Monday, March 7, 2011

Fun, fun, fun!!!

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Told ya we were heading out with the snowmobile this afternoon. The kids had such a blast and this time I rode on the inner tube and didn’t fall off and get hurt. Sure does help having the new fluffy snow on the ice.

After all this playing I still went for a walk tonight. 2 miles before I started to get really cold plus it was dark when I got home. I had forgotten walking the road was so much better then walking the treadmill. Oh I can’t wait until it warms up just a tiny bit more or I finish my days in the daylight.

I’m off tomorrow, time for a major working out at the gym and then mama and I are going out for breakfast and some thrift store shopping. YEAH!!!

I hope you all have a fantastic Tuesday. I’m going too. Take care and God Bless!!!


Mom to the Fourth Power said...

Oh my... that looks SO fun!! And you got 2 miles walking in! You are cool!! Makes me feel like slippin' out from my kids right now and heading to the gym!!!


Ronnie said...

That looks like a blast, wish I lived in a place where we got snow regularly!

Jackie said...

Sounds like an awesome day, Julie. Enjoy your Tuesday off and create many happy memories. They help burn off pounds - promise! Hugs, Jackie

EmptyNester said...

Your post title says it all!

Michele said...

Those are lucky kids!

Anonymous said...

Ahh! The Breakfast sounds so good! I loved the happy photos!