Sunday, March 6, 2011

It’s Sunday again….

And that means another weigh-in for week 4 of Allan's Phase 5 challenge. I have not been losing like I was in the other challenges but I’ve never exercised and lost inches like I have since I started at the gym and working my tail off. I don’t know if I am gaining muscle while losing the fat but not losing a pound or what because I am still at 180.0. Allan is not going to be impressed, the other challengers aren’t either cuz I didn’t pull my weight. I don’t blame them, but I am trying.

I will admit this week wasn’t by the book. No excuses, Mike turned 19 this week and one day I fixed his favorite meals and the next night he took me out for dinner to say thank you mom for life. Both days I didn’t over eat but I did not stay on plan either. I did go to the gym an extra day to try and make up for the extra’s, I did burn an extra 1000 calories but not enough to lose anything this week.

So this means instead of being in the middle of Allan’s chart I’m going to head to the bottom, the bottom where the slow losers are. Except, slow losing is better then no losing but still not good when there is a plan that needs to be followed, exercises that need to be done and weight that needs to be lost.

So week 5 is on the horizon. Will it be a great week? I am going to work my tail off, stay on plan and do my best. I’m running out of time before my anniversary. It’s now only 50 days away.

So to all my friends in the challenge I am sorry I didn’t hold up my end of the stick this week. To Allan, I’m sorry too. Can’t say anything else, it’ll just be blah, blah, blah.

Enjoy your weekend, stick with the plan and next week there will be great strides in the Mother of all challenges. We can do this, I CAN DO THIS!!!

Take care and have a blessed Sunday.


Karen Butler Ogle said...

You CAN do this, Julie. Hang in there and keep plugging away. I know that Bethany is struggling too and will be disappointed with her weigh-in. Hugs and Blessings.

EmptyNester said...

Geez Julie, lighten up! You are too hard on yourself. We aren't perfect people and tomorrow is always a brand new day. You're doing a FANTASTIC job. Just look at you! YOU ARE GOING TO GET THERE. This is a lifestyle change for you- that's where the real reward is--you have become a healthy person. An inspiring person. A true delight to know! Stop beating yourself up and stay on track today!

Shawn Becker said...

No more beating yourself up, and No More apologizing!! You are doing an amazing job and I would like to hear the positive Julie..I know you are in there!
I am sorry,but I would rather lose inches than worry about what the scale says. Inches will get you into a smaller size! i do not care if you are at the Top of Allan's list, or the are my hero! I am so proud of what you have done! Heck, I have problems losing 5 lbs!

Sandra said...

Of course you can do this! My motto (and i'm sure I've written here before ad nauseum,) but it's: get back on the diet!...or the treadmill...whatever, but just do it...kind of like Nike, only not.
I think you're doing great, and you never lose sight of the goal.

Jackie said...

I've had so many weeks when I work my tail off and lose nothing, only to lose several pounds the next week. Maybe you're at the bottom this week, but next week you could be riding the top of the wave. I sure wish you well and I'm glad you put time with your son at the top of your list. Imagine if you didn't have a son to celebrate with! I applaud our priorities and you did it all without going crazy. Blessings and best wishes for a very successful, happy week of weight loss doing the Mother of all challenges.


Jackie said...

Oh, Julie, I forgot to mention that I enjoy your blog so much I recommended it for an award. I don't know if such things matter to you, but if so, stop by to "collect" your award. I'm hoping more people discover what a great blog you have!
Hugs, Jackie

Beth said...

Sounds good to have that anniversary as a goal as well as the challenge. Keep on keepin' on and pull it in, you can do it. For me, it feel so much better when I stick very clearly to my plan.

You can do it!

Anonymous said...

This friend is still proud of you. Life is meant to enjoy the happy moments. I'm glad you did.