Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My devotional and ….

Therefore; Watch and pray, lest you enter
into temptation. The spirit indeed is willing, but
the flesh is weak."                 ( Mark 14:38 )

Boy is that so true. The spirit wants to so bad but the flesh is so darn weak. You know about my day on Monday. I’ve been fine since that day but it is amazing how one day of being weak can really affect the next few days too. The craving yesterday were pretty intense but I was able to ignore them and live. But you know, this right now is not my hardest challenge.

Remember my my promise to God, Giving him just 10 minutes a day in meditation? How can settling down a brain and listening to your heart for 10 minutes be that darn hard? I do my devotions in the morning, I pray before I go to bed and little prayers through out the day but I promised him 10 minutes of just quiet time. Time to just sit still, relax and listen. I will learn, I will listen.

Went for a walk with my dad last night. 2.25 miles. It was so nice out there, about 45* and sunny. Suppose to be that way today, so that means we can go again. Tomorrow is my gym day, time to get a rip roaring good work out in. Same for Saturday.

How are you doing this hump day? Sticking to the plan, working hard doing what’s right for you and your body? Spring is just about here summer to follow with shorts and tank tops. It’ll be so cool this year not to wear a cover up all the time. Not the perfect body but a lot less of it.

Take care my friends, have an awesome and blessed day!!


Karen Butler Ogle said...

You are doing great, Julie. Hang in there and before you will be back in control again. I know I feel very down on myself for several days after a slip but guilt is never a constructive emotion and we should move past it and let it go as soon as possible.

I'm wishing you a great day!

Jen said...

Glad to hear you didnt let Monday rule your week! I will pray that you can find that 10 mins a day to stop and listen.

The New Christine said...

Lovely thoughts on that scripture. Hope you have a good day at the gym! :)

JW said...

Great insights here for you. I hope you keep up with the 10-minutes-a-day, even though it is not easy. It will get easier with practice. I bet you get a lot out of it, too. It just goes to show how much are minds are always rattling with thoughts. We ask for guidance and then cry when we don't receive it, but the only reason we didn't receive it is because we didn't get still enough to listen. Answers do come to a still mind. Have a great day!

Mom to the Fourth Power said...

Way to go to stick it out girl. Bump in the road... but so many smooth parts too! You are strong. You are conquerer of self! Every time we let our "spirit" win, we gain power over the flesh. You really are doing fabulously!!

God bless!!

birchgirl said...

Martha Beck has a book "The Joy Diet", more Buddhist in approach than Christian. The first step is to be still for 10 or so minutes per day. If you cannot do that, you cannot be happy. She says! But I agree, the ability to be still with yourself is important, and difficult for many.

Anonymous said...

It was almost 50 today at lunch time so my co-worker and I walked for 50 minutes - so refreshing!!

Ronnie said...

Working hard this hump day, and you're my inspiration! :)

Shawn Becker said...

I wish I could quiet my mind for 10 min a day. Hopefully, with practice, you will be able to conquer the task.
Keep me posted on your progress.

Michele said...

I LOVED the warmer weather these past couple of days. Still loads of snow, but spring is on the way! Good for you walking with your dad!

I tell you I am going to be re-evlauting my goals. I am maintaining, but not seeing the scale downward. I know this is because I have a lot of traveling I have been doing and my eating is never perfect when I am away from home.

Stay strong, Julie!

Carolyn said...

Love your post! How inspiring! Yes the flesh wants to do "whatever" but the Spirit wants to please God. :D
Love your background. I'm looking to redo mine both blogs, is it a blogger template?

Anonymous said...

I am watching what I think about. I think of that as my prayer to God.