Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Nothing new but…

I do have a couple reviews I can do. Awhile back I won a CSN gift code from Debbi. So I got to go shopping for nothing. Oh that was fun.

I got this… A new scale. The old one I had I loaned out and not positive to whom and really it was an older one so this one is so cool. This is thin, sleek and once I got the batteries in there right the digital read out was excellent. Take a peek.

 100_5574 100_5575

Now if you’d like one, here’s the link to it and it was under $35.00 for the scale. So well worth it’s money.

Food scale

The other item I got was this cool Pedometer. Here’s the link to that in case you want one.


Look at this. It’s so thin and it’s made to sit in the pocket and it works wonderful.

100_5570 100_5571

It has more then the clock and step counter, it also does calories, stop watch and distants.

So while I’m at it, I also received a CSN gift code for helping them promote their site and was able to get two more goodies. I just love CSN.

I got this for our up coming BWCA trip. It’s so light weight and it says fits one but is big enough for two as long as we don’t tip the scales at more then 300 lbs.

Sorry this pictures is so little. I didn’t open it up to take a picture so used the one on their site.

Here’s the link if you want it.


And last but not least is my favorite item. I got a Heart Rate watch. Oh it was so simple to program and to use. It’s right up my alley and I use it each time at the gym and also when I walk and bike out here.

 100_5576 100_5581

Here’s the link for my favorite toy.

Heart Rate Monitor

Everything I can use and everything I love. You just can’t beat it and to just go shopping around at CSN is an experience you won’t regret. This is also the place I got Brenda’s exercise shoes and mine too. Check them out if you haven’t already.

Here’s the link to their main site… CSN Stores

I hope you all are having an excellent day today. It’s cold, windy and on the verge of a snowstorm here. 10-12” with 40mph winds. BURR!!! Spring is suppose to be here but it’s Minnesota and we know we still have this storm and possible one more before it really starts to thaw. But look what I found yesterday…

 100_5586 100_5590

Pussy willows. Not lots out there, in fact almost none but a start.

Take care my friends and God bless you all!!!


Ronnie said...

Ooh, I love pussy willows! And I love all the goodies you got! :) I want goodies... lol

Jen said...

YA for new and FREE goodies!!

EmptyNester said...

I need a pedometer. It seems like every one I buy does not work. Even the ones I spend over $20 on. Maybe it's me. LOL

Shawn Becker said...

Love all your new goodies! You are going to love your HR monitor, you will have fun playing wit it!
Have a great week,

Anne H said...

Awesome days, aren't they?
I love your blog and your kind comments -
And your enthusiasm!

Princess Dieter said...

Wow. that scale readout is nice. I have a good scale, but need to upgrade to one my middle-aged eyes can actually RAED without a magnifying glass and a flashlight. Snarf!