Thursday, March 31, 2011


I guess it is possible for my very uncoordinated body to use that machine. As long as I’m not thinking about it, that is. If I think about it my feet and arms do not work like they should and my feet slide on the machine and my hands fall off the handles. But if I listen to my music, look out the window and just go I can do it. Today for the first time ever I went 30 minutes and logged in 2.5 miles. I haven’t a clue is that is good or bad by anyone else's standards but by mine I am happy and proud of myself. I did all my weight circuit today too but was unable to run after doing the elliptical but I walk 2 miles at 3.8-4.0 at a 7% incline.

I have to say my lower back is improving and my hip did not hurt but my thigh still sore but a little bit improving is better then none so maybe with tomorrow off from my work outs it’ll be all better by Saturday. I am off again this weekend so can get another good work out in on Saturday morning. That will make 3 work outs and 2 road walks. So with my eating on track that scale will be nice to me, do you hear me scale, YOU WILL BE NICE TO ME!!!

I want to thank you all for the well wishes with my couple weeks of pain. I do so appreciate your concerns. It feels good to know others are out there that care and say so.

Tonight for the first time in 2 years I am meeting an old co-worker for dinner. I went over the meal plans to see if there’s anything close to what is offered at the 40 club and think I’ll go with the chicken. I’ll do my best to stay with-in my calories and I also think there is a salad bar too so will make sure I have a good salad before I even start on anything else.

I hope you all have a blessed and relaxing evening. Take care my friends and God Bless!!!


Karen Butler Ogle said...

You are my workout here, Julie. I REALLY need to get back into my routine and I'm going start tomorrow. Actually, I will probably get in some pretty good walking tonight at the grocery store. That should rev me up for tomorrow. Wishing you a good evening. Hugs. :)

EmptyNester said...

Oh Julie- I am so impressed. I call the elliptical by it's true name- that evil machine from hell. I can't even do 3 minutes on it.

If talking to your scale works, let me know and I'll try that too!

EmptyNester said...

Hey! I forgot- I have 50 miles for March!

Kalei's Best Friend said...

Remember this, the elliptical is all rhythm...The arms are tied in w/.the legs,, just remember that.

JW said...

The elliptical can give one a great sweat session, hey? :) I hope you enjoyed, fully, your evening out dining with your friend.

Cheeseboy said...

Sounds like you are doing well. That elliptical will get easier. Took me a couple times too. Enjoy that salad bar.

arielcircleofnine said...

30 minutes on the elliptical when you're not used to using it, nor have you worked up to that in 5 or 10 minute increments is THE FIRE!!!!
Great job!!!!
Have fun at dinner, and keep up the good work :-D

gracies tough journey said...

OMG the elliptical for 30 minutes is crazy good. I cant even do it for 5 minutes. I have to stick with the ole treadmill. Kudos to you. Keep up the great job. So proud of you. God Bless. Gracie