Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Not on plan…

So for weeks and weeks I have been exactly or as close to exactly as possible on Allan’s great challenge. Then came yesterday.

Hungry came to visit and he was roaring mad because for weeks and weeks I have ignored him. I have pushed him out in the snow. I have stuffed him in the wood stove. I have even fed him to the chickens, so he was quite upset yesterday and just wouldn’t go away.

I went and exercised, he followed. I went and helped deliver a baby goat (by the way the mama’s name is Peanut so I named the baby Pop-corn), he followed me there too. I carried in wood, went sledding with the kids, made a snowman, went for a walk to great grandma’s and he followed along. He gave me the biggest headache and upset stomach to the point I just could not ignore him any more. So I ate.

I fixed a smoothie, even put whey in it to fill me up a bit. That added 200 calories, I ate chicken strips that added 550 calories and finally I ate a banana which was an extra 100 calories. Now really these are not on top of my normal days food, just instead of but I did end up with a 1700 calorie day which is 500 over and my sugar was high and the carbs oh my gosh. Now I always count everything so even on a bad day like yesterday I have kept track and know that I have Tuesday-Friday to fix this, to just miss a snack or two each day and to work out a bit harder tonight and Thursday. I can make it up but I shouldn’t of had to if Hungry would of just left. He didn’t, I ate and now today is a new day where he’s thinking he’s staying around. NOPE, NADA, NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!!! He’s over stayed his welcome (and really he wasn’t welcomed anyways).

I have no intentions of becoming a Hippo again. It’s just not going to happen.

I hope you are all doing wonderfully with your life style changes. Yep it’s hard and yep we screw up but remember my post and this poem?

Just for today, I will stay on my diet;
Just for today, I will answer the call;
Just for today, I will drink all my water;
Just for today, I’ll give it my all!

Well just for today I WILL GIVE IT MY ALL!!!

Take care my friends and have the most awesome and blessed day.

Oh by the way, I’m still looking at shoes and today in my e-box I found a coupon for 1/2 price running shoes and accessories at the Running Room. I’ve never stopped there but will be checking it out today, so just maybe I’ll find something I can afford and will be good for me feet and body.


Karen Butler Ogle said...

Sorry the demon of hunger visited you, Julie. He has been sniffing around here too. I hope you are able to find some running shoes that work for you. I think I'm going to stick with walking shoes.:)

Ronnie said...

Ugh, I wish he'd just get LOST! His cousin Binge visited me this weekend. :(

Caution said...

And his other cousin, Nervous Eating, is sitting smack dab in the middle of my kitchen this week.

Debbi Does Dinner Healthy said...

The hungry monster hit me last week too. He's been kicked out of here too, not coming back anytime soon! Must be a Minnesota thing. :-)

Jackie said...

"Just for today..." Your poem is a great reminder to just take this diet gig one day at a time. It's great inspiration. And Popcorn and Peanut! What a sweet story. I would LOVE to have been there with you yesterday to witness the birth of Popcorn. For some reason, I can't see the picture you posted. And the hungry monster attack - well, you read my blog (thank you so much) and know that he visited me yesterday too! We'll kick him to the curb today. (You, a hippo? Not hardly, my friend.) Hugs and joy this beautiful day.

JW said...

Just for today... love it. I also want to say how much I adore your walking goals!! You are doing so great and you inspire many!!

Anonymous said...

This "just for today" is the biggest inspiration ever. I need a coffee to kick me in the rear.

Jen said...

Glad you kicked HUNGRY to the curb!!

Ron said...

Congrats, you only let him hang around 1 day. Great job, keep it up

Shawn Becker said...

Well you got a visit from the demon..but he is gone and it is a new day!
What was so amazing in this post..You Did Not Beat Yourself Up!
You have to have days like that, and know that tomorrow will be another day! I think that is the most important thing you have learned...and what a change from just a couple of weeks ago!

By Golly, I think you've got it!