Thursday, March 31, 2011


I guess it is possible for my very uncoordinated body to use that machine. As long as I’m not thinking about it, that is. If I think about it my feet and arms do not work like they should and my feet slide on the machine and my hands fall off the handles. But if I listen to my music, look out the window and just go I can do it. Today for the first time ever I went 30 minutes and logged in 2.5 miles. I haven’t a clue is that is good or bad by anyone else's standards but by mine I am happy and proud of myself. I did all my weight circuit today too but was unable to run after doing the elliptical but I walk 2 miles at 3.8-4.0 at a 7% incline.

I have to say my lower back is improving and my hip did not hurt but my thigh still sore but a little bit improving is better then none so maybe with tomorrow off from my work outs it’ll be all better by Saturday. I am off again this weekend so can get another good work out in on Saturday morning. That will make 3 work outs and 2 road walks. So with my eating on track that scale will be nice to me, do you hear me scale, YOU WILL BE NICE TO ME!!!

I want to thank you all for the well wishes with my couple weeks of pain. I do so appreciate your concerns. It feels good to know others are out there that care and say so.

Tonight for the first time in 2 years I am meeting an old co-worker for dinner. I went over the meal plans to see if there’s anything close to what is offered at the 40 club and think I’ll go with the chicken. I’ll do my best to stay with-in my calories and I also think there is a salad bar too so will make sure I have a good salad before I even start on anything else.

I hope you all have a blessed and relaxing evening. Take care my friends and God Bless!!!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I am so out of whack…

I am so tired of hurting. I wish I was a millionaire or at least had an extra $30.00 not earmarked for groceries/bills to go back to the chiropractor. I can say my arm and neck is finally better. YEAH!!! But I think from favoring that side and sitting funny and all, my lower back and left hip hurt and it’s making my left thigh very sore. Now it didn’t stop me from working out last night but it did stop me from running. I went 2.5 miles in 33 minutes but at a walk/jog. I did do my weights but instead of 100 reps did 50. I did go swimming and that seemed to help a lot. Tonight I think I am going to just do a power walk here at home so that tomorrow morning I can give my workout a good push at the gym. I don’t know if I’m pushing myself to much or just feeling my age this month. It’s just a pain…in more ways then one. :o)

Eat is so excellent, I’m on plan and doing it right. We are getting new menus tomorrow (I think). And Allan is talking about more new menus after that. I love the variety of these menus. I was going to ask Allan if for some reason we couldn’t do a day in that weeks menu could we substitute one for a different week. I don’t have access to a grocery store except on Sundays and when the menu's come out at different times I just want to be sure it’s okay to change a day, not the food part the day. I’m doing my best to follow the challenge.

I wish it was more then hump day today, more like TGIF but it’s not and it’s not that I’m tired of working with the wee ones cuz that just isn’t ever going to happen, it’s just I’m tired of hurting and want to sleep the day away. Probably couldn’t but can wish about it. I know that this will work it’s way out, it always does and I’m being a baby about it cuz you guys care and listen where my guys here…well they are men and if they aren’t hurting it really doesn’t matter much. I’ll quit complaining now.

It’s a beautiful sunny day today. We went to the library and had a great time, went to Kim’s for a visit and lunch and after nap went outside and I carried in wood while the kids played in the mud. We collected 18 eggs today, the chickens are loving this warmer weather too. In fact my Muscovy duck is laying eggs and I saw a nest in the corner of the coop. I’m not going to let her start yet but it’s a nice sign of spring. Unlike tomorrow and Friday where they are saying more snow/rain.

Okay, I’m off. More kids from the bus so better go met it. Take care everyone and thank you for listening to my moaning. Have a blessed and relaxing evening.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Scale….friend or foe?

When I first started my life style change I weighed in once a month. I really truly liked that. I didn’t check it in-between and took whatever it said on the 2nd of each month. Then someone said I should go to twice a month just to see what things were like and now on Allan’s Phase 5 Challenge I have to weigh in weekly. Sometimes the scale is nice, other times I think it should be at the bottom of the lake. I know that some weeks I poop more then others, I know that some days I can pee quarts and quarts and other days it just stays inside. I know that some days no matter what I’ve eaten I feel like a lead balloon and other days just like a balloon. I was reading Sheri's blog the other day and she had an amazing posting with a couple really cool sites to go read and check out. First here is the post I’m talking about Losing a Confidant. Please take the time to go there because if you are hating the scale but really are seeing changes and feeling so much better this will help a lot. Allan talks about a lot of this too, how some weeks it all comes out and other weeks it’s just plain stuck, in the end the scale does move but it can be so disheartening when it doesn’t.

I have been on my life style change journey now for 14 full months. I have lost a little over 50 lbs and I am very happy with my results. Oh yes I would of liked to have lost it all in less then a year, yes I would like to be on maintenance now instead of still weight loss but no matter how many blogs I read, how many doctor papers, how many information sheets it all says slow and steady is best and I guess that is just what I’m doing. It sure won’t help me win Allan’s challenge though and oh I would so love to take this northern girl and her son to NY and explore but I know in my heart it’s not going to happen but you know that isn’t stopping me from trying anyways.

So please take the time to read Sheri's post and the articles she sites. You will feel a bit better understanding the scale.

Now take care and eat well, exercise as much as you can and have a blessed day.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Meet Scout….

This is Mike’s new puppy. Now he can’t really have her until the 8th of April, which for Mike is going to be the longest two weeks ever but she loves him like he did her. It was so cute. He sat down in the hay with all the puppies, picking up this one and then that one and his new one came to him first and each time he picked up another one would pull on his sleeve, bite his pants and just look at him. It was a match. So here you go guys, the promised pictures of Mike’s new girlfriend. :o)

0328111006aPhoto-0053  0328111007a 0328111013a Photo-0044

You know another really cool, super cool thing? She was born just a couple of days after Mike’s birthday. I jus figured that out and it is awesome!!!

It was a great morning so far today. How could it not be, picking up and loving 6 little girl puppies that smell oh so wonderful and squeak like little ones and …..oh it was just plan great. I am as excited as Mike for him to have a companion. He and she will have the best summer ever.

Okay, time to finish up a banana cream pie for my father-in-law, banana cake for the kids dessert and pork chops in mushroom gravy for Jim and Mike at work tomorrow. None of this for me but I’m not missing the stuff any more so not a big deal at all. I do however want some chicken still. Broasted, fried, anything crispy. So far so good.

Take care my friends and have an awesome afternoon. God Bless!!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Much better….

No not all better but I’d say 75% better. At least I can lift my arm and lower my head without feeling like I’m going to pass out. My headache was manageable today also. So onward and upwards to healing and feeling better. Back to work tomorrow with my wee ones and also Mike is home too. I think we are heading to the farm to look at puppies. Mike wants a friend, a new friend to take camping, hiking, fishing, traveling and more. A man’s best friend.

We got our new menu’s today. Not bad at all. More fish then we’ve had which I like since I have crappie, sunnies and northern in my freezer. It’ a white fish so should meet all the rules. I think I’ll look into what in Burger King’s Chicken sandwich and also Wendy’s chili because I’m not driving the 50 miles to get these but I’m sure I can make something close so I’m still in the calorie range plus you have got to think that it is so cool that these things are available even when on a diet or life style journey.

So for me I have two things happening in April, one my birthday/anniversary and I have a goal, 175 and my wedding dress and a trip to Minneapolis to take my mom’s to see her sister and to visit  the Como Conservatory which I really want to be at my goal for. I’m close, very close but I need to get there and stay there. My anniversary is the 25th and our trip is the 18th. That’s 3 weeks to lose the last little bit for this goal and to tone up just a bit more to make that dress at least go on. I was talking to Jim the other day and he says I was a size 12 when we got married. I am just getting into a 14, so close but not on target yet. But still amazing, starting size 22 and now a 14. I’ll take it, even if it takes me a bit longer to make the 12 and 165. As you can see, my new goal. But June 8th is the date for that.

Measurements this week and following the plan.

Take care my friends and have a blessed and awesome up-coming week.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Is it possible…

To concentrate on toning and exercise more then the diet? Is it possible to concentrate on both? I’m finding it hard to do both. I am following Allan’s plan (more this week with the new menu’s then last week with the old ones though). This week I lost 2 lbs. Nothing huge but now 176.4. I need to measure myself on Monday. I went shopping today, had a 30% off at Kohl’s and since I’m not a name brand person I just went to the clearance racks and found two pairs of new jeans in a size 14 and they fit, just like they were suppose to. So cool. I also got these…


Mike found them on the clearance rack, with my 30% off $35.00. I can do that…well with the help of my Kohl’s card today. They are ugly, black and purple but they felt good on my feet so I can live with that. Maybe later on I can get a cute pair but for now these should feel good, wear good and give me the support and all I need.

I didn’t get to go and work out today, I can’t lift my left arm higher then my elbow height and I can’t put my chin down on my chest because the pain is bad enough I feel like I want to black out. And the headache, well thank goodness for pain meds or today’s shopping trip wouldn’t of been any fun. I know this will heal but it better hurry cuz I want to go to the gym on Tuesday evening.

So it’s onwards and upwards to a new week. Loving the new menu and excited to see what happens with the scale this week but more excited on seeing the new measurements. 

Take care my friends. Have a blessed evening and an awesome Sunday.

Friday, March 25, 2011


I can barely function today. The pain in my neck, head and arm is making me not a pleasure to be around. Well the daycare kids just play and we did go outside and do the chores and I carried a cart load of wood in but I hurt and it is making me so tired. I know that this too shall pass when the swelling goes down but until then it’s miserable. I am going to go and sit down, ice my neck/back and hope the kids take a nice loooong nap.

I just wanted to check in. Have you tried a duck egg with a little bit of peppers, onions, tomato and toast? It was an excellent lunch. I didn’t have the cheese so opted for the veggies instead and it was filling and tasty to boot. Supper is a good salad for me and the kids are having a baked spaghetti dish and Amish oatmeal cookies and I’m sure salad also. Love looking ahead and being prepared, so much easier.

Okay, heading to the recliner with my ice. Take care everyone. I hope that you are having a blessed afternoon.

Mankato House Fire March 2011

You all know Michele right? ( She's been part of our weight loss family for some time now. Her farm house burned up on Tuesday. No one was home thank God but the devastation, the loss...WOW!!! And to read her post is just plain amazing. Go and read, watch the video and pray for this family.

Have a blessed day everyone. Let's thank God for what we have cuz in a moments time it could be all gone.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

A wonderful spring day……NOT!!!


On my way to the gym…


Had to let the suburban warm up 15 minutes before I could even see out of the window.

0324110744b 0324110744a

The creek is thawing and even though you can’t see it there is steam coming up which made the brush fat with frost.

Speaking of fat…mine is disappearing. Check this out…


Oh there’s more to go but I have a shape. And it’s not an apple anymore.

I ended up going to the chiropractor today after my work out. I got dizzy again, my hip was killing me and I could not put my head down without pain in my left arm. So he said, I have a pinched nerve in my neck, I’m not eating enough before I go and work out, my shoes suck and he is very proud of all the work I’ve done. Oh and he wants me to change my workout routine. Remember I was complaining about dizziness and some of it is my blood sugar but some of it is I’m working out harder then my blood can pump so I am to do my running, then my upper body exercises, then my middle and end with my legs. Swimming is the excellent ending to a good work out so I’m going to try and do that more often. Today the big pool was cold (new water with a cleaning last Sunday so takes a bit to warm up) so I swam in the little pool. Had it to myself and just floated and back stroked around it. Today’s workout used up 1752, the most yet.

I am so tired tonight. I was gone from 7:30 this morning until 3:30 this afternoon. I didn’t only go and exercise, I also did my cleaning job for 2 1/2 hours, the chiropractor, the thrift store where I found a new to me spring jacket, met my dad to help him get a new DVD/VCR player and then a visit with mama on the way home (daddy was still in town). I got home and carried in wood, did a load of laundry and collapsed on the couch for a 15 minute nap with Wilbur (this is where Jim and Mike found me when they got home).


Now I’m starved so better go see what’s on the menu (I didn’t plan ahead so hopefully it’s an easy supper).

I hope you all had a great day. Tomorrow is a work day and then I have a full weekend off. We were suppose to go snow tubing but the place we go closed so not sure what’s planned now, cross country skiing? Bowling? We’ll find out tomorrow. Take care my friends and have a blessed evening.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Snowmen baseball team…

Told you I’d share some snowmen with you. So here they are.

100_5645 100_5643 100_5644

The snow was sticky on top but the bottom layer was so full of ice crystals that it didn’t make snowmen so we made a bunch of tiny ones.

We played outside for 2 hours this morning and 3 hours this afternoon. We went from this at 10:00 am..


to this at 3:00 pm…


I haven’t been to the gym this week. I’ve walked a couple times on our road, a total of 8 miles and then today just played outside. Tomorrow I get to head to the gym and I don’t have to hurry home at all so I’m even going to go swimming when my workout is done. I am excited to get to go and just do my thing. I really miss working out this week but it’s just the way it is. Next week I can get back to the way it’s suppose to be.

Today was the new menu. I like this menu, it’s more normal everyday possible foods. Well most of it is. For me Taco Bell, well there isn’t one around here. We have a Taco John’s, 40 miles away.

Take care my friends. 4 days to weigh in. I’m expecting a loss this week since none last week. God Bless you all!!

Spring my butt….!!!…

Well if this is spring, then I’m a 180 lb snow bunny. UGH!!!! There is at least 10” out there and 2-4” more coming. Now tonight it’s going to be below zero again. See….


Well the squirrel doesn’t care.


Canopy bit the dust. After at least 8 years of use.


It is so windy even my porch has snow on it and Wilbur's couch looks so cold.


Just yesterday I was out raking under the trees and picking up the yard. Guess now it’ll be another couple of weeks before we see the grass or dirt again.

The kids are home today so we made these. First roasted veggies and then apple/blueberry turnovers.

100_5584 100_5582


And these….

100_5604 100_5597

 100_5599 100_5601


Now we are heading outside to take the canopy apart and feed the chickens and the fire. I’m sure if we can get the snow to stick together maybe even a snowman. We’ll see and I’ll share later on.

Take care my friends and God Bless!!!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Nothing new but…

I do have a couple reviews I can do. Awhile back I won a CSN gift code from Debbi. So I got to go shopping for nothing. Oh that was fun.

I got this… A new scale. The old one I had I loaned out and not positive to whom and really it was an older one so this one is so cool. This is thin, sleek and once I got the batteries in there right the digital read out was excellent. Take a peek.

 100_5574 100_5575

Now if you’d like one, here’s the link to it and it was under $35.00 for the scale. So well worth it’s money.

Food scale

The other item I got was this cool Pedometer. Here’s the link to that in case you want one.


Look at this. It’s so thin and it’s made to sit in the pocket and it works wonderful.

100_5570 100_5571

It has more then the clock and step counter, it also does calories, stop watch and distants.

So while I’m at it, I also received a CSN gift code for helping them promote their site and was able to get two more goodies. I just love CSN.

I got this for our up coming BWCA trip. It’s so light weight and it says fits one but is big enough for two as long as we don’t tip the scales at more then 300 lbs.

Sorry this pictures is so little. I didn’t open it up to take a picture so used the one on their site.

Here’s the link if you want it.


And last but not least is my favorite item. I got a Heart Rate watch. Oh it was so simple to program and to use. It’s right up my alley and I use it each time at the gym and also when I walk and bike out here.

 100_5576 100_5581

Here’s the link for my favorite toy.

Heart Rate Monitor

Everything I can use and everything I love. You just can’t beat it and to just go shopping around at CSN is an experience you won’t regret. This is also the place I got Brenda’s exercise shoes and mine too. Check them out if you haven’t already.

Here’s the link to their main site… CSN Stores

I hope you all are having an excellent day today. It’s cold, windy and on the verge of a snowstorm here. 10-12” with 40mph winds. BURR!!! Spring is suppose to be here but it’s Minnesota and we know we still have this storm and possible one more before it really starts to thaw. But look what I found yesterday…

 100_5586 100_5590

Pussy willows. Not lots out there, in fact almost none but a start.

Take care my friends and God bless you all!!!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

up .4…

So I’m up to 177.6 which rounded up is 178. Up a pound this week. Not good and not part of the plan but I am not going to sit here and fuss about it. It seems that I lose 2-3 pounds every other week. So that means next week I’ll be down and that will be just fine. Well sorta okay, I am on plan,


I am exercising more and more (a total of 4293 calories used up) so not positive the why maybe it’s the not on schedule pooping any more. I use to be so regular, twice a day 9 am and 9 pm. I could tell time by the regularity but now not so much. We’ll see.

I do not feel good today either. Sorta dizzy during my work out and then came home with a stomachache and headache. Not the flu I don’t think but not tip top either. This too shall pass but sure not impressed with not feeling good either.

A new week, the last one with the menus we have, new things coming for the following week. Exciting. Exciting like looking in the closet and not finding anything that fits right any more. Exciting like being able to do things I can’t remember doing for years. This week is my new measurements for the month. I know there will be inches lost, now that exciting too. Exciting like being the healthiest Julie possible.

Good luck this week. Take care my friends. Have a blessed Sunday.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Think I’ll be ready…

With two 5K’s coming up this summer I’ve been working on getting my mileage up and my speed. Last night I walked our road for a total of 4.5 miles in a bit over an hour. Not hurrying, in fact the first half I did jog/walk


but the 2nd half I had my dad with and we just walk at a normal pace with a push sometimes.


But today…today I did something I haven’t done yet I ran a full 5K. Check this out…


It’s not my fastest time 11:15 mile but it’s my fastest for that distant. So I’m getting there folks, I’m working at it all. I also rode the bike (still not liking that thing to much) and then 90 minutes on the weight circuit. As you can tell I’m off today and had no plans this morning so could go and give it my all without having to hurry to my next thing.

1292 calories burned this morning. I really wish I could do that every day and then the diet part of my life style change would be a bit easier but 3-4 times a week is the max I am able with the schedules I have. At least now with daylight savings time in effect I can get out after my daycare day and get a walk done. Next week I can only get to the gym once unless I go at 5:30 am but when I do that I can only be there an hour and a half and have to get back home for work. When I’m done at 7 o’clock at night I just don’t have the energy to work out but I do for a decent walk/jog will do that. I’ll figure it out, it’ll happen. There still the list of Allan exercises to do at nap time so it’s not like I’m doing to much of nothing. Just not as much as I’d like. That sounds weird, me liking exercise. A year ago I still called it fish flopping and hate every single minute of it.

Okay, enough for now. I got some great things at the thrift store on my way home so I need to go get them posted on my other blog.

Take care my friends and I hope that you have an amazing and awesome afternoon. God Bless!!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My devotional and ….

Therefore; Watch and pray, lest you enter
into temptation. The spirit indeed is willing, but
the flesh is weak."                 ( Mark 14:38 )

Boy is that so true. The spirit wants to so bad but the flesh is so darn weak. You know about my day on Monday. I’ve been fine since that day but it is amazing how one day of being weak can really affect the next few days too. The craving yesterday were pretty intense but I was able to ignore them and live. But you know, this right now is not my hardest challenge.

Remember my my promise to God, Giving him just 10 minutes a day in meditation? How can settling down a brain and listening to your heart for 10 minutes be that darn hard? I do my devotions in the morning, I pray before I go to bed and little prayers through out the day but I promised him 10 minutes of just quiet time. Time to just sit still, relax and listen. I will learn, I will listen.

Went for a walk with my dad last night. 2.25 miles. It was so nice out there, about 45* and sunny. Suppose to be that way today, so that means we can go again. Tomorrow is my gym day, time to get a rip roaring good work out in. Same for Saturday.

How are you doing this hump day? Sticking to the plan, working hard doing what’s right for you and your body? Spring is just about here summer to follow with shorts and tank tops. It’ll be so cool this year not to wear a cover up all the time. Not the perfect body but a lot less of it.

Take care my friends, have an awesome and blessed day!!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Not on plan…

So for weeks and weeks I have been exactly or as close to exactly as possible on Allan’s great challenge. Then came yesterday.

Hungry came to visit and he was roaring mad because for weeks and weeks I have ignored him. I have pushed him out in the snow. I have stuffed him in the wood stove. I have even fed him to the chickens, so he was quite upset yesterday and just wouldn’t go away.

I went and exercised, he followed. I went and helped deliver a baby goat (by the way the mama’s name is Peanut so I named the baby Pop-corn), he followed me there too. I carried in wood, went sledding with the kids, made a snowman, went for a walk to great grandma’s and he followed along. He gave me the biggest headache and upset stomach to the point I just could not ignore him any more. So I ate.

I fixed a smoothie, even put whey in it to fill me up a bit. That added 200 calories, I ate chicken strips that added 550 calories and finally I ate a banana which was an extra 100 calories. Now really these are not on top of my normal days food, just instead of but I did end up with a 1700 calorie day which is 500 over and my sugar was high and the carbs oh my gosh. Now I always count everything so even on a bad day like yesterday I have kept track and know that I have Tuesday-Friday to fix this, to just miss a snack or two each day and to work out a bit harder tonight and Thursday. I can make it up but I shouldn’t of had to if Hungry would of just left. He didn’t, I ate and now today is a new day where he’s thinking he’s staying around. NOPE, NADA, NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!!! He’s over stayed his welcome (and really he wasn’t welcomed anyways).

I have no intentions of becoming a Hippo again. It’s just not going to happen.

I hope you are all doing wonderfully with your life style changes. Yep it’s hard and yep we screw up but remember my post and this poem?

Just for today, I will stay on my diet;
Just for today, I will answer the call;
Just for today, I will drink all my water;
Just for today, I’ll give it my all!

Well just for today I WILL GIVE IT MY ALL!!!

Take care my friends and have the most awesome and blessed day.

Oh by the way, I’m still looking at shoes and today in my e-box I found a coupon for 1/2 price running shoes and accessories at the Running Room. I’ve never stopped there but will be checking it out today, so just maybe I’ll find something I can afford and will be good for me feet and body.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Ideas, thoughts, suggestions…

I am going to need a new pair of shoes. Since I am running but not all the time do I buy walking shoes, running shoes? What kind do I buy? I don’t have tons of money so looking at shoes over a hundred bucks really isn’t in my future. Really that’s even pushing it but I don’t want problems with my feet since I have so much I want to do this summer. What are your thoughts? I wear a regular 8 so don’t need anything special.

Today got to do something I haven’t done in years. Buy 2 light fleece jackets in a size large. We went to Grand Rapids to Glen’s Army Navy store and they had a clearance on them, usually $25.00 on sale for $4.00. I used to wear at least a 2X sometimes 3X so to put these on and have them fit, well it was fun. The green one is more form fitting and Jim’s eye jumped out of his head, that was cool. The blue one is just a pull over, nothing special but both so soft.

So when you have a moment, please tell me your ideas on a shoe.

I hope you’re all have an awesome Sunday. We are. Take care and God Bless!!

Saturday, March 12, 2011


I made it, I’m in the 170’s. Not since 1980 has that happened. Yep, I’m proud of me. Yep, I can see that the 160’s are just around the corner. It’s really happening I am becoming the New Me!!!

I have to brag just a little bit today. Went to work out at the gym, after falling down on the ice (no Michele I didn’t have your Yak Trax on, should of and I probably won’t have two very nice bruises) and ran…I’m calling 5.0-5.5 running…not sure about anyone else but for me it’s not a jog, for 2 straight miles. 10:18 minute mile. Less then a year ago I couldn’t go 20’ without dying. Me moving my butt, WOW!!!

I have again upped my weights also. I work out with anything from 40-110lbs. I can even do the leg press now and hold 60lbs for 45 seconds. I’m happy.

To NSV this week, I have ankles. No I have never had them, my legs always went from calves to feet. One day this week I noticed them, I also have knees, really bony ones and I have a clavicle bone that you can see. There is no fat on these things. It’s so cool!!

Okay, I have to get going. Mike gets to pick up his gun today and since I’m the only one in the family with a carry/buyers permit he needs me to go too. He is so excited which makes me so happy for him. It’s his birthday present to himself. A Walther P.22.

Take care my friends and have the most blessed and awesome weekend.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Okay, I’m not Catholic or Lutheran or any one of those religions that practice Lent but years ago I just thought what better way to give back to Jesus for what he did for us then give up something for him for 40 days. I’ve done lots of different things from giving up certain foods, to no TV, to devotions and other stuff but I’ve been sitting here today (well sitting isn’t exactly what I’m doing, it’s been a busy day) trying to think what I want to do. All day today in my mind I keep saying I need to meditate on this problem. I need to meditate on seeing what the Lord has for ideas. I took the kids to the library today and even checked out a book called “Meditations For WOMEN Who Do Too Much”. It’s for the busy mind, for the mind that won’t shut up and let a person meditate.

Anyways, I got the point Lord, I know what I need to do I need to learn to meditate. I need to learn to sit quietly for 10 minutes a day and not think or do anything. Now I know nothing about meditation. I am reading the book “Eat, Pray, Love” and that lady in there is trying to find her center, trying to find what makes her tick. I think that is what got me started thinking about this in the first place. I find it hard to sit still. I find it hard to just pray without a million other ideas rolling around in my head. I read somewhere about a woman’s mind is never still, never thinking about one subject, never just stopping to reflect, relax and rejuvenate. Well not all women because I know of some that can sit and be at peace. Some that can close their eyes and just focus on one thing. It’s not me but I am going to try.

So for my 40 days of Lent, I am giving the Lord my mind in Meditation 10 minutes each day. It’s not long I know but if I can start out with 10 minutes and learn to just shut up and listen, well I bet in time I can do it more. I can really just let the Lord do the talking and not interrupt him all the time with 10 million other ideas running around in my mind.

No matter your status in religion don’t you think giving something back to the Lord is a good idea? How just a reason to do something that’s good for you for 40 days in a row.

Just my ideas and thoughts rolling out there for you to see and think about too. Wish me luck…well that’s not really right…it’s not luck I need, it’s more, wish me the wisdom to learn to do this.

Take care my friends. God Bless you all!!

One day at a time…

Just for today, I will stay on my diet;
Just for today, I will answer the call;
Just for today, I will drink all my water;
Just for today, I’ll give it my all!

Write it down, memorize it, and just do it, just for today.

I found this last night while just surfing around. Thought it’s the perfect poem.

One day at a time, is all we have to worry about. There’s no changing yesterday, there’s no since in worrying about tomorrow, just today. We can do this, we can make the changes we need to do to become the most healthiest person possible.

Good luck today on your life style journey. You can do it, I have the utmost faith in you.

Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live. John Rohn

Today is a new day, new challenges but you can handle them all.

God Bless you all my friends!!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Fun, fun, fun!!!

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Told ya we were heading out with the snowmobile this afternoon. The kids had such a blast and this time I rode on the inner tube and didn’t fall off and get hurt. Sure does help having the new fluffy snow on the ice.

After all this playing I still went for a walk tonight. 2 miles before I started to get really cold plus it was dark when I got home. I had forgotten walking the road was so much better then walking the treadmill. Oh I can’t wait until it warms up just a tiny bit more or I finish my days in the daylight.

I’m off tomorrow, time for a major working out at the gym and then mama and I are going out for breakfast and some thrift store shopping. YEAH!!!

I hope you all have a fantastic Tuesday. I’m going too. Take care and God Bless!!!