots of different things. Like visitors, pork chops, early outs, morning with Jim, birthday parties, wood stove, thrift stores, customers, craft with the kids, telephones, sunshine, craft shows….lots more. I am truly blessed. Another one on my list is blogs. Blogging is amazing. You guys are amazing. Being able to share things, ask for help, get comments and ideas has truly been wonderful. So thankful is what I am and will be.

So instead of CRAP!!!! I’m going to say, thank you for taking us out for a wonderful dinner, thank you for taking the time to be with us.

I wish you all the most blessed Thanksgiving. I’m going to take a couple days off now and I’ll be back on Friday for my hotties update.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING MY FRIENDS!!!! You are the most awesome people. GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!!


Allan said...

Kill her with kindness, it will freak her out..

Biz said...

Had to laugh at Allan's comment!

You will do fine - I love the plan of what portions you put on your plate.

It's just one day :D


Anne H said...

I like LoCarb cuz I don't have to think or make any decisions. And the little plate thing, works great too!
And BTW - YOU are amazing, too!

Princess Dieter said...

think of it this way:

Someone else paid for it, so I don't have to "get my money's worth" (the psychology of buffet overeating, right), it's "it's not my money, so I can eat as little as healthfully as possible and no guilt." :)

Make it a happy and healthy one. Enjoy it!

Mom to the Fourth Power said...

I agree with Allan! lol
This is a great example of life happening and us having to adjust. You get to practice how you will handle these situation and still stay in control of what you choose to eat. I have total faith in you girl!! You are no wimp!

I love the grateful idea. We have a Thankful chart with little pockets for each day of the month of Nov. and we get to write what your thankful for each day. I love it!

Have a wonderful day Julie!!

Ron said...

Happy Thanksgiving !! You will do fine, their will be healthy choices available.... choose wisely and come back with an awesome Hot 100 update!

fattyrunning said...

You have lost so much weight! That is awesome!!!

EmptyNester said...

You'll be fine! You don't need or want all that food that's not good for you so just leave it for someone else (like your MIL...sorry, kidding). I'll be thinking of you with a mental image of all those nutritious, delicious, filling, all you need to eat, veggies! And maybe a picture of your MIL with her jaw dropped at how great you look! (geez, sorry again...) LOL

Sandra said...

Doesn't matter what your MIL says anything about the new you! YOu feel good...and you get all you can eat, paid for buffet food for Thanksgiving! I'm all about the buffets.

South Beach Steve said...

Will she notice? Depends, is she blind? You are doing great! Julie, I sincerely hope you have a most outstanding and blessed Thanksgiving!